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How Long Does It Take To Install Windows 7 / Any Version

How Long Does It Take To Install Windows are introduced by Microsoft which helps people to engage with the digital world. As we know that this modern era is turning around computers or laptops and people love to use a computer in every field of life.

As we know that computer electronic machine is used in every field of life. Hence, the computer is not limited to just offices, software houses, or companies.

Computers become famous because of their good technology, advanced features, and wonderful windows operating system. 

Windows is a popular and useful operating system for computers or laptops. Windows operating system allows all computer users to perform their tasks and manage their data.

It is a very popular operating system in the entire world and runs very smoothly on laptops or computers. This graphical operating system provides the ability to run your software on your personal computers without any issues.

In simple words, we can say that windows have a separate viewing area that enables one to view multiple viewing areas on the display screen. 

Many new users want to know a lot of things according to windows. Like What are the types of windows, what are the uses of windows OS, how to install the Windows operating system, etc.

Hence, we have decided to discuss everything related to windows and will try to help you to know How Long Does It Take To Install Windows. So, just follow us and read this informative content. Let’s dive into the depth of windows.

What Are The Common Types Of Windows OS? 

Windows operating system comes with several models and versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 3, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

All windows operating systems are very popular and useful in the entire world. Windows XP and vista are other types of windows whereas, windows 7, 8, and 10 are the versions of windows. 

In all these versions, windows 10 is modern and comes with advanced technologies, advanced options, features, a lot of benefits uses, etc.

Hence, if you are going to install windows on your laptop or computer, you have to choose windows 10. Because this version is smart and unique to all other Windows OS versions.

It comes with a lot of tools, advanced features, games, unique software, modern capabilities, etc. Moreover, the advanced versions of computers or laptops accept windows 10, so always choose the advanced version of the electronic machine.

If you are new and don’t know how to install windows, then don’t worry because it is so common. Obviously, a new user has no knowledge about everything.

So, this article is especially for those people who want to join the computer field. So, the information about the windows operating system is the first stage to joining the field. 

How To Get Windows Operating System? 

You have so many options to get the Windows operating system, these are as follows:

Windows operating system comes in CDs or DVDs which helps you to install windows on your laptop or computer easily. It is a hard copy that allows everyone to easily access and install it to perform special tasks on computers. 

Moreover, you can download the Windows OS from the internet. The official site of Microsoft allows everyone to download any version of Windows OS through the internet.

The downloading process will take a few minutes but you have to wait for it. After downloading the original windows OS advanced version, you can move to the installation step. 

You can also install windows through USB. Hence, if you can’t download windows OS from the internet, you can go to the computer market and get a copy of the windows operating system. It will be easy and simple to install on your PC or laptop. 

How Long Does It Take To Install Windows?

The procedure of windows installation requires too much time and you have to learn before installation. The installation procedure is not difficult for anyone but the new user can’t perform it well.

Hence, if you want to install, update, or reinstall windows on your computer or laptop, you can go to an expert. The computer market of every city is full of experts who provide services to install windows, drivers, and other heavy software easily. 

But if you do not want to go to an expert, then you can also install windows at home. It is not so difficult but you should learn it properly.

Let’s discuss how to install the windows operating system and How Long Does It Take To Install Windows. After knowing the steps and process of windows installation, you will estimate the time by yourself.

How Long Does It Take To Install Windows Operating System 10? 

The complete procedure to install the windows operating system on your PC or laptop is as follows:

Requirements for Windows 10:

But before moving to the direct installation process, you should complete some requirements. Because without completing the requirements for Windows OS 10, you will not be able to install windows on your laptop or PC. Hence, the requirements are as follows: 

Required Processor: 1 GHz or faster

RAM Required: 2 GB for 64-bit or 1 GB for 32-bit 

Hard Disk Space Required: 20 GB for 64-bit OS or 16 GB for 32-bit OS 

Graphics Card required: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

Display Required: 800 x 600 resolution or more 

Use USB Installation Media

You need to arrange windows 10 before installation because, without windows, you cannot install it. Hence, if you haven’t a hard copy of windows 10 like a DVD, then you can get it on your USB. Because it will help you to transfer files to your PC or laptop. 

You can go to Microsoft’s Windows 10 official download page which allows everyone to get this advanced operating system easily.

Here, you will see the option “Download tool now” which will help you to download the tool to your device. hence, you can use the USB drive to move the downloaded installer tool without any problem. 

Run The Installer Tool 

You can connect a USB to your device like a PC or laptop and quickly open the installer tool. The special terms and conditions will require your permission, so you have to accept them quickly.

So, you have to select “Create installation media for another PC” and quickly move to the next. After this, the language selection option will appear on your laptop’s screen. 

It will ask you in which language you want to run Windows 10. You have to select the language and move to the next. After this, another option selection will be required in which the system will ask to select (32-bit or 62-bit), etc. So, you have to select all the options easily and then you will be able to move to the next procedure. 

Use Your Installation Media

Now you can insert your installation media into your laptop or PC and also access the computer’s UEFI or BIOS. Hence, the system will allow you to control the core hardware of your computer.

Change The Boot Order Of Your Computer 

After accessing the BIOS/UEFI of your computer, you have to locate the settings for boot order. Similarly, the SSD or HDD will store your windows operating system. Also, complete some other queries and quickly restart or reboot your device. 

Complete The Installation

Now your device will load up the Windows 10 installation tool after restart or reboot. Hence, you need to wait for a few minutes and this process requires some time. 


All the windows installation process requires at least 2,3 hours and you will enjoy this advanced operating system on your laptops. Sometimes windows OS takes just 30 minutes and you will enjoy the advanced OS.

But the complete procedure which includes many other processes will require more time for updating tools, loading up system software, updating various drivers, etc. 

Hence, if you want to upgrade or reinstall your windows, you should take a long time from your busy routine. The complete process of windows installation is explained well in this article.

So, now learn how to install windows and experience How Long Does It Take To Install Windows. You will better estimate the exact time and it will be great fun.

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