How To Take Headshots With iPhone

How To Take Headshots With iPhone – Best Way For Pictures

Taking the best pictures is not an easy task, but when you have a high-quality camera then it will be more simple and more effective. Do you know how to take headshots with iPhone?

If not, then don’t worry because here we will guide you that how you can easily amazingly get a professional picture. Your professional photo plays important role in every platform whether it was made for business purposes or just post on social media as a web presence.

It also enhances your business brand when you use professional headshots while using iPhone. Keep in mind that a professional photo doesn’t require any pro person. Moreover, when you hire a professional person to take your photos, then it will surely cost you expensive.

All you just need is to have a professional and high-quality camera with you, and that’s it. So, let’s directly get into further details that how to take headshots with iPhone!

What Makes Professional How To Take Headshots With iPhone?

There are multiple things that give you an idea that how to make your headshots effective and fantastic all the time.

  • The quality of your headshot should be clear and amazing.
  • It should convey a better understanding of your personality and demeanor.
  • Make sure that a good headshot will represent you better as compared to yourself in real life.
  • The size of the headshots plays a core role to enhance your appearance on the web. It should be small in size such as 100px to 200px.
  • Make sure to use the same headshots as they represent you and your personal brand.

8 Step Technique To Take Headshots With iPhone:

With the below steps, you can take professional headshots with just an iPhone in your hand. Keep in mind that taking perfect and outstanding headshots with your iPhone doesn’t require any pro or experienced person.

You can take fantastic and attractive headshots while following the below points.

1. Make Sure To Enable The Portrait Mode

While enabling the portrait mode in your iPhone camera, gives you a horizontal view of the camera, which can easily cover you in a single frame.

2. To Get The Best Steady Picture Take Help From Your Friend

Make sure to take help from your friend to take your picture from a specific distance. When you hold the camera by yourself, then you are limited to a specific distance from your iPhone camera.

It also gives you shaky or blurry pictures which will not work professionally. Follow the given steps to get the best pictures of you:

  • Tell your friend that you want to take a picture from chin height and just focus on your face area.
  • Your friend will help you to get attractive and best pictures with accurate angles.

3. Use Only Natural Light

It is common that when you use fluorescent bulbs and overhead lights, then it will surely unflattering your eyes. It is better if you use only natural light. For this purpose, you can go outside and sit in the soft artificial light which doesn’t bother your eyes.

  • Keep in mind that too much light from the sun can ruin your amazing headshot and also it can make you squint.
  • With the option of portrait mode in the modern iPhone model, you can easily change the lightning effects of your camera. With just a single tap, you can take multiple pictures while using the best lighting effects.

4. Try To Use A Simple Background As Much As Possible

When you try to take the best picture of yourself from outside your home, then make sure to use only simple backgrounds, such as a brick wall and plain background.

Moreover, if you are trying to take a picture inside, then you need to use the simple blank wall as a perfect background.

  • Make sure that in the background there are not any signs of telephone poles and wires in your picture.
  • If you want to use the blur feature in your iPhone to blur your background, then it is also the best choice for you. For a perfect headshot, you can use a lightly patterned or solid backdrop to give a more amazing background effect.

5. Take Multiple Pictures With The Same Pose

Taking various pictures of yourself at the start will give you an awkward feeling, but it will help you later to choose the best headshot picture of yourself. When you take multiple pictures, then it will give a more natural look as the photo shoot progresses.

  • In the first photos of you, if you think that you don’t like the alignment of your background, then you can change it according to your wish.
  • Keep in mind that your aim in taking these pictures is to get a professional picture of you that can be easily recognizable.

6. Try To Use Different Styles

Changing your pose in every picture will give you the best picture as the photo shoot continuously progress. Keep in mind that placing your arms in your lap and your head style just in a straight position will give a more professional look in pictures.

While using different styles and unique poses, will give you a more natural look.

  • Make sure that you need to look more friendly and approachable in your every pose. In this way, you will surely get a perfect headshot of yourself while using the iPhone camera.

7. Try To Look Directly Into The Camera

To get a professional headshot of you, it must be necessary for you to keep eye contact with your iPhone camera. Eye contact is a powerful thing that gives you an outstanding and professional look of you in pictures.

  • You can sit pointing one side of your body and turn your face position and eyes towards the iPhone camera. In this way, you will surely get a professional and fantastic headshot of yourself.

8. Dressing

Undoubtedly, your dress plays a very important role which gives enhancement to your professional headshots. Keep in mind that your career inspirations, dress appearance attire it different.

Suppose, you can’t wear a tee shirt if you want to aspire to work for a professional legal firm.

Common Problems While Getting Perfect Headshots On Your iPhone

The following are the common issues in which you ruin your amazing headshots and you need to solve these problems, to get the best picture of you.

  • The background of your picture is too busy and it doesn’t make your face stand out in a single position.
  • If outside, the light can cause your eyes to squint. So, it is best for you to choose a soft place where you can get professional headshots of yourself.
  • The funny shadows can also ruin your picture, just because it makes your face to be dark in the picture.
  • Your head center in the photo is cropped, which is the main obstacle while you are alone. So, it is best to take help from your friend to get the best facial picture of you at a specific distance.


Taking professional and outstanding headshots with iPhone is not a hard thing for you when you follow the above steps. When you know how to be more attractive in pictures, then you will surely get professional and the best headshots of you in every picture.

Moreover, make sure to get multiple pictures at the same time, because as the photo shoot progresses you get more mature in the next pictures of you.

Taking the best headshots with iPhone will be better for you and it doesn’t allow you to hire any expensive tools and cameras when you have an iPhone in your hand.

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