how to track someones ip address from instagram

How To Track Someones IP Address From Instagram

In this article, we are going to guide you on How To Track Someone’s IP Address From Instagram free download for iPhone and Android.

Tracking someone’s Instagram account isn’t easy. Usually, social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. don’t allow a third person to track someone else’s profile or location.

That’s why it is challenging to track someone’s IP address from these social media sites. But sometimes things get so complicated that you need to track someone’s IP address from such social media sites. I will explain when and why you need to track someone’s IP address from Instagram.

Why Do You Need How To Track Someone’s IP Address From Instagram?

Why Need Tracking

Reason 1

If someone is harassing you or blackmailing you with a fake account you need to find his IP address. You need to track the culprit if he starts blackmailing you or sending you forbidden messages having inappropriate content.

To catch such culprits and make them get their punishment you would need to track them. After obtaining their IP address you can reach the real culprit and sue them with evidence.

Reason 2

If you are up to identifying any fraudulent activity that can harm your identity then you would need to track your IP address. If you observe any suspicious login attempts to your Instagram account then finding an IP address is essential.

If your Instagram ID is facing identity theft, then you must track the culprit’s IP address to avoid rumors spreading about your account.

Reason 3

Running an online business on Instagram? Are you a small entrepreneur on Instagram? Then you must keep a track record of your online customers. In order to reach the targeted audience for the right advertisement requirements you need to track your audience.

It allows you to know the interests of your audience and helps you to advertise the right product to increase convergence. In this way, you can track IP addresses and send your product ads directly to their inboxes.

Reason 4

Without simply discharging projectiles in the outdoors, you can tweak your items by involving Direct Messages as a source of inspiration choice.

Furthermore, subsequently makes it way more straightforward to persuade your clients and advance your administrations. So finding IP addresses for marketing purposes is good and it can increase your sales.

Reason 5

If someone is commenting bad reviews about your products and creating a bad impact then tracking IP is essential. If someone is getting your business down by sending the wrong impacts. If these comments are baseless and they don’t reply to you about the product.

They are nothing but a scheme of your competitors to let you down. In order to teach them a lesson you can track their IP address and reach them. It is the best way to deal with people who try to damage your business.

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Top 5

5 Best IP Finders:

If you simply search on Google for ways to find someone’s IP address on Instagram you would find many websites. It is not that easy because various websites are designed to track people using their email, phone number, or other credentials. That’s why you rather get tracked by websites when you try to track someone.


One of the best websites that allow you to find someone’s IP address by using their Instagram accounts. This website allows users to collect the culprit’s IP address, phone number, and other contact details.

It allows you to find the current location of the targeted person so that you can reach them. Apart from that, the website is loaded with a large amount of social media data to help people.


One of the top-notch IP finders is the Spokeo. I highly recommend Spokeo because it has gained a lot of fame due to being the most easy-to-use portal. Across various social media platforms, Spokeo allows you to access anyone’s profile and account details.

You would need to use a username or phone number to access the targeted profile. The portal allows you to access the current location of the targeted person.

Social Catfish

Some of the time individuals use monikers on their virtual entertainment handles, and it becomes challenging to follow the genuine individual. Nonetheless, there is a stunt to tracking down those individuals through their photographs.

Here Social Catfish comes to rescue you. It is specialized in reverse search and allows you to find the IP address of the targeted person. It allows you to access someone’s IP address, actual name, and other useful information.

Grabify IP Logger

People mostly use Gravity IP finder to locate someone’s IP. It is one of the most popular IP finders on the internet. Google may suggest you go to the Windows command prompt to see the IP address of Instagram users.

But trust me they don’t work rather just waste your time. These gravity finders don’t give the IP address of the targeted person instead give the IP address of the Instagram server.

Therefore I suggest you not waste your time on such tactics and try Grabify IP logger for once. It will never disappoint you.


This is another option to locate someone’s IP address. This is another site that can be trusted and used worldwide. The allows you to find the IP address of the targeted person and get rid of complicated situations.

How To Track

How To Track Someone’s IP Address From Instagram Find With Grabify IP Logger

  1. Open the individual’s profile on Instagram whose IP you need to find.
  2. Click the three specks next to the username.
  3. Duplicate their profile connection.
  4. Go to the site for the IP address locater.
  5. Glue the connection on the container and tap on Make URL.
  6. An IP with the following connection would be produced.
  7. Get the connection begin a visit with the designated individual and request that they click the connection.
  8. The IP address locater will get the necessary data for you.
  9. You will get the IP address and other data about the Instagram account.

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