how to track a stolen car without gps

How To Track A Stolen Car Without GPS | Can I Find?

In this article, I will guide you on How To Track A Stolen Car Without GPS which is very helpful for you.

I always suggest you use GPS tracking devices to keep your vehicles safe from being stolen. A GPS device keeps you updated about the location of the vehicle. So whenever you lose your car you can easily track it with a GPS tracker.

But if you don’t have placed a GPS tracker on your car then what to do? Can you track a stolen car without GPS? Yes, you can track a stolen car even without having a GPS tracker. Here is how to track a stolen car without a GPS tracking device.

How To Track A Stolen Car Without GPS?

How To

Vehicle robbery is one of the most widely recognized property crimes in America. Losing your vehicle can be genuinely troublesome and monetarily depleting, and some vehicle area frameworks, particularly GPS-based systems, are handily expected by to track a stolen car with bluetooth

Luckily, there are a few systems accessible that will find a vehicle without utilizing GPS signals. With a touch of planning, you can get your vehicle against burglary and catch crooks before they can harm your vehicle.

Here are some of the old methods you can use to locate your stolen car. First of all, make sure to contact the local police authorities and then ask them for help.

Radio Receiver

Radio Receiver is one of the most commonly used techniques since the ’50s and ’60s and is still being used. This technology has been used throughout history and we can still use it in the present to locate a lost vehicle.

In this technique, a transmitter is attached to the car, the receiver is used to transmit signals from the car whenever it goes away. When a thief tries to steal your car and takes it away you can know the direction of the moving car with the help of a Radio Receiver.

You can only discover the direction in which the car is going. You cannot get the precise location of the vehicle. But something is always better than nothing.

Moreover, the transmitter should be connected to some sort of power source. It can be connected directly to the battery or wiring of the car.

Radio Frequency Identification

I would say that Radio Frequency Identification is the most refined form of Radio Receiver. You can tag your car with an RFID chip which will transmit a signal. A reader will pick up the signal transmitted by the RFID chip with the antenna.

On the off chance that the vehicle is taken, policing can utilize an RFID reader to follow its area. If the taken vehicle comes quite close to an RFID reader, the sign from the transponder can be recognized and its area not entirely settled. This data can then be utilized to recuperate the taken vehicle.

Using Cellular Signals

If you don’t understand the above methods you can simply track your stolen car by using a prepaid cell phone.

People who cannot afford expensive GPS tracking systems or devices can use this hack. All you need is to have a prepaid cellphone. You can buy a cheap second-hand cellphone. But its battery timing should be good.

Put your cell phone on silent and then place it in your car in a secret place. Make sure to charge your cellphone frequently to avoid low battery issues.

When you think that your car is stolen you can use the silenced phone to locate the location of your car. You can easily use different platforms that allow locating the signals between two towers.

It can be difficult to know the exact location of a moving vehicle. But it can at least give you directions.

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Final Words

Final Thoughts

You should always consider a GPS tracking system to secure your cat. A GPS tracker always gives you the precise location of the vehicle. If you cannot afford a GPS tracker, consider the following methods to locate your stolen car. But if you can afford a car then there is no reason for saving money on a tracking device.

You can put your expensive vehicle just to save a couple of bucks. That’s why I would always suggest you secure your car with a strong tracking device.

You can find a huge variety of GPS trackers in the market available for different price ranges. You can either use a magnetic tracker or a live tracking system.

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