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How To Download Etrade Pro Platform On Mac / PC Or Mobile

How To Download Etrade Pro the exchange of services and products/items is called trading. You give your money and purchasing your needed things is called trade. The buying and selling of services & goods on the wholesale markets are called local or national trading.

Whereas the selling and buying of goods on the international markets are known as international trading or are also called import or export.

What Is E-Trading?

The exchange of goods and services through the internet is called E-trading. OR The selling or buying of goods through online stores is known as E-trading. In this modern or digital world, people become social because of the internet.

Hence, they focus on online trading and start online marketing. Online trading has many examples it may include trading in stocks (shares), bonds, other financial instruments, international currencies, and futures.

Similarly, there are thousands of platforms that enable online marketers to purchase bonds or shares and sell them at the highest level with double amounts.

A lot of web applications and mobile applications are available on the internet & play store which allows everyone to participate in E-trading.

What Is E-Trade?

Etrade is a platform that enables all traders or online marketers to start trading and make money. ETRADE has introduced two quality trading platforms for active or interested traders.

Hence, they have two full-featured mobile applications, the first one is a range of investment choices and the second is strong choices of trading tools. The ETRADE platform is filled with instinctive, futures trading, easy-to-use tools for supplies, choices, etc.

ETrade Pro

Etrade pro is the latest version of Etrade and it comes with advanced features, options, ideas, and amazing material or content. If you are interested in E-trading and want to join the online business, then you should download Etrade Pro.

And if you are wondering about How to Download ETrade Pro, then you should learn first. Because the newcomer cannot join e-trading without knowledge or information. Let’s discuss Etrade Pro with a complete download method.

Before moving to the download procedure, we need to take a short review of ETrade Pro and also we have to discuss how ETrade Pro works.

Downloading The ETrade Pro

Etrade is not a free application and you have to purchase it before downloading it. Hence, if you have a $1,000 balance in your account, then you will be able to use Etrade pro.

The Etrade web official provides a subscription for real-time data, so you have to subscribe to it for use. If you do have not $1,000 in your account, you have to deposit it before. Let’s discuss what is inside the ETrade pro.


The layout of ETrade Pro is wonderful and is designed by professionals. Hence, it has three colorful themes in which dark, light, and market trader colors are used.

If you are new and want to set the layout of your E-trade platform, then you can easily adjust the themes. Hence, you need to go to “Settings”. The “Themes” button will be available to set it as you want.

So, you can change the theme and use many options provided by ETrade Pro. Otherwise, the official theme of ETrade Pro is dark which represents a few windows with various functions. After this whole process, you can simply click on the “Save Layout” button and the layout will be saved.

Tools Menu of ETrade Pro

If you want to check all the tools of ETrade Pro, then you can easily fulfill your wish. So, you can go to the “Menu” and simply open “Settings”.

Here you will see the ‘Tools’ button, so click on it. Suddenly, a drop-down window will open on your screen and you will see several functions with various icons. These icons will help you to understand the tool and you will know the duty of every tool.

Hence, you can click on the tool’s icon and it will easily open to view its work. ETrade Pro provides a lot of tools in which includes Bloomberg TV which offers free streaming and many other tools.

Such as market depth (Level II quotes), futures chains, a time & sales window, option chains, a margin tool, the day’s market movers, charting, a watch list, a money transfer tool, an economic calendar, etc.

Trading Options

ETrade Pro comes with plenty of options for trading and you can use them to get benefits. If you have not seen the trading options, then you have to go to the menu and the trading options will be there.

In these advanced options, you will see multi-leg strategies, butterflies, Greek values, calendar spreads, and condors.

To use these options, you have to go to the “Menu” and then you will see an option chain that will show you a lot of options. Similarly, in the tools menu, you will enjoy highly recommended tools like Pro’s profit-loss diagrams.

Moreover, if you want to check the results or analyzing process, then go to the options tools and click on the “Options Analyzer”. You need to tap on the options analyzer button and the P&L diagram will open.

Many more tools, buttons, options, etc are available in the ETrade Pro.

Features Of The ETrade Pro App

ETrade Pro application is a very user-friendly app and has a wonderful interface. ETrade provides a lot of features that will encourage you to download quickly and start trading. These are as follows:

Appearance Customization

You can open the app and easily customize the appearance by using its layout options. The app comes with colorful themes, a customized layout button, and many options. So, you can set up the application easily as you want.

Setting Up Your Option Chain Screen

You have an outstanding feature that allows you to set up the chain screen as you want. This advanced feature is only available in the Etrade Pro.

Placing An Order

You can visit the application after subscription and see all the useful options. Here you will see the order placing order option that will help you to easily replace the order and becomes a professional marketer.

Option Strategy Screen

ETrade Pro provides option strategy screen features that allow users to make strategies and grow their trading business. Here you will see many options that offer you to set your application and enhance your skills.

How To Download ETrade Pro Application?

The ETrade application is very simple and easy to download for everyone. But if you have no idea how to download it on your device, then don’t worry. We are going to discuss the complete download method, so follow the easy steps.

  • First of all, Go to the ETrade Platforms or official web pages that offer to download the application and subscribe to it easily. You can click on the provided link and create an account easily.
  • Secondly, you have to use the login details and enter them inside the application.
  • Then you can visit the application and scroll down on the homepage. The LaunchPad option will be available on the right side of your device’s screen. So, you can select the “Launch” button that will start launching on your device.
  • If you see some issues and the download doesn’t begin, then you have to select “Install ETrade Pro”.
  • Quickly the download process will start and you can install it easily. So, enjoy ETrade Pro with wonderful features.


All the information about E-trading or ETrade pro is provided in this article. This informative content will help every new user to know about trading, Etrading, and the ETrade Pro application.

Moreover, this informative content will help you to use your ETrade Pro app without any issues. The advanced features, special options, and advanced methods are discussed well.

So, now stop thinking about How to Download ETrade Pro, because the complete downloading method is also provided.

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