where to hide a gps tracker on a car

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car Device

In this article, we are going to guide you about Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car Device.

If you think that someone is continuously tracking your vehicle’s location then there must be a hidden tracker inside your car or truck. Someone is keeping an eye on you secretly because if you are a company driver then they must inform you of the tracker. So that you don’t misuse their vehicle for personal interests.

But if your vehicle is personal and someone has put a tracker inside your vehicle for other intentions then it must be removed. If you don’t want anyone to spy on you by tracking your vehicle’s movement.

In this article, I will tell you about the 7 best spots where you can find a hidden tracker. These are probably the best spots to hide a tracker. There is a 99% chance of finding a tracker on these spots inside your vehicle. So if you want to remove a tracker from your vehicle without letting someone know then keep reading.

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

Here are some of the favorite spots where a tracker is likely to be found inside or under your vehicle. Let’s explore these 7 most favorite spots deeply so that you can easily find and remove a tracker from your vehicle for a safe and secure journey.

Where To Hide

On-Board Diagnostic Port

Most of the real-time trackers that are OBD-powered are hidden on the Diagnostic port. The OBD port-powered trackers utilize your vehicle’s battery to continue their operation. This spot is located under your vehicle’s steering wheel.

Most of the hidden GPS trackers are hidden under your steering wheel so if you think your vehicle has a secret GPS tracker then look under the steering wheel.

Under the steering wheel on the OBD port is the best spot to hide a GPS tracker among GPS fleet applications. But if you think your spouse or your parents are keeping an eye on your activities then the following spots are more likely to be checked.

The Wheel Well Of The Car

Inside the wheel well of a car is one of the favorite spots to hide a battery-operated tracker. The trackers that are built with strong materials to handle all weather conditions and road jumps are often hidden outside the vehicle. These trackers are attached to the vehicle by using strong magnets.

If you think your spouse is keeping an eye on you by using a tracker then this spot can be their favorite. It is very common for a private detective or your spouse to hide a GPS tracker under your car’s well wheel.

The basic reason behind hiding a tracker under the wheel well is its ease of use. This is the easiest spot for a spouse or investigator to use. But if this spot is easy for them to access then it is easy for you too to locate a hidden tracker under this spot.

The Glove Compartment

After the wheel well the glove compartment is another favorite spot for a detective to hide the tracker. Two reasons make this spot ideal for hiding a tracker.

  1. It is very easy to access the glove compartment of a detective
  2. It is easy for GPS signals to penetrate through the fiberglass of the glove compartment

These two things make the glove compartment an ideal location to hide a tracker. To search for a tracker inside the glove compartment you need to open it carefully. Then use a flashlight to scan inside the glove compartment. It can be anywhere around so search for it carefully.

Underneath The Seats

The door compartments and sun visors are not ideal spots to hide a tracking device as they can be easily accessible for a driver. What drivers do, they don’t often check underneath their driving or passenger seats.

The detectives or your spouse can hide the tracking device under a driver or passenger seat. If the GPS tracker is made to be hidden inside the vehicle then under the seats is the best location.

Attached Underneath The Automobile

If the tracking device is not attached inside the vehicle then it must be outside the vehicle. But after wheel well what’s the next favorite spot to hide a tracking device outside the vehicle? Well, you are forgetting about the underneath of your vehicle.

The tracking device that is built to withstand all weather conditions and road jumps is attached to a powerful magnet. These magnets help to keep the tracking device attached to the vehicle’s frame without letting anyone notice.

The GPS tracker that is hidden underneath your car or truck utilizes the GPS signals that are reflected off the road. That means the investigator or detective can easily access the accurate location of your car with the help of this tracking device.

You must do a thorough inspection of your car but if you can’t reach underneath the automobile easily you can take it to a service station. The mechanic will lift the car and you can inspect the underneath of your car to locate and remove any tracking device.

Under The Hood Of Car

If you have borrowed a car or purchased it by using the installment method then the dealers can hide a tracking device inside your car. The dealership often does this if the company needs to repossess the car. Hiding a tracking device under the hood is not an ideal spot but still, you must check it after getting your automobile keys from the dealership.

The GPS trackers that are used by car dealerships are made to provide GPS updates once a day. This means these devices are fitted with long-lasting batteries that can last up to three years. As mentioned earlier this spot is not favorable to hide a tracker but you shouldn’t avoid it while inspecting your automobile.

The Trunk Of A Car

Somewhere else to consider look for an automobile tracker that incorporates the storage compartment. While all the more handily seen (contingent upon how frequently the storage compartment is utilized or the way that spotless it is kept), concealing a GPS information lumberjack in the storage compartment additionally implies the potential for the tracker to battle to get GPS signals. This is the explanation why the area is the most un-normal spot where individuals put a secret GPS beacon.

