How to track someone's car

How To Track Someone’s Car Without Noticing Them?

How to track someone’s car with GPS without noticing them. These days it’s common thing that your spouse might be cheating on you. If you also think the same then you must be curious to know whether your spouse is cheating on you or not.

You can track your spouse’s car to know where they are going. If he/she lies to you then they must be involved in a certain affair.

How To Track Someone’s Car Without Letting Them Know?

How to track someone’s car ‘If you want to track your spouse’s car then you can consider a lot of options. In the past, people were left with very few options when it came to tracking someone’s vehicle.

They would use a license plate number or even a car registration number to know where is their spouse going. This procedure includes various types of complicated systems you would need to go through.

But now it’s very simple and easy to locate anyone’s vehicle. Modern GPS technology enables everyone to track the vehicles of their loved ones. If you are a parent and concerned with your kid’s activities then you can utilize GPS technology to locate their vehicles.

By using a GPS tracker and with the help of your smartphone or PC you can track someone’s location without letting them know.

Three Simple Steps How To Track Someone’s Car

  • Buy a GPS tracker that can be attached to the vehicle with the help of a powerful magnet.
  • Now put the GPS tracker inside, outside, or underneath the vehicle, you want to locate. If you are not sure where to place the GPS tracker then you can read our article on “Where to hide a GPS tracker on a car”
  • Now you need your iPhone, Android, or web browser to track the desired vehicle.

How I Can Track Someone’s Vehicle Without Letting Them Know?

Step 1: Invest In A High-Quality Portable GPS Tracker

The first and foremost step is to opt for a high-end GPS tracker equipped with modern technology. You will find thousands of low-quality and cheap GPS trackers on the market. But I would suggest you invest in a quality product so that you don’t have to buy it again and again.

You can consider the following trackers to get real-time tracking information.

  • Spy Tech STI GL 300
  • Track
  • Vyncs GPS tracker
  • SpaceHawk GPS tracker

Here SpaceHawk GPS tracker is my favorite as it has the ability to track someone’s car secretly. It sends the location of the car to you online. The SpaceHawk GPS tracker is engineered with a strong surface magnet.

You can easily place it on the car’s frame or underneath the vehicle conveniently. Another thing that makes the SpaceHawk GPS tracker the best ever is being backed up by quality technical support. This USA-based technical support has always your back whenever you face any issue.

Step 2: Mount The Tracker Inside Or Underneath The Car

Most high-tech trackers are designed with strong and powerful magnets so that you can attach them underneath the car or vehicle’s frame. Once the vehicle is equipped with the GPS tracker you start getting the location information.

The satellite technology together with the SIM card inside the GPS tracker works together to give you fast and effective information about the location of the vehicle.

The GPS tracker sends the exact location of the car within a matter of 3 seconds.

Step 3: Track The Car By Using The Mobile Phone App

Once you have purchased the GPS tracker and attached it to the car you want to track. You need a mobile phone to track the location of the car with the GPS tracker.

You can use Android or iOs mobile phones to locate someone’s car. The mobile phone displays real-time GPS data over Google Maps. You can locate the car’s location by using a free mobile app.

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How To Track Someone’s Car The 5 Best High-Tech GPS Trackers In The Market

High-tech GPS trackers are the best way to track someone’s car who is cheating on you. But you must be wondering what GPS tracking device is best for you. Here is the list of the top 5 best GPS trackers available in the market.

Top 5

1.     Tracki


If you are low on budget and cannot make a big investment then Tracki is the best option to consider. You can track your spouse’s car for under $29 only. If you don’t want to use the tracker for longer periods then Tracki is a great fit for you.

The Tracki has more than 23000 Amazon reviews. Tracki is indeed a budget option but you get what you pay for. Therefore, it lacks some modern features such as a magnet mount and a waterproof case.

2.     Vyncs GPS Tracker

For fleet tracking and management purposes, the Vyncs GPS Tracker is the best option. If you want to keep your fleet secure to avoid theft then use Vyncs GPS Tracker.

It can be installed on the OBD2 port and can provide information regarding fuel consumption and location history. However the Vyncs GPS Tracker can easily be found because it is not magnet mounted. Also, it doesn’t have waterproof housing.

3.     SpyTec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS

The SpyTec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS is another high-tech tracking device that is available on Amazon with good reviews for just $59. This tracker allows you to install it underneath the car without letting anyone notice.

It is supposed to be used for catching cheaters and monitoring teen drivers. The SpyTec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS comes at a reliable cost without affecting advanced technology.

Though it doesn’t come with technical support to help you out in hard situations. Overall it is the best option to consider for reliable live tracking requirements.

4.     Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7

The Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 comes with all the top-quality specs you need to have in a reliable GPS tracker. The waterproof housing makes sure to keep the tracker safe in severe weather conditions.

Also, the Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 can be attached underneath the car without letting anyone know. Also, you get a support team that has your back while using the Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7.

The SpyTec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS has more reviews than the Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 so we put it at the last.

5.     SpaceHawk

SpaceHawk is our top choice due to its superior quality construction and ease of use. The SpaceHawk is engineered with a strong magnet to mount on the vehicle conveniently. The SpaceHawk is backed up by technical support.

You can get the truth by tracking your spouse’s car for under $100. The waterproof housing of SpaceHawk makes it withstand all weather conditions. It is a strong magnet that is powerful for professional users. Moreover, its ease of use makes it ideal for beginners.

Buyer's Guide

Things You Must Know Before Buying A GPS Tracker

Most people buy the GPS tracker and then complain about some complications they go through. Therefore, I thought it would be great to inform you of such things so that you don’t face any issues after buying a GPS car tracker.

Whenever you buy a GPS car tracker check whether it is free or charges a monthly fee. Because certain GPS trackers cost you a monthly fee to send the location information to your mobile apps.

The monthly fee decides the speed and modern features of a GPS tracker. Therefore, make sure to learn about the monthly or annual plans of the GPS tracker you buy.

If you need a GPS gadget with no month-to-month charges there is one more choice a GPS vehicle tracker as an information lumberjack. GPS information lumberjacks just store information, for example, addresses show up, and addresses are left in the inward memory of the vehicle’s global positioning framework.

GPS lumberjacks track each and every second and will work anyplace on the planet, however, the finder following innovation isn’t continuous! That implies you can’t utilize an Android telephone or cell phone to follow a vehicle when it is moving.

To audit the following and observe data, you would have to eliminate the lumberjack from the vehicle and download the movement history. Exceptional elements of GPS lumberjacks incorporate no SIM card which implies the global positioning frameworks cannot be related to a bug identifier, not at all like ongoing GPS beacons.

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