How To Reset The Element TV Without A Remote

How To Reset The Element TV Without A Remote

How To Reset The Element TV Without A Remote this question has been raised on multiple technical forums. Unfortunately, you might be lost trying to find a method that works. We will provide you with various methods which help you in this article.

These methods can either be complex or straightforward. It all depended on the type of method you use and which TV model you are using.

How To Reset The Element TV Without A Remote?


You might be looking to reset your element TV because of several reasons. First, suppose you want to sell your element tv. In that case, you should probably Factory reset your TV to make sure that your passwords and private information do not get into the hands of the buyer. Protect your data by resetting your element TV.

It might also be that your TV system is stuck, and you want to reset it to make it work again. If you go through the methods that have been mentioned below, you will be able to reset your element TV without a remote.


Resetting your element TV without a remote can be challenging too. For example, suppose you want to connect your phone to the TV. In that case, it might not be possible without an external device. For that, you would need an input device.

Suppose you do not have the remote at all. In that case, the process could get lengthy and complex because, in some cases, a remote is needed to create a connection with the element tv.

Two Methods You Can Use To Reset Element TV:

There are two methods you can use to reset the element TV. First, you can do it with or without a remote. Of course, with a remote, it is much easier and quicker. However, you might not have a remote as you might have lost it, or it might have broken. Below we will give you methods to reset element tv with both ways.

With A Remote:

To properly reset the element TV with a remote, try to follow the steps mentioned below:

Turn on the element TV and get the remote.

Look for the menu button on the element tv remote.

Look for TV settings on the menu and select it.

Then select the General option. Finally, select the Restore Default option in the General options. This option will Factory reset the element TV.

Without A Remote:

There are different ways you can use to reset the element TV without a remote. We have prepared some ways to help you reset your TV. We will thoroughly go through each method step by step.

These methods are fast and will solve your problem quickly. It can be simply resetting or Factory resetting your element TV; you will be able to do both.

Disconnect Power:

The first method is simple but the most effective. To reset the TV without having a remote, unplug your TV. For effective results, keep it unplugged for 10 to 15 minutes. Plug it again after some time to give it a rest. By filling it again, it will turn on the element TV and reset it. If the method doesn’t work, go through the procedures below.

Reset Button:

It depends on the model of your element TV if you can use this method or not. If you have an old TV, it might not have a reset button. This method of using a reset button will not work if you don’t have a newer TV. If your element TV model is new, then this method will work.

If you check on the left side of your element TV, there would be a small hole on which reset is written. This Reset hole, in which you poke with a sharp object, is used to Factory Reset the element TV.

By using this, you would lose all data from the element TV. So be sure before Factory resetting your TV. If you are sure, then go through this process below.

Take a sharp-edged object like a pen or pencil. Please insert it into the reset hole. Keep it pressed for 3 to 4 seconds. The screen will go black upon this. When the logo appears on the screen, remove the sharp-edged object from the Reset hole. This option will Factory Reset your element TV.

Universal Remote App:

You can also use a universal remote app to reset the element TV. When you install a universal remote app on your phone or any other device, you will be able to establish a connection with your TV.

If you do not have a remote, you might find it challenging to develop a relationship with the TV. When you connect to the universal remote app, you can also use it as a complete remote from your phone.

Get A Universal Remote:

There are a lot of cheap remotes available in the market that you can use. These universal remotes will help you reset your element TV in no time. You can also get a replacement remote specifically for your element TV.

How To Establish A Connection With A Universal Remote?

Get the code from the manual to connect the remote to the TV. Find the setup button on the universal remote and press it. A green LED on the remote will turn on. To start the process press the TV button which is on the remote. Put the code into the space given on the TV.

The LED will turn off. Press any function on the TV to check if it is connected. For example, press the volume button to check if the volume is controlled. Now turn on the TV again. Go to the home page.

In the menu, settings go to the system options. Then go to advanced techniques. There will be an option for factory resetting. Select that and put the code. You have a Factory reset element TV.

Google Assistant:

There is also a method to control your element TV via Google Assistant on your mobile. A lot of people might not know it, but the TV manual can be constructive in some cases. Read the manual.

Try to find a way you can connect your phone to the element TV. Use Google assistant to interact with the TV. Create an email. It is common knowledge that you need to create an email to communicate through google assistant. You can now control basic tasks through voice commands.


In this article, we went over the methods you can use to reset element TV. In that case, you can go through various methods such as Unplugging your TV or using the Reset button.

You can also use a universal remote app, get a universal remote, or even use google assistant. Try these methods to solve your problem quickly and easily.

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