how to remove dealership gps tracker

How To Remove Dealership GPS Tracker Device?

In this article, we are going to guide you on how to remove the dealership GPS tracker device on your car.

Removing a GPS tracker depends on the situation you are facing. Sometimes it is illegal to remove the dealership GPS tracker but sometimes you have the right to do it. Make sure you are not breaking any rule or law by removing your car dealership GPS tracker.

What Happens When How To Remove Dealership GPS Tracker?

If you have borrowed a car or vehicle then it might have a GPS tracker placed by the lenders. The lender has a solid reason for putting a GPS tracker in his/her car. They cannot trust a stranger to give them their vehicle.

A borrower may be involved in illegal activities and can use your car. In order to keep themselves and their vehicles, the lenders put a GPS tracker in their cars.

So whenever you try to disable or remove the GPS tracker from a car then it sends an alert message to the owner. In this way, the owner gets to know that the GPS tracker has been removed.

Now you would think that it doesn’t matter. Well, it does because GPS trackers are always powered by backup batteries. That’s why even if you remove it, it keeps sending your location details to the owner. The owner can see your location and get to you right away.

Here it makes sense for dealers or lenders. But if you are a borrower you have to share your location with an unknown person. That’s how a situation makes something legal or illegal.

Can You Really Remove It:

You cannot legally remove a dealership GPS tracker. If you have not paid the whole amount of the car you cannot remove a GPS tracker. And that’s why I won’t recommend a borrower remove a GPS tracker.

But if you have paid your total amount and you are the new owner of your car then you can remove a dealership GPS tracker by yourself.

In this article, I will tell you how you can remove a dealership GPS tracker easily without breaking any rules.

How To

How To Remove The Dealership GPS Tracker?

Removing a car tracker may be challenging for a person who doesn’t know anything. You can remove a magnetic or plug-play tracker easily. But removing a hardwired tracker is easy.

You should learn how to remove a wired tracker without damaging the vehicle or the tracking device.

Locate The Tracker

If you installed the tracker yourself you would know where it is located. But you are removing a dealership tracker which you don’t know where is installed.

That’s why you need to figure out the location of the tracker. You need to find where the tracker has been installed and when you would be able to remove it. Here are some common places where a tracker can be placed.

  • Look under your dash for the tracker. If you find something out of place then there are chances of getting a tracker installed.
  • Look for new wiring or the use of additional tape wrapped around a wire or component.
  • You can also note the color of the wires of your car. Then try to figure out which wire is of a different thickness or color combination than the other wires.
  • You must pay attention to the wires going to the roof of the vehicle.
  • After following the suspected wires you would find a solid device of slightly different thickness having two wires following the ignition wires.
  • After locating the tracker you need to remove any additional tape or zips around the area. Make sure you don’t damage the thin wires of the car.

Look For The Components

There should be different wires

  • There is one wire that must be the GPS antenna wire. You need to follow to the top of the vehicle and cut it there.
  • Next to the GPS antenna wire, there should be a GSM antenna wire.
  • In order to keep the battery of the device charged, a red wire is connected to the ignition.
  • You can also trace some of the vires on the ground of the vehicle.
  • There is a chance of two wires connected to the ignition.

Remove The Tracker

Now it’s time to disconnect the device by removing the wires from the battery of the car. It’s not a tough job you just need to GPS antenna after disconnecting it from the receiver.

Once you have removed the tracker you need to assemble all of the components back to their positions. Make sure to reconnect all the wires effectively. You can ask for the help of a professional mechanic.

You would also notice damages made by the person who has installed the tracker. If you find such damages you can remove and reconnect all the wires again. To check if you have done everything right, try to start your car.

If it starts you have done everything right. But if it doesn’t start trying to find the problem or ask for help from a mechanic.

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Types Of Car Trackers

Before you opt for removing a car tracker you must know the type of tracker installed on your vehicle. Magnetic trackers are battery-operated and can be installed easily. Magnetic trackers are easy to uninstall as you don’t need to cut wires.

On the other hand, Plug-in tracking is a superior GPS Module vehicle global positioning framework. It utilizes a little GPS beacon that plugs straightforwardly into the OBD II port, situated under the controlling wheel of your vehicle.

Mechanics and administration experts additionally utilize this port to run symptomatic codes. That is the reason the Module GPS beacons likewise offer analytic reports alongside area following. These are extremely simple to introduce.

However, Hardwired GPS trackers are straightforwardly wired in the framework and get power from the motor. These are challenging to introduce and eliminate and require master help. Furthermore, this explanation makes it challenging to alter or control them.

Nonetheless, the wired GPS beacons work utilizing a battery and receiving wire, through which they can send cautions while any altering happens.

A wired GPS tracker likewise empowers you somewhat to handicap the vehicle’s start in the event that it detects a security infringement, which doesn’t occur in the frame of mind of plug-in gadgets.

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