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Top 10 Best GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 10 best GPS tracker no monthly fee download guide mobile and PC.  Do you want to keep an eye on your office vehicles? Do you want to keep an eye on your spouse’s activities? You can hire a detective but it can cost you a lot. Hiring a private detective can cost much more than using a GPS tracker.

If you visit the market you will find a wide range of high-end GPS trackers made with advanced technology. The makers of GPS trackers induce the latest technology to make their products advance.

Top 10 GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee Reviews:

There is an issue with GPS tracers because you will find most of the GPS trackers charge you yearly or monthly. But don’t worry you will find plenty of GPS trackers available with no monthly fee. You need to do some research and find the best type of GPS tracker that is available without a monthly fee and works best for you.

Here I have compiled a list of the 10 best GPS trackers with no monthly fee. You can check these trackers out and make a wise decision. All of these trackers help you keep an eye on your office vehicles or your spouse’s activities.

Top 10

LandAirSea GPS

One of the best real-time GPS trackers with no monthly fee is available at the best prices. The LandAirSea GPS is small enough to hide under a vehicle safely. Moreover, the LandAirSea GPS is waterproof so that rain doesn’t damage it. The waterproof ability of the LandAirSea GPS makes it a durable device out there.

You can control your LandAirSea GPS tracker through your mobile phone without any issues. If you think that you cannot handle multiple technical issues then you get backed up by full tech support that works 24/7 to solve your technical issues.

The real-time GPS tracker provides you with unlimited updates every minute.

GPS Tracker Shop Driving Activity Reporter

One of the best discrete Driving Activity Reporter trackers available in the market. if we talk about its size it is less than 4 inches which means it can be installed everywhere on your vehicle.

The Driving Activity Reporter tracker is powered by just two AAA batteries. The powerful magnets are attached to the device to make its installation easy and secure. The Driving Activity Reporter is a GPS data logger that is capable of storing essential information about your office vehicles.

The Driving Activity Reporter tracker caches all location stops to keep you informed of where your vehicle is. This tracker also records the time spent on each location so your workers don’t waste your time.

Vyncs GPS Tracker

The Vyncs GPS Tracker can be plugged into the “On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port which means it doesn’t need batteries to run. The problem with a device that gets plugged into the OBD port can be unplugged by anyone who sees it.

But if someone unplugs your device you will get notified. No doubt it doesn’t need batteries to run but it cannot be as discrete as a battery-operated tracker is.

GPSit 1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

Another best tracking device that is easy to install and operate. The GPSit 1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device is an OBD-based device that doesn’t need any batteries to run. It can be installed in your vehicle’s OBD port.

But just like the previous model, it has the same issue. It is not that discrete as compared to battery-operated trackers. If you want to keep it hidden the driver can easily pull it off. But if you are installing this device by letting your drivers know then it works best for you.

Spark Nano 7

The Spark Nano 7 is a Bartun’s model that is quite discrete as compared to the last entries in this list. The Spark Nano 7 allows users to keep an eye on their official vehicles or their partner’s activities for the next 60 days without replacing or charging the batteries. That’s quite a reasonable time period enough to evaluate something suspicious.

However, the magnet of the Spark Nano 7 is not as efficient as that of the Driving Activity Reporter. It can fall off if you install it outside the vehicle. But still, it offers quality performance.

TkstarGps Tracker TK915

If you are not satisfied with the last entry regarding battery life and magnet power then TkstarGps Tracker TK915 is for you. The TkstarGps Tracker TK915 is designed with advanced technology to keep you updated on the tracker’s conditions.

The TkstarGps Tracker TK915 sends an alert to the owner if someone tries to remove it. The TkstarGps Tracker TK915 features a strong battery with 120 days of battery life. Also, it has powerful magnets to make installation easy and secure.

Moreover, the TkstarGps Tracker TK915 comes with advanced features such as a low battery alarm and voice monitoring. These features make this model a great fit for many people.

LandAirSea Sync

If you are comfortable with OBD port-powered trackers then the LandAirSea Sync can be a great fit for you. Though it is not as discrete as a battery-operated tracker can be. The tracker needs cellular data for its operation. That means if you don’t have service the tracker won’t work for you.

The user-friendly interface makes it the best choice for people who don’t have enough knowledge about technical issues. The LandAirSea Sync offers updates every 3 minutes with no fee plan.


Just like the previous model the Tracki is also made to be used with cellular services. The trackers that work with cellular services have a benefit, you don’t need to worry about battery life.

The Tracki is one of the best trackers with no monthly fee. The Tracki comes with some exciting advanced features such as speed alerts. Often the trackers with no monthly fee don’t offer speed alerts.

The Tracki is one of the best-selling trackers in the market. It has 2000 plus reviews on with a 4-star rating.

LandAirSea 54

Before, moving forward I would declare that LandAirSea 54 requires a monthly fee. If you agree to consider it then let me highlight its top-notch features. The LandAirSea 54 is one of the smallest trackers we have observed till now.

This tracker offers live GPS tracking. It also keeps a record for almost one year. The LandAirSea 54 offers 4-5 days of battery life that’s quite exciting. The easy interface of this device makes it easier to use for new consumers.

There is a reason for adding this tracker to the list of trackers with no monthly fee and that is its great amazon reviews.

Eilimy Mini GPS Tracker

One of the most powerful GPS trackers with no monthly fee that can store history for up to one year. The basic features of the Eilimy Mini GPS Tracker are available with no monthly fee. But to enjoy the advanced features you will require a subscription fee.

