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How To Delete Moneylion Account Cancel Investment – Apps Smile

Welcome to this article, How To Delete Moneylion Account Cancel Investment – Apps Smile. We will guide you step-by-step.

Are you bothered with your Moneylion account? If you are unhappy or tired with your Moneylion account and do not want it more, then you can cancel or delete your account without any risk.

Because it is 100% possible that you can delete your Moneylion account anytime. We are going to tell you some easy and helpful material that will help you to cancel or permanently delete your Moneylion account.

But before moving to our main topic, we have to take a brief review of the Moneylion account. It is necessary to understand what is Moneylion, how to create a Moneylion account, and how it is helpful for you.

So, without wasting any minute, let’s take an overview of the Moneylion account and then learn to cancel or delete it permanently.

What Is Moneylion Account?

Moneylion is a financial company that works as a financial advisor, and also offers investment services. The simple is that Moneylion makes plans for people to invest their money and earn more profit. Thus, it offers people to create their accounts and save money as well.

Basically, the goal of Moneylion company is to improve the consumers’ money management and also their savings during the credit boost. The company of Moneylion uses the loan business and makes money with it. It works as smart mobile banking and you can save your money in a Moneylion account without any risk.

The Moneylion will use your money and the profit will be collected after a month. You can also take advice from Moneylion to invest your money on which project and how it will be beneficial for you. Thus, it manages all the investments and also offers many ways for all users to enjoy the rewards.

But sometimes people don’t understand the policy of Moneylion and they want to ignore it. Whereas sometimes people don’t trust on company or they are afraid to invest their money. Hence, many causes force people to cancel their accounts or delete them permanently. Thus, people want to know through their smartphones.

How To Delete Moneylion Account?

There are two different methods to delete a Moneylion account in which includes:

  • Delete your account through the website
  • Delete your account via Email

Both methods are very good and easy for everyone. Otherwise, you have a clear option to delete your Moneylion account permanently.

Cancel Your Moneylion Account Through The Website

The simple and easy steps to delete your Moneylion account are as follows:

1: First of all, you have to open the original website of money lion.

2: Secondly, you have to Log on to your Moneylion Account on the website by putting in your username and password.

3: You will enter your Moneylion profile and you have to move to the top left corner of your profile.

4: You will find “Membership”, so click on it.

5: Now you will get the “Manage My Membership” option, so click on it.

6: Here you will find the “Cancel My Account” option, so click on that option.

7: Your Moneylion account will be canceled after the process.

Delete Your Moneylion Account By Sending An Email

You have another method to delete your Moneylion account by sending an email to the company’s original mail address. These steps are as follows:

1: You have to open your email account with the email address which you used for the money lion account. It is necessary because that email is registered on the Moneylion application or the original website.

2: You have to click on the “Compose” option and enter Moneylion’s email address “[email protected]”.

3: You need to write some words on the subject.

4: In the final step, you have to write an email to request them to delete your Moneylion account from their database. Moreover, you have to write the complete information with them.

Sample To Write An Email To Company For Deletion Of Your Moneylion Account

If you are confused to choose the requesting words, then there is a sample of an email. Thus, you can get an idea that how to write an email to delete your Moneylion account.


SUBJECT: Request To Delete My Moneylion Account From Your Database Permanently


Dear ( write the company name here) Team,


I have a Moneylion account in your database with the username ……………. and the email address is registered with your database. I linked that email address which is ………………..

Because of some issues or reasons, I cannot move ahead with this account. That’s why I humbly request that kindly delete my Moneylion account from your database. I also want that you wipe all the notifications.



Your Name: …………………

Email Account: ……………………

Phone Number: ………………


IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to provide your real name that is linked with your Moneylion account. Similarly, you have to provide the real email address and phone number that you used in your Moneylion account and you want to delete that account.

The name, email address, and phone number will be proof that you have really an account, and the team will easily delete your account from their database.


It is not a big issue that you are tired of an account and decided to delete it. Because it is your choice to go more with Moneylion or not. So, without any problem or risk, you can easily apply the deletion process and get rid of it. The company will cooperate with you. So, the cancellation and deleting process is provided just for your help. You can use any method and delete your Moneylion account easily.

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