Truly, you can conceal a GPS tracker from almost any place inside or outside the vehicle. Try to know where somebody could look, how effectively or rapidly you can get to it on the off chance that you want to recover it to download the information off of your GPS information lumberjack, and different contemplations, for example, battery duration and weakness to climate and street components.


Tips To Find Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car Your Vehicle.

Overlook Small Hiding Spots:

The GPS trackers are generally kept small so that they are kept hidden. Therefore you should always start overlooking the spots that are small to hide the tracker.

Use Bug Detector: 

In order to debug your automobile, you can use a bug detector. The big detector can find any tracking device that transmits the signals or data. However it cannot detect a passive tracker.

Check Data Port: 

Start inspecting the data port as it is one of the favorite spots to hide the trackers. So start inspecting your automobile by checking the data port.

Consider A Professional:

Technicians such as those who specialize in automobile electrical systems, car alarms, or even audio systems can easily suspect things about your vehicle. That’s why they can easily locate any type of tracking device attached to your automobile.

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car Vehicle Devices?

The 7 spots I mentioned above are best to hide any type of tracking device. These are the most common spots people use to hide tracking devices.

Before you place any tracking device in an automobile make sure to consider the following instructions.

Make It Legal

You can hide a tracker inside the automobile you own. If you are an owner of a car and letting someone drive it you have the right to know where it is going. If you own a company where you deliver goods through your drivers. You can place a tracker to know whether your driver is going on the right root or not.

In many cases, it is legal to put a tracker inside an automobile you own. But hiding trackers on other’s assets you don’t own is illegal. Therefore, I would suggest you contact an attorney to complete the legal requirements.

Handle Things With Open Conversations

Parents often put trackers in their kid’s vehicles to stay informed of their activities. You are a parent and as a parent, you have the right to know about your child’s activities. But I would suggest you speak openly before taking this step.

Mostly, parents don’t talk openly about some matters and try to inspect their kids secretly. These things can end up having huge clashes. Your kids start blaming you that you don’t trust them. If you don’t want to face such horrible situations make sure to spend time with your kids. Listen to them and try to understand their point of view.

Made The Decision? 

If you already have made up your mind about placing a tracker inside the vehicle then the spots mentioned above are overwhelming to hide a tracking device. Make sure to place the tracking device where it can stay secure.

The wheel wells, inside any data ports, under or inside bumpers, in the liner of the spare tire compartment, under seats, or in the glove box or center console are some of the favorite spots to hide a tracking device.

When you buy a tracking device make sure it is small enough to be hidden inside the automobile without letting someone know.

Top 9 Places To Hide A GPS Tracker

Here are the top 10 best places where to hide a GPS tracker on a car device. But make sure to keep in mind the following principles associated with each location to avoid mistakes.

  1. Wheel well: Wheel wells are the best locations to hide the tracking device as they are easy to access. Wheel wells are the best option to hide the passive trackers.
  2. The plastic liner of the wheel well: You can put a tracker inside the plastic liner of the wheel well. For this, you need to do a little bit of effort to make it loose so that you can insert the tracker. On the other hand, if your car’s plastic liner of the wheel well is loose then there must be a tracking device.
  3. Under the frame of an automobile:  GPS tracking devices use strong magnets to get attached to the automobile body. That’s why they can be hidden under the main body of the vehicle. This place can be hard to access but it is the most favorable place.
  4. The Bumper: Multiple pieces combine to form a bumper that’s why you can either put the tracker inside or outside the bumper.
  5. Around the Engine Compartment: Only a person who can access your vehicle’s engine can put a tracking device inside your automobile.
  6. Trunk: You don’t look inside or sideways at the trunk of your vehicle. That’s why someone who can access your automobile can hide a tracker in the corner of your car’s trunk.
  7. Under the seats: Drivers often don’t look under the driving or passenger seats. That’s why these are places where it is more likely to have a tracking device. When you clean your car make sure to check for these spots.
  8. Around the dashboard of a car: Check the data connector that is more likely to be connected to a GPS tracker.
  9. Seats: inside the car, the seats themselves are also great spots for hiding a GPS tracker.
Final Words

Final Thoughts: To Whom Is This Article Helpful?

You must be wondering who can benefit from this article on where to hide a GPS tracker on a car it contains data for both parties the one who hides and the one who finds the tracker.

Well, I have tried to help both parties but those who want to hide a tracker make sure it is legal. Anyone who uses my assessments to attempt any illegal activity is not my responsibility.

People who are afraid of whether their vehicle has a hidden tracker would find this article helpful. I have used my expert opinion to reveal the top-secret spots where someone can hide a tracking device inside or outside your vehicle.

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