How To Keep Track Of Passwords

How To Keep Track Of Passwords And Usernames All Securely

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you on that How To Keep Track Of Passwords and Usernames All Multiple Securely.

Today securing our passwords is too much difficult, but there are ways to control your privacy. You heard a lot of times about security breaches of software and some other security system, so how can you easily trust any platform to give your privacy?

Everyone knows that it is not easy to store your data of all passwords in one place, but there is a variety of strong things which can save your passwords without any breaches.

Creating a strong password for anything is hard to remember most of the time, it can be the password of your bank account, retailer or business application password, social platforms, etc. Don’t worry, because being insane can destroy your privacy of passwords in a second.

There are a lot of ways that can guide you that how to keep track of passwords easily and efficiently. Some applications have a strong security system and also you can store your all personal passwords in your notebook, which are written by your hand.

What Is The Need To Organize Your Personal Passwords?

Cyber Security attacks are one of the most dangerous and painful acts, which directly steal your passwords under your nose and there is no easy way to get your passwords back. Besides this painful thread, you also need to store your passwords where you can use them later.

Because memorizing long and unique passwords are not an easy task to do, it is quite an impossible thing to do. How can you save your hundred of passwords in a single mind? No, there is no way to store unique and quite long passwords only in your mind.

So, you need some strong applications which save your passwords by having a powerful security system. If you have a big business then you can afford a Cyber security team, but what if your business is small or just in starting phase?

You can use reliable and best applications to store all your passwords in it and after time you can access your passwords easily or you can write down passwords with your hand.

Top 3 Best Ways How To Keep Track Of  Passwords On iPhone?

1. Encrypted Excel File

Saving the information in an excel file that is encrypted by you, is the best way to store your passwords under one application. You just need to take “excel templates for password log” and you can do this step only with the google platform.

After selecting your desired template, you can save your passwords on it. There is another way to store your important passwords in an excel file is that you can create your password log from the start. All you need to enter is your username of login, your specific account if you have any, and then you can enter a password.

Also, you can add some hint or some type of comment, which tells you the purpose of the password. After entering your all confidential details in an excel file, you need to lock the file with a strong and unique password, which is called the master password of your main file.

Steps to do:

  • Go to your main excel file.
  • Choose the “File” option.
  • Then you need to click the “Protect Workbook” option.
  • You will see a new menu and there you create the password encryption.
  • In the last step, you need to confirm your encrypted password, and you are done.

2. Use Some Password Management Software

There is a variety of database software, which are helpful for you to store all your passwords without any worries. From this software, you can easily store your passwords. Also, you can make unique and secure confidential passwords with the help of software.

They give you to function like the strong bank’s vaults, which are hard to break. You can save your all private data on this password management software. It is easy and reliable while use because you don’t need to remember your all complicated passwords.

You just need to only remember one single password which gives you access to your main account of the software. Some of the most popular and strong platforms which can save your personal information without any problems such as Last pass software, 1password, and Dash Lane Premium access software.

With this software, you can find yourself at ease because they are cheap. Thousands of users use this software to save a lot of time and bucks, but the important thing is that they get strong and unbreakable security from black hat hackers.

3. You Can Write Down Your Passwords

You can use this method if you are too much sensitive about your passwords or data. Because you know, your passwords are with you always. From this step, you save yourself a lot of bucks which you can use for other purposes. But you strictly follow these guidelines if you determine to choose this paper method:

  • As you know they are visible and anyone can see your passwords easily, so don’t make sticky notes.
  • There are different components in a set of credentials, so make them separate from each other.
  • The other main thing which is important for you is that, don’t spell the words while writing on paper.
  • You need to play it smart by remembering the place cues in your mind, so you can easily figure out your passwords if you forgot. Never write the whole scenario of your details like username, password, and domain. You can use asterisks to give you a hint if you forgot the password, it is the most creative way to remember. With this hint, you can easily remember the word or phrase which you use in your passwords.


Now you get the complete information that helps you to track your details or passwords. Keep your confidential details with you all the time, no matter where you are going. From the above steps, you can secure your unique and strong passwords easily.

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