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The Collection Of Top Nick Jr Games Dora – Download For Free

Here we will guide you about The Collection Of Top Nick Jr Games Dora – Download For Free which will be very helpful for you.

Dora the explorers are one of the hit cartoons that kids love to watch. Most of the children get too much inspired and excited by Dora and her friends that they also want to be with them on their journey.

Keeping in mind your kids fun and interest, we have collected the top nick jr games Dora that your kid will love to play.

Doras Carnival Adventure

Doras Carnival adventure game gives your kid a chance to join Dora in her latest adventure at the carnival. In this game, your child can play 10 games along with Dora and her friends.

Moreover, they can also win tickets which will help them find the new treasures in Dora’s new adventures. By this game, your kid not only gets happy and delight but he also learns new things and advances his knowledge.

He will improve his counting skills, memory skills and hand-eye coordination with this game. Place an order for your kid to make him happy.

Dora the Explorer:

Swiper’s Big Adventure!

In this game, a baby fox has got lost, and now Dora must find him out and get him back to his home. You have to help Dora in her mission. But stay a while.

There is also swiper with Dora who is her friend, so you have to follow swiper if you want to help Dora. You will have to travel with them who cross lakes, mountains, and go through the scary forests to look for the baby fox.

In this game, you can also collect stars, prizes, and toys, that you can store in your backpack. You will also have to fight with bats, crows as well as hairy spiders in the adventure.

La Casa De Dora:

This La Casa De Dora is the best of nick jr games Dora. It lets your child enjoy a playdate with Dora. It will help your kid learn music, math, as well as Spanish through the exciting games within the house of Dora and backyard. It is the best game to improve motor skills.

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom:

In this game, you will find a greedy king who has stolen the crystals which give colors to the Crystal Kingdom. The Kingdom will be given to monochrome without your help.

You will see Dora and Boots who travel into a storybook, and render some aid to their new friend named Allie, and help her secure the Crystal Kingdom. Dora and his friends need your help in their mission.

Diego Dinosaur Rescue

Diego goes on a journey with Alicia and Baby. They are going to the land of dinosaurs to unite Maia the Maiasaura with their family.

Your kid can join Diego and his friends on this exciting journey and enjoy fun games.  Your kid can be a dinosaur scientist who will track giant footsteps, that help save baby ploosaurs who is swimming in the deep lagoon.

Diego`s Dinosaur Adventure:

Diego dinosaur adventure game lets your kid go on a dino-adventure along with Diego.

In this game, you will complete all five dinosaur-themed games levels by collecting dinosaur bones within their personalized Field Journal. This game is one of the interesting nick jr games Dora where you have to unlock interactive printable coloring images.

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