how to track a stolen car with bluetooth

How To Track A Stolen Car With Bluetooth – How Long It Take?

In this article, I will guide you on How To Track A Stolen Car With Bluetooth which is very helpful for you completely.

Do you think that a big vehicle is hard to steal or easy to recover? You might be thinking wrong because big vehicles such as cars are easy to steal and hard to find. You know everyday car theft cases are in bulk in your local police station.

This shows that a car is easy to steal but hard to find if it doesn’t have a tracker. In this article, you will learn how to track a stolen car with a Bluetooth tracking device.

Benefits Of Having A Car Bluetooth Device

A Bluetooth car tracker can help you find your parked car way faster than a manual search. Modern studies show that on average each person spends 40 minutes of his time in one year looking for a parked car.

You park your car and forget the parking location and you keep wasting your time in relocating your parked car.

Instead of wasting 40 minutes on an average of every year, you can do a lot of stuff. Just imagine you have to reach a business meeting urgently. Each minute is damn important and you forget where you have parked your car. What would you do?

Let’s have another scenario, you have to reach any location urgently, it could be an airport, hospital, or a meeting. And on the spot, you forget where you have parked your car. The situation gets worse when each minute is important.

Forget about the parking situation, what would be your worst nightmare about your beloved car? Of course theft. You are afraid that your car can be stolen because every 6.5 minutes according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau a car is stolen. Therefore your car is always a risk of getting stolen.

If you are using a Bluetooth car tracking device then you would be able to locate your car even after it is stolen. It helps the police to find your car quickly.

How To

How To Track A Stolen Car With Bluetooth?

You can recover a stolen car if your car has a hidden GPS tracking device. You can also have a Bluetooth tracking device and can use it to track your stolen car.

Here is how you can use a Bluetooth tracking device to track your stolen car.

Place A Bluetooth Tracking Device On Your Car

First of all, you need to buy a Bluetooth car tracking device. After grabbing your device, it’s time to place it on your car so that it can transmit the location.

You can place a Bluetooth car tracker wherever you want. Here is the list of possible places where you can hide a tracking device.

Under The Dashboard

If you install a Bluetooth tracking device under the dashboard it can provide a strong and stable Bluetooth connection. Moreover, it is out of sight and can be protected from the elements easily.

Inside The Glove Box

If you place your tracker inside the glove box it will keep it out of site and protect against the elements. You may experience weaker signal strength because of the metal walls of the glove box.

Under The Seat

You can install your Bluetooth tracking device under the seat to keep it protected from the elements. It is a great place to hide a Bluetooth tracking device. But it becomes an issue for maintenance purposes. Also, it would be difficult to charge the device when it is installed under the seats.

In The Trunk

Usually, people place the tracking device in the trunk. But I wouldn’t recommend, it because the metal body of the vehicle can reduce the Bluetooth signal strength.

In The Engine Compartment

You can place a tracking device in the engine compartment if it can bear high temperatures. Because the engine compartment often gets hot and can expose your device to extreme temperatures. Make sure to find a suitable place according to the construction of your tracker.

Run The App To Track Your Vehicle

The second step is to use a tracking app to track your vehicle with the help of a Bluetooth tracking device.

What you will need to use a tracking app?

  • A smartphone or tablet with internet connectivity
  • A Bluetooth car tracking device installed in the vehicle
  • A tracking app that is compatible with the tracking device

First of all, you need to install the tracking app on your mobile phone or tablet. After that connect the Bluetooth tracking device to the app. You can do this by pairing the Bluetooth tracking device with your mobile phone or tablet through Bluetooth.

Log into the tracking app and set up an account. Arrange the following to apply to your inclinations, like setting up notices or tweaking the guide view.

Begin following your vehicle by choosing it from the rundown of associated gadgets inside the application. Once the application is set up and the vehicle is being followed, you can screen the area and other data, like speed, continuously.

You can likewise see the historical backdrop of the vehicle’s developments, set up geofencing, and get notices if the vehicle moves beyond an assigned region.

Use The App

After installing the Bluetooth device on your car and connecting to your phone you can finally see the location where you parked your car last time. It allows you to keep connected to your car and see where it is parked.

Final Words

Final Thoughts

A tracking device always has your back when your car is stolen. Doesn’t matter how and where you have lost your car. If your car has a GPS tracker or any Bluetooth tracking device installed on it, you can find it easily.

Police can only help you to find your car when it has a tracking device installed.

That’s why make sure you have installed a tracking device on your car. Not only for cars but for your expensive bikes and motorcycles too. If you do a delivery business then you must have a tracking device installed on your vehicle.

It doesn’t only help to locate the vehicle but also helps to keep an eye on your delivery persons.

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