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How To Delete Textnow Account – Permanently Online On iPhone

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Do you want to delete your text now account? If yes, then today I am going to tell you a secret way to how delete your text now account. One way is by using a legal way, which is to have a lawyer who will send an email to Textnow Company on your behalf to ask them to delete your account as many companies usually respond to lawyers more than to users, so this way they may do it fast.

More About Textnow Account Deactivate 

Textnow is a great app to use as a phone service, for calling and texting using your Wi-Fi. It is a cloud-based app that also has a web interface with very cheap calling, texting, and video calling rates, along with free and premium subscription options.

You can create an account in it and a phone number will be allotted to you for calling and texting or you can use a Sim card provided by the company using which you can make calls from your app directly.

TextNow account deletion is only possible by using a Secret method, and that is, sign out of your TextNow account for three days, and the account will be automatically considered inactive this means your account will be deactivated.

Now, at this place you will have to follow the steps given below to remove your TextNow account personal information and your account will be deactivated.

Although you may be able to re-activate it, first we need to delete or deactivate our TextNow account.

The Secret Steps To Delete TexNow are Given Below

Step1: You need to access your TextNow account, just open it in-app or sign in to it using your browser, you may click this link to log in

Step2: In the left pan look for the Settings Icon and click on it

Step3: Now in the settings click on Account

Step4: Now remove your personal information one by one, in the name field type any different email address other than your original email ID for example [email protected]

Step5: Now click on the “Security and Login”, button

Step6: Look for “Log out all Devices”, click on it and you will be Logged out of all of your accounts on all devices

Now that, all information has been changed so you are safe, and one more thing, your TexNow account will be deactivated or deleted when you will remain inactive for 3 days.

If you are going to use your in-phone app on your iPhone or Android phone you need to follow the same steps given above, you may delete the app afterward just to be on the safer side (this will make sure you will not use the app and your account will remain inactive, which will eventually lead to its deactivation after 3 days)

Pros And Cons

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Although the procedure to delete or deactivate the TextNow account is a little bit tricky. Below are the pros and cons of this process

  • The main advantage to delete your TextNow account is that when you will remove or change your profile information in your account, you will not be traced in the future.
  • When you will cancel your premium subscription, your monthly recurring charges will be stopped occurring.
  • As the account will not be deleted permanently, this means you can reactivate your account at any time by sending them the request.
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  • You will not be able to make free calls or text messages using the app or TextNow web service.
  • If you did not cancel your premium membership before deleting the TextNow app you may still be charged.


TextNow is a cloud-based phone service used to make phone calls just like a conventional phone calling system from your web or using the TextNow app at cheap rates.

Somehow if you do not want to continue using the TexNow services and want to delete or deactivate your account, you can email them and request them to delete your account, but as mentioned due to some legal boundaries they will deny deleting your account.

So as an alternate way, you can remove your profile from your TextNow account, change your email ID and log out of all of the devices on which you are using the services.

Your account will be dormant after a few days of inactivity and your phone number will be removed from their database. Keep in mind that you need to cancel your premium membership services before making any changes to your account and before deleting the TextNow app from your mobile or computer so you may not be charged.


Why Can’t The TextNow Free Account Be Deleted And What Is An Alternate Way To Delete It?

TextNow does not provide any way to delete your free account due to some legal matters, so for this, you may use a method to delete all your personal information in your TextNow account and change your email ID so that you are not tracked, after deletion of information log out of your account and keep it inactive for 3 days.

Simply open TextNow> Settings > change information > Log out of all devices > Log out your account > leave it inactive for 3 days

What If You Remove Your TextNow App, Will Your Free Account Be Deleted Or Deactivated?

The answer to this question is Yes, but the account will be deactivated not deleted, as the account is free. Just remove the TextNow app from your mobile or computer and leave it inactive, within a few days your TextNow Phone number will be removed from your account, which means no calls and messages will be received from you

Can Your TextNow Information Be Traced?

Yes, as is discussed above that due to some legal obligations TexNow company can not only keep your information but can share it with law enforcement agencies.

What If Someone Has A Premium Membership And Removes The App? Will His Subscription Be Canceled?

You need to cancel your subscription first to stop your services or monthly recurring charges, before deleting your app. GotoTextNow> Account > Account Balance > Manage Subscriptions > Remove or Cancel Subscriptions

Can Someone Re-Activate The TextNow Account After De-Activation?

Yes, one can Re-activate the TextNow account by sending an email to the company and requesting to Re-activate the account.

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