How to Unlock Twitter Account Without Phone Number

How To Unlock Twitter Account Without Mobile Number

How To Unlock Twitter Account Without Phone Number Twitter is a social media service that allows users to connect with the world. This is an international platform that enables everyone to share their thoughts, news, pictures, videos, etc.

It is the same as Instagram and Facebook but some features, options, and advanced content makes it unique from all other social media platforms. Twitter is a platform that is full of active celebrities, politicians, journalists, and artists.

Hence, Twitter is a big platform that allows all human beings to connect with each other. Hence, you can use your personal details and create an account on Twitter. Then you can follow your favorite celebrities, singers, actors, journalist, artists, politicians, etc.

The main thing is that Twitter is the one and only platform that is used by Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, etc of each country. The great leaders of every country use Twitter to share their thoughts, connect with the world, etc.

Moreover, Twitter comes with advanced options like sharing your thoughts via tweet, chatting via inbox, sharing videos and pictures, editing tools, etc.

The most wonderful thing about Twitter is that it has a trend page that shows trends in the world. The users follow the trends and share their feelings, thoughts, etc.

You can also create your Twitter account and connect with the world. But what will you do when you forgot your username or password? Because Twitter will not allow you to enter your profile without using the credentials.

If you forgot your Twitter username or phone number and now facing a login issue, then don’t worry. Also, stop thinking more about How to Unlock your Twitter Account Without Phone Number.

Because we have decided to solve your problem and also want to provide your the effective methods to unlock your Twitter account easily.

Wonderful Ways How To Unlock Twitter Account Without Phone Number?

Twitter is the best service of network and connecting people with the world. This social network allows you to remain active 24/7 and see what is happening in your region or world.

To create your Twitter account, Twitter requires your username which involves your phone number or Gmail, and also you need to create a strong password.

So, if you are a media person and want to open your account but unfortunately you have forgotten your username like a phone number. Twitter will not allow you to log in to your account without providing the real login details.

So, there are 3 best methods to unlock your Twitter account without using your phone number. Let’s see all the methods and then you can decide which one is best for you.

1: Reset Your Password Using Your Email

The simple and easiest method to unlock your Twitter account without using a phone number is that you can use an email. Twitter gives two options in the username and you can choose anyone.

So, if you don’t remember which phone number you used to create the Twitter account, then you can simply use your email address. Twitter will accept it and you can use the password to log in to your Twitter profile.

But always remember that you have to use the recovery email while creating the Twitter account. Because it will help you to use any difficult situation and you will be free from any tension.

But if you are new and this is your first time, so don’t worry because the easiest method is also there. Just follow the below steps.

  • First of all, you have to open Twitter and go to the “reset password” option.
  • Hence, Twitter will require a mobile number and if you don’t have a mobile number, then you can simply enter the recovery email. The recovery email should be the same as you used while creating the Twitter account.
  • Quickly Twitter will send you a recovery password with an email and you can use it to unlock your account. All is done, and now you can go to the settings and create a strong password for security.

2: Use A VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Voice over Internet Protocol is a wonderful method to unlock a Twitter account without a phone number. VOIP is an advanced technology that provides its services to everyone.

Hence, this service allows people to create localized landline calls via the internet. Similarly, Google Voice and Skype are the two most wonderful and popular VoIP services that help everyone.

Twitter does not like VOIP and mostly blocks its users because of security reasons. But if you are in a difficult situation and want an effective way to unlock your Twitter account, you can register a Google Voice number for free.

It will provide you with the Twitter verification code. It really works to unlock your Twitter account when you forgot the username like a phone number. Sometimes it doesn’t work and you have to try again and again to receive the verification SMS.

3: Unlock Your Twitter Account Via Contact To Twitter Support

Twitter provides support that helps everyone to solve their issues. A full team is always ready to relieve your issues and quickly send the best solutions. hence, you can contact Twitter support and ask for your login details.

You can simply use the Twitter help section in which you will see all the content that will be related to every problem. Here you will also see a form of account restoration that is available to ask for complete access to unlock a Twitter account.

Simple is that if your Twitter account has been locked and you have no login details like username or password, then you get access from account restoration. Hence, you can request the Twitter team in the help section.

A form will contain something personal information that will just recognize the original owner of the Twitter account. You will have to give the right answers to all questions that will verify your identity and move you to the next page.

This procedure is quite lengthy and will require some time. So, you have to relax and wait for the instructions. In the end, you will get your unlocked Twitter account.

Important Points To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Twitter Account

Actually, no one wants to be stuck in difficulties and no one likes to face problems or issues in every field of life. Like if you want to avoid getting locked out of your Twitter account, you should learn many things. These are as follows:

Follow All The Rules Of Twitter: As many other sites and platforms provide their own rules and regulations or restrictions, Twitter also provides its own rules. So, you have to accept all the rules, terms & conditions while creating a Twitter account.

Also, follow all the rules while using the app, otherwise, you will be banned by Twitter. You will no more able to log in to your Twitter account.

Security Terms: Twitter also provides security to its users that helps to protect your personal information. It is the responsibility of a good platform to provide better protection and make you feel secure.

Hence, you can’t go against twitter’s terms or rules. It will lock out your account and you will not use it anymore.

Do Not Create Multiple Twitter Accounts: If you have one or more Twitter accounts, Twitter will lock your account because it is against twitter’s rules. If you are part of a grand business, organization, etc, then you should use only one Twitter account.

Otherwise, Twitter will suspend your all accounts and you will face many problems.

Do Not Repeat The content: If you are so attached to Twitter and always give it a priority to post content, then you should avoid posting the same content. Because Twitter does not accept the same content repeatedly.

Hence, you should avoid posting the same photos, videos, same links, repeatedly. Otherwise, Twitter will think it is not the original account or maybe spam, so your account will be locked.

Do Not Follow Or Post Abusing Topics: If you like to follow Twitter trends, then always choose the best content and then follow it. Because Twitter doesn’t like abusive, naked, or bad content, so you should avoid this type of content or trends.

Do not become part of weird content, otherwise, Twitter will lock your account permanently and you will never get it back.


If you are going to create a Twitter account, then you should learn about Twitter. Because it is necessary and you will learn how to use Twitter, what are its rules, and whether is it useful or not.

After all the research and information, you will be able to create your own account and you will enjoy Twitter a lot. Moreover, the information will help you to avoid many problems and your Twitter account will not be banned.

But if your Twitter account is locked because for some reason. In this informative content, we have discussed some effective ways to unlock your Twitter account.

Similarly, you will know How to Unlock your Twitter Account Without a Phone Number, all the methods are provided. So, learn the easiest method and unlock your Twitter account easily.

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