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How To Outsmart GPS Tracking – Beat / Defeat Device

GPS trackers are useful in many cases when it comes to the security and safety of your vehicles. There are two types of trackers available in the market logger and real-time tracking systems. Before you learn how to outsmart GPS tracking systems you must know about their types.

The Logger trackers when placed on your vehicles keep tracking your all-time locations and store them on a hard drive. If your car is stopped in the course of the destination due to unwanted circumstances then the tracker is connected to the computer.

After that, you can download all the information about the location on your computer.

On the other hand, real-time trackers keep sharing your vehicle’s location information every couple of minutes. It keeps you updated about the real-time location of your vehicle.

Why Do You Need To Block A GPS Tracker?

We have discussed the benefits of a GPS tracker but you would ask then why you need to block them. Things get changed when we change the angle of watching. If you are a vehicle owner then it’s a blessing to have a GPS tracking system.

On the other hand, if you are driving a car and you notice that someone is trying to hack your location then it’s an alarming situation.

It is illegal to track someone without their consent. But you didn’t know that you have been tracked by someone and now you are panicking. So don’t panic just block or outsmart a GPS tracker.

Now you have understood why and who needs to outsmart a GPS tracking system. Now let’s get started with blocking the GPS tracking system.

Can You Block A GPS Tracking System?

Truck drivers and delivery guys who want to hide their location history from their owners can use Jammers to confuse GPS signals. But I won’t recommend them to do such a thing because using a GPS signal blocker is illegal.

If you have borrowed a car and you are trying to hide your location then I am not on your side.

But if you have nothing to do with the above and someone is keeping an eye on you then you must know how to outsmart GPS tracking.

When you acknowledge that you are being tracked you can use GPS jammers to outsmart your GPS tracking system temporarily.

After that, you can land at a service station for a thorough inspection and removal of the GPS tracking system. The GPS jammers or devices can disrupt the low-level signals transmitted from satellites to power GPS trackers.

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How To

How To Outsmart GPS Tracking?

Now again enter a scenario when you are a car lender and your vehicle is theft. Can you recover your vehicle if it has a GPS tracking system? Can thieves outsmart your vehicle’s GPS tracking system? Can a jamming device block the GPS tracking system of your vehicle?

Let’s uncover the whole story. Due to the availability of GPS jamming devices in abundance, there are chances of losing your vehicle forever. Using GPS jamming devices is illegal but it’s legal to purchase this equipment.

This is because people who are innocent and are tracked by blackmailers have the right to secure themselves. But everything has good and bad uses. The same happens with GPS-blocking devices. The thieves use these devices to steal cars and other vehicles.

According to experts, the GPS signals don’t have enough penetration power to cross over metal or concrete. That’s why if someone parks the vehicle in some kind of underground parking lot, the vehicle may have vanished from the tracking system.

The digital programmers or the real-time tracking system may lose the vehicle due to the above scenario.

The same happens when the thieves use GPS-blocking devices, the vehicle vanishes from the digital mapping program.

As mentioned above GPS blockers are available in abundance due to a large number of manufacturers from China and Russia. Some Russian technology-based GPS jammers can block GPS signals even far from 100km.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot safeguard your vehicle at any cost because jammers are there. But the harsh truth is you cannot secure %100 your vehicle because bad boys know how to block or outsmart GPS tracking systems.

But you don’t worry, according to law enforcement, vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems have more chances of recovery as compared to others.


Methods To Outsmart GPS Tracker

Now you know who is right and who is wrong after flipping the scenarios. If you are a parent and want to track your kids for their safety then it’s all right. But before that, you should talk to your kids and make it easy to speak openly. You should become your kid’s friend to whom they can speak openly. But sometimes due to kids’ bad company and social threats, you need to track them.

But if you are mature enough and you think you are being tracked without your consent then you must learn legal ways to outsmart GPS tracking.

Use a GPS Blocker

  • Track down a GPS blocker that meets your requirements and spending plan. It can cost just $50 yet can likewise go as high as $1,000. The gadget can obstruct GPS beacons from conveying messages to its recipient. Be cautious, however, as a portion of these can impede flags simply up to a few meters, while others can obstruct a few hundred feet, so ensure how much region inclusion you want.
  • For vehicle blockers, plug the gadget into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, it will enact the blocker, making you imperceptible to GPS observing frameworks.
  • At the point when not being used, you can likewise decide to deactivate your tracker. Along these lines, you can save its battery and use it when important.

Important Tips

  • Purchasing a vehicle GPS blocker isn’t required. Handheld blockers are too secluded from everything your presence on a virtual guide. You simply need to enact it with the flip of a switch or a press of a button physically.
  • While it’s perfect on the off chance that you can close off GPS signals from your insane ex or distrustful mate, it is really against the law to hinder or mess with GPS beacons that have been put in vehicles for policing. If you don’t know what the situation with your vehicle GPS is, talk with your nearby police.
  • Likewise, recall that there are a few expresses that make GPS obstructing unlawful, so ensure assuming it is OK to get one in your state by really taking a look at your nearby regulations before purchasing or utilizing one.

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