Moreover, it works on cellular service which means you will need to buy an additional SIM card to operate the tracker. It offers real-time tracking with cellular services.

Buyer's Guide

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee: An Ultimate Buying Guide 

Whenever you decide to buy a GPS tracker with no monthly fee you need to consider a few things. These things matter a lot when choosing the best GPS tracker no monthly fee.


Whenever you buy a tracker with no monthly fee make sure it is durable. Because often you install the tracker on your vehicle it should withstand extreme weather conditions.


The tracker must be portable so that you don’t only install it on your vehicle but also pull it out to check the data. If the tracker is not portable then it would be hard for you to look at the data and transfer files.

Battery Life 

There are two types of trackers available in the market, OBD port-powered and battery-powered. In the case of OBD-powered trackers, you don’t need to worry about battery life. But if you choose battery-operated trackers they must have reasonable battery life.

Convenience Of Use 

The tracker must be easy to use because if the interface is complex you may face multiple issues. The simpler the interface the more convenient the tracker.

Compatibility With Your Vehicle 

Last but not least whenever you choose a GPS tracker with no monthly fee make sure it is compatible with your vehicle. Sometimes one GPS tracker that is compatible with one vehicle is not necessarily compatible with other. So always consider this thing before making a decision.

What Is A GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee Tracking Device?

You want to buy a GPS tracker to monitor the movement of your office vehicles or to keep an eye on your partner’s activities. Many people have gotten rid of their cheap partners who were cheating on them.

Not only to monitor vehicles and partners you need a tracker but parents need trackers to keep them aware of their kids. If your old parents fail to remember their address due to memory issues you can use a tracker.

It doesn’t matter why you need a tracker but what type of tracker is suitable for you is the most important question.

There are three types of GPS trackers with no monthly fee available in the market. Now choose which type of tracker you need to get your work done.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

The real-time GPS trackers continue working through thick and thin. Their work never stops until to deactivated. The real-time GPS trackers keep you aware of every movement made by the vehicle with additional information. If you are buying a tracker to keep an eye on your kids or keep records of your office vehicle then a real-time GPS tracker is a great choice for you.

On-Demand GPS Tracker

On-demand, GPS trackers work as per your commands. For example, an on-demand GPS tracker works only if you trigger an alert. These types of GPS trackers are always available but it doesn’t mean they are working all the time. You need to give commands to get information about your vehicle’s movement.

On-demand GPS trackers use cellular signals while pulling the data onto the computer. That’s why they are relatively less expensive than real-time trackers.

Passive GPS Trackers 

Passive GPS trackers require no cell network. All things being equal, they utilize a GPS information lumberjack to record wherever the gadget or vehicle has voyaged. Then, rather than transferring that information to remote assistance like dynamic GPS trackers (whether constant or on-request), the GPS trackers should be physically recuperated to see the area information for that gadget.

That additionally converts into a few benefits assuming aloof GPS will work for you. In the first place, detached GPS trackers will not have any kind of yearly or month-to-month administration charge, since they require no cell network. Second, since they needn’t bother with having the option to convey, they’re in many cases a lot more modest, making them far simpler to tactfully stow away.

So assuming you’re willing to utilize a tracker that should be eliminated from the vehicle and physically connected to a PC to see the information, the latent following is most certainly the best approach.

Therefore, aloof GPS trackers are ideal for the following purposes:

  • Following mileage for work
  • Decreasing vehicle abuse
  • Checking mates

Interestingly, as long as you don’t have to see the GPS information continuously or on request, uninvolved GPS trackers utilizing GPS information lumberjacks are most likely ideal for what you want.

All things being equal, you can have routinely booked times at which you look at the gadget and download the information from the tracker onto your PC. For work vehicles, that may be one time per month, as the principal Friday of every month, for example. For checking companions, for example, you could know when the most ideal choices depend on their standing timetable.

Since inactive GPS trackers in all actuality do utilize those GPS information lumberjacks, nonetheless, and don’t have to speak with a phone signal, you can, in any case, get information similarly as exact as you would with a functioning tracker, yet in a lot more modest bundle and frequently at a negligible part of a cost.

In 2023 How Many Satellites Were Used In GPS? 

Generally, 24 satellites were supposed to be used in the Global Positioning System. But not only the 24 satellites but there were plenty of them used in GPS. In 2019 there were 31 active satellites in the Global Positioning System.

The idea of 31 is not still accurate but there were 73 satellites launched in the GPS recently. 30 of these 73 satellites have been retired. While two of the 73 satellites were lost at launch. 1 of these satellites is being tested while 9 are held in reserve. So if we combine the whole calculations there are 31 satellites in service by the military.

Do All Of The GPS trackers have A Monthly Fee Have

No, not all GPS trackers require a monthly fee. I have listed the top 10 best GPS trackers with no monthly fee available in the market. Therefore, there is no doubt that GPS trackers without monthly fees are available.


Final Words:

Everyone in life needs a tracker to keep an eye on their workers’ activities or office vehicles. Not only for official work but also some people need to know whether their partner is cheating on them. That’s why they need to seek help from a tracker.

If you are a responsible parent you need to monitor your kid’s movement. If you think your kids are in danger of getting kidnapped then you have to use a tracker. People with Alzheimer’s or other similar diseases who have memory issues must use trackers so that their families can find them.

No matter what the reason you should always rely on a high-quality GPS tracker because it’s a question of your loved ones. If you want additional information from a tracker other than the basic one, you must pay an additional fee. You get what you pay for.

But a tracker with no monthly fee can get your basic work smoothly.

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