How To Delete Zaful Account

How To Delete Zaful Account On App And iPhone – Pros And Cons

Welcome to this article, How To Delete Zaful Account On App And iPhone – 4 best ways – Pros and Cons. We will guide you step-by-step.

Do you want to know how to delete the Zaful account? If Yes? Then  You are in right place, In this article, I am sure you will find and solve this mystery. I assembled the information in this way that will furnish you with a proper guide that how to delete the account.

This online based store and website allow its users to edit and make a piece account, search for new products, how get information about paying bills with different payment methods, and ship products. I recently received a lot of requests from our valuable readers that how to delete Zaful Account. I will suggest you keep exploring this article till the end to find those helpful tricks about deleting an account.

More About Zaful Company:

China’s Bian Information and Technology owned one of the best famous clothing stores, named Zaful. This Co.Ltd Company has its headquarters in Hong Kong, China. Zaful was published in 2014, and more than 4 million people are using this website on monthly basis. It’s an online web store that facilitates women with antique, accustomed, and branded clothes.

Furthermore, if the reason behind deleting your account is email spamming and get fed up with it simply you just need to mark those mail as spam so they can directly go to the spam folder or open those newsletters and click on the unsubscribe button that is given under the mail you have received. If the reason is something else then in this post you will find all kinds of best solutions for deleting your Zaful Account. You just need to follow these guidelines more strictly, which are sketched below.

How Do I Delete My Zaful Account On iPhone:

After research, I conclude that why Zaful Account users want to get rid of this account because they are no more purchasing products from this online store. That’s why they want to delete this account permanently. To delete your account, you must need to contact customer services.

You can also contact Zaful through the following links:

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Ticket opening
  • Via email

Deleting Account Through Facebook:

First, you need to log in to your Facebook account, then write in the Facebook search bar Zaful and hit the search icon, a lot of options will appear, You have to select one that is with Zaful logo, written in white within a black circle. when you will land on this page follow these steps.

  • Go to Zaful’s Home page.
  • A list of categories will appear there, you can select Home or About.
  • Click on the link, which will take you to its website.
  • Open an account, then manage my account.
  • Submit a request to delete my account.

Deleting Account From Facebook Messenger:

Here is a proper guide for deleting an account from Facebook Messenger;

  • As per following the above procedure of deletion of Zaful account through Facebook, you just need to log in to your Facebook account and open the Zaful page.
  • Next to the Shop Now button, there is a Facebook Messenger icon.
  • Just click on this icon, and it will take you to the messenger room where you can chat with Zaful Customer services.
  • You can request them for deleting a Zaful account.

Deleting Account From Instagram:

If you want to delete an account from Instagram, here is a guide on what you should do;

  • Go to your Instagram Account.
  • Write on the search bar Zaful or directly go to your main profile where you will find your following pages.
  • Open the Zaful page, where on top of the page under the Zaful Logo, you will see an option of ‘’Got a question: https//
  • Click on this link and it will take you to the new site where you can send a request for deleting an account.

Deleting Account Via Ticket Opening:

Here is a guide on what you should do to delete your Zaful Account via Ticket Opening/Live Chat;

  • Sign in to your Zaful Account and click on
  • Go to Account < Account management< Advanced account information
  • Open tickets, where it is mentioned to submit the ticket, and Zaful will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • You have to fill out the form for Open Ticket with the required detail and submit the Ticket.
  • They will send you a note with Thank You and the Ticket number is ‘’T *********** ‘’.Where they will mention you to reply to you in one working day except holiday. In this ticket reply, you have to write ‘’Yes please delete my account’’ and click submit button.

Deleting Account Via Email:

If you want to delete your Account via Email, here is a guide on what you should do;

  • Open your email account that is registered with this Zaful account.
  • Now compose a new email and add [email protected]. This is the official address of zaful.
  • In the subject write ‘’Request To Delete My Zaful Account’’
  • Now write in this email related to your query about deleting an account, and the reason why you want to delete it.
  • Click on the send button
  • You have to wait for almost 7 days for this email response.

Pros And Cons Of Deleting Zaful Account:

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You can enjoy a lot of benefits from opening this account;

  • You can track your order easily anywhere and anytime.
  • You can contact customer services hassle-free about account management, and general assistance.
  • You can add your favorite items for later placement of order.
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However, Zaful has some cons that are;

  • Shipment delay
  • Very limited variety in Men’s section.
  • Their return and refund policy procedure is very slow.
  • Most customers face the problem of miss-match products.


Zaful is not only a clothing brand but it also provides fashion stories and much more inspiration about different people. If any reason you are bored of using this account, I tried my best to put information in this article and I hope this will be much helpful for you that was related to how to delete Zaful Account.


How I Can Track My Shipping Package?

As they ship your order, they will send you an email with your shipping product tracking number, through which you can easily track your product.

How To Register In Zaful Account?

Use your email address, and specific user name with a strong password of at least 6 characters, and click on register.

What If I Didn’t Receive An Activation Email?

You just need to log in again and click on ‘’Resend again Activation Email’’.

If I Forgot My Zaful Account Password?

Enter your email and click on forget the password, I will send you an automated email with detail about how to reset your password.

How To Cancel My Order On The Zaful Website?

If you didn’t pay yet then simply go to the  MY Orders and cancel the order.       

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