How To View Anyone's Profile Picture On Instagram

How To View Anyone’s Profile Picture On Instagram Online

How To View Anyone’s Profile Picture On Instagram most social media platforms, you can, most of the time, view profile pictures of all of the accounts in their full size. Just tap or click on the photo, and it will load the image in its full quality.

However, sometimes you won’t be able to open them due to the protective functions that platforms such as Facebook provide.

On Instagram, on the other hand, you cannot view the profile picture in its full quality if you are using it usually. We will show you different methods to view profile pictures on Instagram in their full quality in this article.

You might know that you cannot even view the profile pictures of accounts you follow, let alone the accounts you do not follow. So these methods have been created to allow you to view profile pictures of accounts you follow and those you don’t even follow.

Viewing How To View Anyone’s Profile Picture On Instagram?

As you might know, if you open an Instagram account from the search bar by a specific username or through any other way and tap on the profile picture, nothing will happen unless they have uploaded a story that stays up for 24 hours.

So if you tap on the profile picture of an account that has an orange-colored ring around it, it will only load the story or stories for you to view, not the profile picture.

If you tap on the profile picture with no ring around it, it will do nothing. If you want to learn methods to help you view profile pictures on Instagram, keep reading because we have plenty of methods below.

View Stories Anonymously:

You might be looking to view stories of an account without showing them that you viewed their story. Yes, you might be surprised, but there is even a way to do that.

First, copy the username id or remember in your mind the account whose stories you want to see without letting them know. Then, paste or type in the username in the search bar at the top of the explore section.

When you put in the username, the account will be shown below if the username is correct. Now, remember do not tap on the account because that will just open the account. If you then view the story, the account owner will know.

Instead, just tap on the profile picture when the account is shown in the search bar. Suppose there is an orange-colored ring around the profile picture.

In that case, it will load the story as it loads in a normal feed, but the difference is that the account owner will never know that you viewed their story.

View Posts Anonymously:

You might also want to anonymously view the posts of an account. No, the user would not be notified that someone viewed their posts if you are careful. If the account is public, just open their account and view their posts without liking, commenting, or interacting with their posts.

Again, Instagram would not notify them that you or anyone viewed their posts. You can also do this if their account is private, but in this case, you will have to first send the following request. When the Follow request gets accepted, you can only view their posts.

View Profile Picture In Full Size:

Open their account first to view someone’s profile picture on Instagram in full quality. Then, tap on the 3 small dots in the top right corner. There would be an option called “Copy Profile URL” Tap on it, and the profile link would be copied to your device clipboard. Next, open your mobile web browser and paste the link there.

Now on the top right side of your browser would be three dots. Tap on the 3 small dots, and a menu will appear. Next, tap on the option that says “Desktop site”. After this, the page will reload again. Now you will be able to zoom in and view someone’s profile picture on Instagram in large size.

Using Third-Party Sites Or Apps:

You can also use third-party websites to view someone’s profile picture on Instagram. For this, follow the method given below.

Open the account whose profile picture on Instagram you want to view in full quality. Tap on the three dots in the right corner. A menu will open up. Tap on the option that says “Copy Profile URL”. This will copy the profile URL to your device clipboard.

Now go to your mobile web browser and search Instagram Profile Picture Viewer. You will see many websites that will help you view someone’s profile picture on Instagram. These websites will be like.

Open any of these websites. You will scroll down or maybe see a text bar right in front of you where you can write text. Now paste the profile URL that you copied to your clipboard here.

When you hit search, it will either show you the account on which you will have to tap to view the profile picture or show that account’s profile picture in full quality. You can now download the profile picture or take a screenshot.

The Standard Aspect Ratio On Instagram:

The standard aspect ratio of profile pictures that you can upload on Instagram is 4:5. It is because Instagram hates tall photos. Therefore it will force you to post photos that have 4 pixels by 5 pixels.

It is a standard aspect ratio for Instagram. It is set because it works with standard phone screens. Tall or wide photos having ratios more than 4:5 would not fit on your home screens and not give a pleasurable experience; hence the standard ratio is 4:5.


This article holds various ways you can use to view someone’s profile picture on Instagram in full quality. These methods were either opening the account on a browser and zooming in on it or using third-party websites to view and download profile pictures on Instagram.

We also told you about various tricks and tips which you can use to view stories of accounts without letting them know that you viewed them. We also showed you a way that you can use to view posts without letting the account owner know of this activity. You surely got help from this guide. Let us know in the comment section.

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