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How To Delete Ziprecruiter Account – Employer & Job Seeker Free Old

Welcome to this article We are going to guide you that How To Delete Ziprecruiter Account – Employer and Job Seeker Free Old.

ZipRecruiter is a platform that allows people to search for their jobs. It also allows users to post jobs with all the descriptions. ZipRecruiter is a website that let its users create their accounts to post jobs or search for any job.

The administrator team also works on it and they provide several categories of jobs. If you want a job, then you can easily search for it via the internet. All the categories will be on your device screen.

Which Job Categories Are Offered By ZipRecruiter?

Job categories are such as IT Jobs, Computer Work, Call Center Jobs, Salesman, Administration Assistant, Business Analyst, Business continuity specialist, Car rental agent, Legal secretary, Health and safety adviser, Charity fundraiser, Human resources adviser, Health records clerk, Civil service administrative officer, Diplomatic service officer, Civil service executive officer, Company secretary, Compliance officer, Economic development officer, European Union official, Health service manager, Business development manager, etc.

So, all office-based jobs, healthcare jobs, business-related jobs, and many more are available for everyone. The users can find jobs easily and quickly they will get a response.

How Does ZipRecruiter Works?

The ZipRecruiter users can create their accounts by providing their user name, email, and password, etc. There is an edit option for users to edit account information, also they can browse or search latest jobs on the website portal anytime.

Hence, the users get information related to jobs or posted on the information easily. Moreover, you can select any job and then confirm your salary anonymously before applying.

After all the information and job + salary selection, you have to tap on the apply button. The admins will see your profile and job request within 24 hours and will respond immediately.

This platform is very helpful, useful, and beneficial for everyone but some people have issues with their ZipRecruiter account. Thus, they want to cancel or delete their account.

Therefore people want to know How To Delete Ziprecruiter Account and what are the instructions to delete Ziprecruiter Accounts. So, let’s see the deletion process and also read its different methods.

How Many Ways To Delete Ziprecruiter Account?

You can easily cancel or delete your ZipRecruiter account by using your smartphone or laptop. There are 2 ways to delete your ZipRecruiter account without any extra effort. The first method is you can delete or cancel your account permanently through its official website.

The second method is that you can delete your ZipRecruiter account via email. As the process is not lengthy and you have no need of any other person for it. The easy steps to delete a ZipRecruiter account are as follows:

1: Delete Your ZipRecruiter Account By Website

This process is very simple and everyone can easily delete his account without any problem. You need to just set your mind that you really want to delete your ZipRecruiter account permanently. You need to think about your career and that you really don’t need a job in the future.

If you want to find a new job with a maximum salary, then you should wait for it. So, don’t delete this account because you can find a better job than before. But if you decided to delete this ZipRecruiter account, then you should follow several steps, which are as follows:

  1. The first step is very simple because you have to just open the chrome browser and use this URL “”.
  2. It will help you to move on to the official website and then you have to sign in to your account. So, you should provide real information like the email address, and username, which you provide to create this account.
  3. Next, you will see your profile and you have to move to the top right side of the page. Here you will find the menu button.
  4. You need to click on the ME link, quickly the menu will appear in front of you. You can see it on your device screen and then click on the Delete or Cancel Account option.
  5. As you click on that option, the account will be deleted or canceled permanently.

2: Delete Your ZipRecruiter Account By Sending Mail

This is the second method to delete or cancel your ZipRecruiter account. You can send an email to the admin team of ZipRecruiter, and they will cancel or delete your account permanently. The method and steps are very simple. These are as follows:

  1. First of all, you have to open your email account on your device.
  2. You should use the email account that you used to create a ZipRecruiter account. Because that email address will be registered.
  3. So, your next step is very simple because you have to click on compose button and enter the following email address: [email protected]
  4. Similarly, you have to move to the next step in which you need to type a Subject and write the following words: “Request to Delete My ZipRecruiter Account Permanently”.
  5. Similarly, move to the write an email place and write a requesting mail. Also, you have to provide your profile I’d information like username, email, etc.
  6. Simply you need to tap on the Send button and the requested email will be sent quickly.
  7. As the team will receive your email, they will Delete ZipRecruiter Account within a few hours.
  8. You will receive the confirmation email and also the team will confirm that your account is deleted.


The ZipRecruiter Account is a very useful platform for everyone and it helps users to find their job without extra effort. If you are new and just want information about ZipRecruiter, then you can read this article to enhance your knowledge.

But after using some time, users want to cancel or delete their ZipRecruiter account. But they don’t know the method or process to delete it. Thus, we decided to provide the complete method and help all the users.

You can see the two different ways to cancel or delete the ZipRecruiter account in the above section. Similarly, you will know How To Delete Ziprecruiter Account.

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