How To Delete Fiverr Account

How To Delete Fiverr Account Permanently On App On Mobile

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about that How To Delete Fiverr Account Permanently On App [On Mobile & Desktop].

Nowadays there are numerous online career sites, where you can lead your business easily. Fiverr is one of the great and popular career sites which have a variety of comfortable features for you. There are also some policies from online career sites that you need to strictly follow.

But when you want to switch from Fiverr to other popular career sites or if you are fed up with the policies of Fiverr, then you want to wrap all the things from Fiverr. In this way, lots of people want to know how to delete Fiverr Account permanently. Here, you will get all the related information about your Fiverr account.

But the deletion of your account is not a good task to do, you can delete your account temporarily to enhance and boost your skills. Also, there are thousands of people, or maybe more who just started their careers without having skills or knowledge that how to start their work online and how to give your services to customers.

When people fail to get orders from Fiverr then they want to delete their account on Fiverr and also there are several more reasons behind the deletion of your account.

What Will Be The Outcome When You Delete Your Current Account?

All funds are withdrawn completely is your first priority to check. The profile of your Fiverr account will not visible to anyone if you delete permanently your Fiverr account.

Keep in mind, that there is no way where you can reactivate your Fiverr account again. The same email address and username, which you are currently using in your Fiverr account can not be used in the future.

How Can You Delete Your Fiverr Account Within A Minute?

There are two possible ways if you are planning to close your Fiverr account, to which you don’t need longer access:

  1. Through your current email address, you can delete your Fiverr account.
  2. With the help of their website, you can easily delete your Fiverr account.

1. Delete Your Fiverr Account Through The Email Address

Using your email address, you can chat with the Fiverr company and send a request to delete your account instantly. When your deletion request is accepted by the company from the database your account will be removed permanently or temporarily, according to your wish.

  • Open your Email section.
  • Then you need to open with your registered account and after opening, you need to click on compose button.
  • You can write on composing bar [email protected].
  • This step is really important if you want to delete your account as soon as possible, you need to write your subject line “Request To Delete My Fiverr Account As Soon As Possible”.
  • Now, you can write down your deletion request to the company from their database and also you need to write specific words which give crystal clear meaning to Fiverr, and in the end, you need to click the “Send” button.

2. Delete Your Fiverr Account Through The Website

With the help of the company website, you can delete your account within a minute. But this will happen only if you verify the confirmation request which sends you by the company. Follow these steps to delete your account on Fiverr:

  • Open the website of Fiverr.
  • Then you need to put all your credentials and go to the login button of
  • After you transfer to your profile page on Fiverr, go to the drop-down menu and then click on the button of the settings option.
  • Then in settings, you need to click on the Account button and scroll down when you see the option deactivation then you need to click on this section.
  • After selecting the deactivation option, then you need to write a specific reason why you want to delete your Fiverr account whether it is permanent or temporary.
  • After giving them your reason, you just need to click on the button of Deactivate to delete your account.
  • After some time, you will surely receive a confirmation message on your given cell number to verify again that it’s you only who wants to delete your account on Fiverr.

when you received your confirmation message then you need to wait for a second to see that your Fiverr account is deleted and you don’t have any longer access to it. But keep in mind, that some of your account information will remain available on the Fiverr website.

If you want to delete all your data or information, then you need to send a single request to Fiverr to delete all information that is related to your account through [email protected].

What Are The Actual Causes Of Delete Your Fiverr Account?

Some Suck Policies Of Fiverr

As you already know that Fiverr only prefers buyers, they cant prefer sellers. Because most of the sellers are banned without any reason. And when you contact customer services they will tell you that your account ID was reported by someone. This is the main reason it is useless for many sellers and they want to move to another career site.


As a new person, you face numerous scammers. Why these newbies are the only target for these scammers? It is because as a new seller, you don’t know about the mechanism of Fiverr policies and their work, so they prey on you effectively.

On the other hand, if you are a level 2 or level 1 seller, you get scammed by some other professional scammers. You will surely lose your money or your time if you get caught by scammers.

Bad Rating

When you give your hard work and give the best outcome to your buyer, then in any case if your buyer will give you a bad review your all work will demolish in seconds. If you want to argue with your buyer, then it will lead you to a bad review at the end of the project.

No matter what the reason is behind your bad review, it will surely affect your whole profile. It can be the best reason to delete your Fiverr account.

You Find Some Other Freelance Site Which Is Better Than Fiverr

As you know, there are thousands of freelance sites which give you work according to your skills and you can earn more money from them. They support you as a seller and give you preference, so why not move to these sites which care about you? This might be a great reason to delete your account on Fiverr.


Now, you get all the related information and data which you need while deleting your Fiverr account. You can delete your account permanently or temporarily, but it’s your choice. Also, you get detailed reasons that why most people want to move their career from Fiverr to another freelancing site.

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