how to find a lost drone without a tracker

How To Find A Lost Drone Without A Tracker

Welcome to this article How To Find A Lost Drone Without A Tracker which is very helpful for you.

Have you lost your drone and it doesn’t feature any tracker? Do you want to find your drone but don’t know how to do it without a tracker? Take a deep breath and calm down because we are here to help you out.

Today I will share some exclusive methods and ideas for finding a lost drone without a tracker. So keep reading and explore new methods.

Losing a drone can be a huge loss for you whether it’s about data or cost. In both cases, it’s a big loss for anyone. Whether it’s a small hobby drone or a professional quality high-tech drone you were using for completing your films or documentaries.

In both cases, you need to find your drone at any cost. It is the most important tip to put a tracker on your drone. In case you lose your drone and it is not connected to your remote control anymore you could recover it through the tracking system. Well, it is useless to cry over spilled milk.

How To

How To Find A Lost Drone Without A Tracker

However it is challenging to find a lost drone without a tracking system. But still, there are several ways to find it effectively. You can ask for help from your friends and family members in the daytime. You can make a team and split members in different directions to find the drone.

At night time if the drone has batter you can easily find it with the help of drone lights. But the most important thing is to remember how and where you lose your drone. When you think that your drone is lost and you cannot see it anymore then never turn off your controller.

Your controller is the only thing connected to the drone after losing it.

If you did not turn off the controller, there are chances of getting your drone next couple of minutes by looking at the map.


Easy Methods How To Find A Lost Drone Without A Tracker?

Here are some steps to take to find your lost drone even without a tracker.

Return To Home Mode

Most modern high-tech drones have a “Return Home mode” function. If your drone has that feature you can utilize it to locate your lost drone. You can only use this feature if your drone is still connected to the remote controller.

If your drone is not connected to the remote controller you can try to connect by moving the controller in different directions. You can also use a signal booster antenna to increase the strength of the connection.

Once you find the return home feature on your remote controller you can press the designated button to get back your drone. After pressing the button the drone will get back to the location of take-off.

Use Flight Logs Or Last Known Coordinates

This feature is available in drones so that the pilots can locate their drones in case of a dead battery. If the drone runs out of battery the remote control can store the last coordinates of the drone.

When the drone disconnects the controller stores its last coordinates. These coordinates can help you find the drone with your friends. You and your fellows just need to reach those coordinates and look around.

Use Telemetry Data On Your Controller

To use Telemetry to locate your drone make sure it is connected to the controller. Also, the drone must be turned on it should not be turned off. After that, you can look for the Telemetry data on the screen of the remote controller. The information that is shown on the controller’s screen may include altitude, heading, or current location.

This information can help you in searching for your lost drone. After watching all of these elements you can find your drone.

Look For The Area

You can search the area where your drone was flying initially. You can go to that place with a few of your friends and look for the signs of a drone crash.

You can look around where the drone was flying because there are chances of a nearby crash. There are chances that the drone is still present where it was flying. This is one of the most common methods of finding a lost drone.

Utilize Apps to Find Drone

To find a drone utilizing applications, download a drone tracking application like DroneWatcher man-made intelligence or Drone Locater on your telephone or tablet. These applications use GPS innovation to find drones in your space and give a guide to their area.

Then, turn on your drone and associate it with the application utilizing Bluetooth or WiFi. The application can then find your drone and give its area on the guide. On the off chance that you have lost your drone, you can utilize the application to look for it in the encompassing region.

Some applications likewise have a “lost drone” that permits you to enter the chronic number of your drone and get warnings if another person tracks down it. Check the application routinely to check whether your drone has been found.

Use Another Drone

If you are lucky enough to have more than one drone then you can use it to find your lost drone effectively. If you don’t have more than one drone then you can ask someone else. Use another drone to find your lost drone by flying it in the same area where you lost it.

A drone can provide a better view of the area from above to help you find your lost drone.

Ask For Help From Friends

If you want to remove the stress of a lost drone from your mind then it is the best idea. You can ask for help from your friends and turn a hectic situation into an adventure. You will feel light because your friends are with you.

If you have more than 3 to 4 friends then it’s good. More friends mean more chances of finding the lost drone. Give them a task to search for a drone in different directions. Make sure to reach the exact location where you lost your drone. Also, keep trying to connect it to your remote controller.

I hope these methods will help you to find your lost drone even without a tracker.

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