How To Track A Scammer Through Phone Number

How To Track A Scammer Through Phone Number?

Welcome to this article I will completely guide you through How To Track A Scammer Through Phone Number which is very helpful for you.

Have you been scammed? Are you trying to track a scammer through a phone number? Then you are at the right place. In this article, I will be sharing the top 5 apps and platforms where you can track a scammer through phone numbers for free. If you have been scammed and have faced a big loss, then you must contact the nearby police.

Most of the victims are simple old people, who are not aware of these scammers. But this is not the complete fact. People who live in the era of social media also fall prey to these scammers due to greed to get more and more. Greed is a curse and you should know this fact.

In childhood, we used to read a story about greedy dogs. But when we grow up we don’t remember that story anymore. That’s why people lose their valuable money and belongings to these scammers.

How To Track A Scammer Through Phone Number – Complete Guide

Scammers are everywhere, they get your contact number through multiple means and start bothering you. They give you the greed of getting a new plot in a posh area, winning a mobile phone or a property. They hijack your bank details by sending you confirmation codes.

When a third person tries to access your accounts, due to security reasons the apps or accounts send you a verification code. The targeted app also tells you not to share that code with anyone else. But these scammers get these codes by giving you justifications. Once they get these codes, you lose everything.

Top 5 Scammer Phone Number Lookup Apps

Here are some of the top apps that help you trace the scammer’s phone numbers. Let’s uncover these apps one by one and see which one can work for you.

Top 5


A reverse phone lookup algorithm is used in the Spokeo app. This web app allows you to look up the information on the number of owners if you frequently get phone calls from a specific contact number.

Some top-notch features of the Spokeo web app include…

  • It gets the complete name, orientation, and age of the unidentified callers.
  • It likewise recovers extra subtleties like email addresses, online entertainment profiles, and substitute portable numbers.
  • Its in-house data set comprises refreshed telephone numbers from the client care of brands across the globe. The apparatus utilizes this data set to recognize counterfeit call community numbers.
  • Conveys a point-by-point report of approaching obscure guests. Its application is accessible on Google Play.

This web app offers the following services to only premium members. You need to sign up as a premium member for ($19.95/month) for one month. If you want a 3-month plan you can get it for ($14.95/month).


You can use the YouMail web app if you want the easiest lookup of unknown phone numbers directly from your smartphone. You can get the app of YouMail from Google Play Store and App Store.

YouMail uses the same concept of spam caller identification just like the previous app. This mobile app uses the reverse lookup program to provide the targeted information of unknown callers.

The algorithm of YouMail searches through many white pages, Yellow pages, business databases, customer support portals, online yellow pages, local businesses, and more to get the required information about a specific caller.

You can get the YouMail app from the Google Play Store or any other App Store. After installing this app you get an immediate pop-up on your screen when you get a scam call from unknown numbers. The app shows you a warning that makes you think twice before answering the scam call.

When you get a call from a scam center the pop-up shows the risk status, location, other user reports, and more. It works on both IOS and Android.


SocialCatfish is one of the most trending reverse phone lookups on the internet. Its hunt calculation is strong and looks through different web-based content like a business repository, business enlistment data sets, professional resources, nearby business sites, online pictures, virtual entertainment posts, online profiles, and email addresses.

Subsequently, with this application, you increment your effectiveness in recognizing counterfeit call community calls and lessen the number of bogus up-sides.

This app detects the caller whether it’s a scam call or not by using multiple solutions.

  • VOIP number recognition
  • Internet dating application profile confirmation
  • Take a look at business or expert foundation
  • Validate clients and organizations
  • Find and reunite with lost associations

The following are popular subscription plans of SocialCatfish

  • Unlimited Social Search for $27.48/month
  • Unlimited Image Search for $26.99/month
  • Search specialist for a one-time fee of $ 297.00


If you are looking for the best reverse phone lookup apps then you should add Intelius to your list. This website requires you to sign up for a paid membership and create a profile.

After completing the profile you can get started by entering the suspected phone number in the search portal. You get the following lookups by using the Intelius website.

  • Individuals search
  • Criminal record search
  • Historical verification
  • Turn around address query
  • Freely available reports search

The Intelius membership offers you a comprehensive database and partner data resources. When you enter a suspected number for verification, the website scrolls down various websites and online resources available globally.

After completing the operation it provides a great list containing names, addresses, possible acquaintances, ages, carrier names, phone types, locations, and much more.

It is available on Google Play Store and App Store and works on both Android and IOS.How To Track A Scammer Through Phone Number


One of the easiest and most reliable reverse lookup phone calls is Kiwi. This app features an easy-to-use platform that allows users to find the information of scammers easily.

You can use the suspected phone number of the scammer. If you know the name of the scammer you can make a search based on either number or name.

The Kiwi app fetches the thorough details of the scammer number that might be including name, location, and company information.

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Final Words

Closing Thoughts

If you don’t take the seriously internet while surfing websites. You should always choose stronger and hard-to-guess passwords while securing your accounts. You should not allow every app to access your location or personal details.

Be careful while accepting cookies from websites. Make sure you don’t provide any confidential information to scammers when they cold call you. They often pretend to be customer service agents. So stay safe while using the internet.

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