How to Mount TV on Uneven Stone Fireplace

How To Mount TV On Uneven Stone Fireplace

In this article, I will completely guide you on How To Mount TV On Uneven Stone Fireplace which is very helpful for you.

If you want to give a beautiful look to your house, then you should change its color, change the furniture, use some art designs on walls, decore your house with a beautiful vase, etc.

Many ideas come into your mind and your house decor shows your creativity. Similarly, the TV has an important place in every house. As people love to watch TV with their family and friends, they also want an attractive+beautiful place to put the TV. 

As some people love to decorate stone fireplace walls and decide to mount their TV on that wall. It is really a great idea and it looks very cool+beautiful in every house.

At the same time, it will be beneficial for the family to watch TV in the center of the house. Hence, people use the stone fireplace to mount the TV and search for its expenses, etc.

If you are also interested to mount your TV on a stone fireplace but your fireplace wall is not decorated before, then you should choose some outstanding services. 

Then you will be able to decore this special wall of your house. For this, you have to design a stone fireplace wall with unique, attractive, and outstanding designs.

But if you are wondering about How to Mount TV on Uneven Stone Fireplace, then don’t worry about it. We will tell you how can you mount your TV and also how to decode your house. Just stay connected and let’s see how to solve this serious issue. 

Easiest Way How To Mount TV On Uneven Stone Fireplace Wall?

You can easily mount your TV on a stone fireplace, but it will be hard working and you have to put so much effort into this. As a team provides services to mount the TV on uneven stone.

But if you do not want to hire any team, then you can mount your TV without any help. We are going to provide you with a complete method of mounting your TV, so follow us. 


Before starting the process, you should have some important supplies that will help you to complete your work easily. These are as follows: 

Drilling Machine: This special supply is used to cut holes into or through wood, wall, metal, or other materials. Hence, it will help you to drill in the stone wall and you can use it to set a mount on a wall easily.

Hammer: It is a very important supply and is usually used for cabinet making, assembling furniture, bending or shaping metal, general carpentry, framing, upholstering, nail pulling, finishing, riveting, striking masonry drill and steel chisels, etc. Hence, it will be used to mount the TV on the stone wall. 

Screws: This item is usually used to position items and is also useful to hold things together. Hence, the screws will be used to mount your TV on a stone wall easily. 

Wall Bracket: It is an important item and is made of metal. It is actually attached to the wall and will help to install the TV. 

Socket Wrench: This item is usually used to turn bolts and nuts. So, you will use it to turn the nuts easily. 

Cement Anchor kit: This special item helps to secure wood and other materials to concrete. You should bring it because it will use in the TV installation process. 

Wall Mount Kit: This is also an important item and it will be used to mount the TV on an uneven stone fireplace. 

Drilling Bit: It is used to drill holes in stones, walls, plastic, metal, ceramic tile, concrete, and porcelain. So, you will use it to drill holes before attaching the mount kit to the fireplace wall. 

Masonry Epoxy: It is a type of glue usually used for concrete to bond, fill, repair, and rebuild concrete surfaces. It will also be used to mount the TV on the fireplace wall. 

Screwdriver: This special item is used to turn screws with slotted heads and it will also be used to install the TV in your favorite place. 

Guide To Mount The TV On Uneven Stone Fireplace Wall 

After collecting the supplies, you can start the process by following the guidelines. The steps are as follows: 

1: Mark The Desired Area 

You have to mark the area where you want to mount the TV. Hence, you have to take a tape and place it in the desired area where you think that the TV will look good. It will give you an idea of which area you have selected for mounting.

2: Mark The Hole Of The Mount Bracket 

Now you can take the mount bracket and put it on the selected area. Then mark the hole of the mount bracket and go ahead. 

3: Put The Hole Into The Stone 

You have to take the masonry drill and use it to plot a hole into the stone wall. You can check the size after drilling the hole, if the size is not accurate or matches the diameter of the cement anchor, then stop drilling.

Otherwise, you have to again turn on the masonry drill and drill the holes. The exact capacity of drilling the size will be hard or challenging but try to coincide. 

4: Fix The Cement Anchor

Now it’s time to take the cement anchor and place them into the hole by using the hammer. You have to use useful and high-quality cement anchors because they will support handling the mount and the mount bracket will never fall.

But if you do not take care of it, the cement anchors will fall easily. Hence, you need to make sure that anchors might not fall and that you have applied masonry epoxy on the anchors.

It will help you to secure the anchors. After applying all the cement anchors in the holes, you have to wait until it has completely dried off. 

5: Adjust The Mounting Bracket

Now you have to be ready to fix the mounting bracket on the selected area for the TV. You can take the mounting bracket and try to attach it to the prepared area.

Hence, you can take screws and place them to adjust the mount. You can use the wrench and tighten the screw to make it safe. 

6: Remove The Stand

If you are using the TV stand to place the TV, then you have to remove the stand. Hence, you can easily separate the screw from the TV. 

7: Attach The Television With The Mount 

Now, you have to take the TV and fix it to the mount. Firstly, you have to connect the mount to the tv and then use fasten the bolts into the frame. It will be a good way to fix your TV to the stone via the mounting bracket that you have already attached.

8: Connect The TV

In this final step, you have to lift the TV and connect it to the mounting bracket. The clip or slot will be needed to attach or support the mounting bracket. 

How To Hide The Wires? 

After installing the TV, it is the main issue and everyone wants a perfect solution. Hence, you have to purchase a cable concealer that will help you to install all your wires easily.

It will never give the neat look but will protect the wires or cables from danger. Otherwise, if you want to hide the cables, you can use spray-paint the wires according to the color of the fireplace. 


If you are worried and getting confused to mount your TV to the stone fireplace, then stop thinking more. We have provided a detailed guide and information according to your problem.

You just have to read the informative content and easily put your TV on your favorite+designed fireplace wall. Hence, stop searching How to Mount TV on Uneven Stone Fireplace, and just relax.

All the information is provided, and the needed items, supplies, and important steps are explained well. 

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