what happens when you unplug a car tracker

What Happens When You Unplug A Car Tracker Device

In this article, we are going to guide you about What Happens When You Unplug A Car Tracker device download for iPhone and Android.

A car tracking device is used to track the vehicle so that the owner stays aware of the use of the car. Now there are various reasons to attach a car tracker to the vehicle.

Owners may put a tracker inside their vehicle so that they can track their car anytime to avoid any kind of robbery. Also if the owner is not sure that the borrower is trustworthy then he would track his car.

If the tracker is put in for safety purposes then you don’t need to unplug it. But if it is placed by one of your enemies who want to track your location then you must remove it immediately.

But what happens when you unplug a car tracker? Does it stop working? Is it still operational and can send messages to the other person? Are you safe after unplugging the car tracker?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by people who want to know what happens after you unplug a car tracker. So keep reading because I will try to answer a maximum of those frequently asked questions.

What Happens When You Unplug A Car Tracker?

The trackers are designed to tackle different scenarios. That’s why if you unplug a tracker it has an internal antenna and a battery backup system. So even if the tracker is unplugged it has the ability to keep sending signals.

Moreover, when you unplug the tracker, it immediately sends an alert to the owner that helps them to keep tracking the vehicle.

What If

What If You Disconnect A GPS Tracker?

The GPS trackers are often placed by car owners who lend their vehicles. This makes them aware of the location of the car. The lenders keep knowing where their car is going.

If the borrower takes the car to a restricted area or a place he is not allowed to enter then the tracker helps the lenders know the location. If the borrower disconnects the GPS tracker it immediately sends an alert message to the lender.

Also, the backup battery system allows lenders to know the location even after it is disconnected.

How Long Does A GPS Tracker Last?

The manufacturers are introducing GPS trackers based on advanced technology every day. That’s why none of them would wish the tracker to last a decade because if it does so the production growth drops.

People would not need a new tracker if they could use their old tracker for a decade. To meet the needs of both consumers and manufacturers the trackers are not made to last long. Usually, a tracker lasts three years.

How To Bypass A Car Tracker?

If you don’t know how to disable a car tracking device then follow these steps.

  • Inspect your car carefully. Inspect each area of the car carefully. Look for a small tracking device that can be the size of a deck of cards.
  • You can get a GPS tracker detection device and turn it on. After that move the detection device over your car.
  • Once you have detected the car tracking device you can simply turn it off by removing the battery.

How To Confuse A GPS Tracker?

  1. Get a GPS tracker jammer and place it in your vehicle’s automotive auxiliary power outlet.
  • Try to place the jammer near the GPS tracking device.
  • The GPS jammer creates an impedance signal north of a five to ten-meter range to upset the gathering of the GPS satellite sign when it is activated.

What Are Favorable Locations To Hide A Car Tracker?

If you want to do a physical inspection of your car on your own then here are some of the most favorable places where the lender may put a GPS tracker.

  • Start your inspection with the Glove Box
  • Also, check the Center Console
  • You can also find it on the lower side of the rear window
  • You shouldn’t forget the side storage in the trunk
  • Must check the rear bumper
  • Keep checking the door storage of the window
  • The front bumper can also be a place to hide a tracker
  • It can be directly in the engine bay

Can Tracker Stop The Car From Starting?

Yes, if you are a borrower then you don’t have the right to disconnect or disable the GPS tracker because it’s for the security of the vehicle. When you try to disconnect the tracker or enter a restricted area the owner gets an alert through the tracker.

The owners can command the vehicle through a tracker to disable the car. For example, the owner can disable the ignition or starter motor.

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Should You Unplug A Tracker?

Well, it depends on your condition. Whether you are a borrower or a man who is chased by someone mysteriously.

You Are A Borrower

If you borrowed a car then it is common that lenders must have placed a tracker inside their vehicle. In case of theft, the lenders will get an alert or notification through the tracker.

If they find something mysterious they can disable the vehicle from working and take action to recover their car. If this is the case, then lenders are right they can do this.

They have the right to secure their vehicle in such situations. Then you should not remove or unplug a tracker. Because you are just using their car for a few hours.

Someone Chases You

If you find a tracker inside your car placed by someone you don’t know then you have the right to unplug the tracker. If you think your position is being monitored by someone illegally then make sure to get your car to an inspection center.

After a thorough inspection, you will be able to find a tracker. Then contact a professional to unplug the tracker without damaging it or making it send an alert message. After that, you can reach the seller of that track to reach the targeted person.

If you think unplugging is enough then you are wrong because all trackers have a battery backup system that makes the tracker keep sending signals even if it is unplugged.

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