How To Make Your Phone Untraceable

How To Make Your Phone Untraceable My Device On Android

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about How To Make Your Phone Untraceable My Device by police on Android / iPhone.

In this advanced technology era, tracing electronic devices is not a difficult task to do. But with special tactics, you can easily avoid being traced.

There are also many reasons to trace your mobile phone or someone who wants to exploit your information to trace your electronic device. A certain and unique type of phone is still untraceable.

Here, you will know in detail how to make your phone untraceable with certain precautions.

What Reasons Behind The Untraceable Phone?

As you know in our cell phones, there are two microphones and cameras. Electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, or smartphones will stay in our hands, no matter where we are.

So, no one wants to share his/her private location with some unknown person.  There are numerous reasons why people want to make their cell phones untraceable by anyone.

Importance Of How To Make Your Phone Untraceable?

Me, everyone wants a phone with safe and secure features. But it is not happening by default, you need to take some important precautions to not send your private location history. Otherwise, that person can use your information, and later they can use it in any negative activity.

It is unsafe because when you are traveling alone or with your family, you can leave behind your marks with the help of your cell phone. To prevent this type of incident, it’s your current need to make your phone untraceable by anyone.

With the help of your location history, anyone can discover you and they can create a precarious position. No matter where you are, your cell phones are vulnerable to being traced.

How To

Best And Unique Steps To Help You To Untraced Your Android Cell Phone

Step 1. GSM network sims are the real defensive tool for you if you don’t want to be traced by someone you don’t know. You need to buy a GSM prepaid network sim and keep in mind that before buying your new sim, you need to ask a service provider if you want a prepaid network GSM.

Later when you confirm your GSM prepaid sim then buy it. In this advanced era, these prepaid sims are also called ghost phone card chips.

Tip: As you know, your privacy and routine work with your cell phones are vulnerable. To prevent you from sharing your information, you don’t need to access the internet from public WiFi hot-spot areas.

From there, hackers take your mobile history or can easily retrieve your all cell phone data within a matter of seconds. Also, all the social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are gathering your mobile activity and then hackers can steal your information from these social platforms.

Step 2. When you buy your prepaid GSM sim, you also get a manual guide that gives you a better idea of how you activate your new prepaid sim.

Keep in mind, when you are enabling activating your new prepaid sim card you don’t need to share your address and name with anyone. From this step, your identification and your address are no longer helpful for anyone to trace you.

Step 3. Whenever you need to make a call from your phone, remember to maintain your conversation in less period. With this trick, you won’t give enough time to hackers to trace you.

Also, you need to live in a rental place, if the time comes when you think that you are being traced by someone then you can easily change your home. Making your calls on a random regular spot is a favor for you.

Because you gave the same spot whenever you make a call. After finishing your conversation on the phone, you should turn off your cell phone. From these steps, you can prevent it from being traced.

Step 4. Whenever you plan to change or update your cell phone, you need to remove your GSM prepaid sim which is underneath your mobile phone battery.

With this step, you will stop yourself from being tracked by some black hat hackers. Because all information on your phones is connected with a single sim card, by removing your sim chip you are safe and secure.

Some Other Best Methods

1. Integrated Encryption Device

This option may be expensive for you but it is worth your money and privacy. But if you are enough strong to afford this device, then it will give you the outcome that you dream of.

The main purpose of this device is to encrypt your all personal communication and text. So, no one can trace your phone’s records. These encryption devices are based on special and unique algorithms. Once your data or phone communication is encrypted, then there is no way to intercept it.

2. Use Digital Software To Encrypt Your Communication

Third-party tools are also the safest choice for you to encrypt your mobile data. At your request as a user, this third-party software is enough strong to encrypt all your information.

3. Hide Your Data Using The Third Party

Numerous applications are really helpful for you to hide your mobile data. With these applications, you just need to select your data and click on the hide button. But this option is not very strong for tracing your information.

But it is a decent choice if you don’t have any access to encryption applications. It will hide your mobile content like videos, images, applications, or messages as well. If you are sitting with someone who you don’t know very much, then this option is strong for you.

4. Limit Your Mobile Ad Tracking

Every Android or IOS has the built-in ability to stop or minimize ad tracking, which takes your location history. With this option, you can control your personal information on a good freeway.

By limiting your ad, you can feel safer than before. Because ad companies will fetch your location history whenever you see their ad. By limiting this option, you can stop these companies from not tracing your phone.

Final Words


Now you get all the information that you need to make your phone untraceable and by using this information you can control your mobile history as well. The location of your cell phone is an important aspect for anyone who wants to trace you.

By shutting it off, you can limit the hacker’s access. There are also some applications that you can find here to control your mobile information and no one can able to fetch your cell phone history.

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