How To Make A GIF For Instagram

How To Make A GIF For Instagram Post And Feed For Free

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you step-by-step on How To Make A GIF For Instagram posts Stories, And feeds for Free.

Instagram is a social medial application that is very popular around the entire world. This application is now trending and it has 1.386 billion users globally. It is a wonderful social platform like Twitter and Facebook.

But Facebook is simple to use and also easy to make friends with rather than Instagram. Instagram is used by popular celebrities, brands, actors, actresses, and normal people. Popular celebrities have millions of followers on Instagram and people follow them to know their activities.

As Instagram is the same as other social media apps, it has also chat options. Moreover, Instagram has a comment section, an Inbox section, a video chat, an audio chat, etc.

In chatting keyboard of Instagram, you can also use emojis, stickers, GIFs, etc. Otherwise, you have a chance to make your own stickers or GIFs. So, you can use any photo from your device gallery and then use it to make a GIF.

Many Instagram users do not know to create their own GIFs. Hence, today we will discuss Instagram GIFs. If you also want to know How To Make A GIF For Instagram, then you need to follow us and read this article carefully. Because all the methods of making a GIF will be discussed.

What Is A GIF?

For that audience who doesn’t know what is GIF. Let’s discuss it first in a detail and then we will move next. GIF is a kind of digital image. This digital image allows everyone to create short animations with two or more images.

What Are Instagram GIF Stickers?

Instagram allows its users to make creative post and then upload it to their accounts. All the followers will see that post and show their reaction in the comment section by using some emojis, stickers, or words.

Similarly, you have a story option on Instagram and you can share anything on your story. It will also show to every follower and they will react to it. If you are new and don’t know more about it, then you should focus on these lines.

You will create your Instagram account and go to the shared photo or video option on your story. It will express yourself in a creative way and the creative things will enhance your fan following on Instagram.

But it is not easy as you think because you have to Learn To Make A GIF For Instagram and then you will apply it for real.

After the learning session, you will be able to add elements of expressions to your Instagram story which will be a huge package of fun, excitement, and character.

Hence, your story will be more interesting with some reactions which will tell a complete story and people will take interest in your stories. Thus, you can grow up your Instagram profile and people will engage with your profile and will follow you to see more and more. It is a trick to get followers on Instagram and it will benefit you in many ways.

Types Of GIFs

There are some types of Instagram GIFs and you should know about all the types before jumping to the creating section. Hence, there are two types of GIFs such as:

  1. The standard photo GIF
  2. The animated GIF

The animated GIF has further two types such as:

  • The animated GIF with a background
  • The animated GIF without a background

1: The Standard Photo GIF

In this type of GIF, you can use 2 or more images to create a unique and attractive GIF.

2: The Animated GIF

In this type of GIF, you can use videos and create a short animator.

  • The animated GIF with a background: This animated GIF can be created from any video but it can be created by animators.
  • The animated GIF without a background: These animated GIFs can also be created from videos or animations but there will be no background. Because their backgrounds will be stripped or made transparent.

How To Make A GIF For Instagram

The method is very simple and easy for everyone and you can easily do it. But you need to learn and then try it on your Instagram. You need to get some tools to create your own Instagram GIFs. These are as follows:

  • Make A Gif
  • Img Flip
  • Giphy

Choose The Suitable Category To Make A GIF For Instagram

The first step is, you should decide which type of GIF you want to create. Because if you have a brand account, then definitely you will choose the advertisement type of GIF. Similarly, if you have a personality account, then you will choose that type of category.

You should make a collection of content that only depends on your Instagram profile content. You will use that content and easily can turn it into GIFs.

No matter it is a video or photo because everything can be converted into GIF. But you need to keep an that you have to make unique content for your Instagram story to avoid any copyright issues.

How To Create A Standard Image GIF For Instagram

It is very easy because just four steps will tell you to create your own standard image GIF for your Instagram account.

You have to use an online tool like EZGIF, GIPHY, GIFPAL, etc. We are using Because it is the best platform or online tool which enables all users to create their GIFs with their favorite filters, text, frames, overlays, etc. Let’s start the main process, which is as follows:

Step 1: Locate Your Content

You have to open and choose the menu option to enter your device. Here you have to choose any photo or video from the collection of content to make GIFs. Here you will see the “Upload and make a GIF” button, so click on it.

Step 2: Set The Animation Speed

So, if you are going to create animation then you have the chance to set your animation speed by using the duration option. Here you can set the duration, number of loops, colors, etc.

Step 3: Preview Your Creation

In this third step, you can preview your own created GIF and you can see if it is perfect or not. If you find a lack of anything, then you can edit it. The customization options are available on EZGIF, you can use it for further editing.

Step 4: Save Your GIF In Your Device

After completing all the creating, editing, and customization process, you can save it on your device. The save option is given and you can easily use it.


You can easily create Instagram GIFs by using online tools and the method to use those online tools is also provided in the above section. So, you have many other tools like GIPHY, GIFPAL, Img Flip, etc. But we have used the EZGIF and described the whole method in four steps for your ease.

You can make a standard Image GIF or animation GIF by using videos because it is your own choice and everything is up to you. You have no need to worry about How To Make A GIF For Instagram because each and everything we explained in this article.

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