can the dealership track my car

Can The Dealership Track My Car – Detailed Answer!

Car tracking devices are getting popular in the market these days. Car tracking devices are there to help the owner stay up to date about the vehicle. A car dealership tracking system is made to protect the vehicle at any cost. Real-time trackers are available in the market.

If you have put the tracker on your vehicle then it is good. But you can track your car freely if you are the real owner. On the other hand, if you have borrowed a car then it is the right of the owner to put a tracker on their vehicle.

Can The Dealership Track My Car?

So, the simple and short answer is yes. Your car dealership can track your car if they want to. But it depends on the type of purchase. If you have purchased a brand new car then your car doesn’t need to have a tracker.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a pre-owned or used vehicle then it might have a tracker. The previous owner might have installed a tracker for his use.

After selling the car the previous owner might have neglected and haven’t removed it while reselling.

Reasons Why Your Dealership Can Track Your Car

There are many reasons for your dealership to put a tracker in your car. All of these reasons are not bad. Putting a tracker isn’t bad at all if the purpose behind is pure. So everything becomes fair if it doesn’t have any bad intentions.

Pre-Owned Car

There are high chances of having a tracker in your car if you are buying a pre-owned car. Pre-owned cars might have trackers installed on them by their users. The drivers install the trackers to ensure the safety of their vehicles.

Sometimes, the drivers forget to uninstall the tracker from their vehicle after selling it. This action falls into the category of mistake.

You Borrowed A Car

If you have borrowed a car from a company then it is obvious to have a tracker installed. The owners install the trackers to avoid thefts. They don’t want people to run away with their vehicles.

The car owners cannot afford to get their car involved in an illegal activity. That’s why they install a tracker to keep a record of their vehicle’s usage and safety.

Car Loan

If you have purchased a car on loan then there are high chances of having a vehicle with tracker. People purchase vehicles and don’t bother to pay installments at any time. So they stay in debt for a long time.

When you are under the burden of never-ending debt then you are left with no options. In this scenario, people try to steal the cars or pretend to have an accident so that they can get rid of the debt.

They might pretend that their car has been stolen. That’s why the owners have a right to keep a track record of your vehicle.

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How to inspect a Tracker?

If you are not sure whether your car has a tracker or not then you can inspect your car thoroughly and remove the device.

If your dealership has written in the agreement that they will be tracking your vehicle until your whole payment is done. Then you cannot remove the trackers by yourself.

But if the previous owner has put the tracker illegally then you should remove it by yourself.

You can take your car to a service station for a thorough inspection. You can make a deep inspection yourself by following the simple steps.

Here are some hot spots where a tracker can be hidden.

  • Under the car seats
  • Inside the glove compartment
  • Behind the dashboard
  • Inside the trunk or spare tire compartment
  • Within the engine compartment
  • Underneath the car body or frame
  • Inside the door panels
  • Inside the bumper or fender
  • Within the center console
  • Inside the roof lining or headliner

How to Remove a Car Tracker?

  • To determine the type of tracker, check if it is an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) tracker or a hardwired tracker.
  • If it is an OBD tracker, unplug it from the OBD port. For hardwired trackers, disconnect the power source, such as the battery.
  • Inspect the interior of the car for any suspicious or unfamiliar devices that could be the tracker. Common hiding spots to check include under the seats, in the glove compartment, and on the dashboard.
  • To locate the tracker more accurately, use a tracker detector such as a radio frequency (RF) detector or a GPS signal detector.

Carefully remove the tracker from its position using appropriate tools like pliers or screwdrivers. Take caution not to damage any other car components during the removal process.

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