Top 7 Best Messaging App For Android / iOS

In this article, we are going to guide you about the Best Free Messaging App For Android To iPhone/Phone/Tablet 2022 which is very helpful for you.

List of Top 7 Best Messaging App For Android / iPhone:

If you’re still using the default messaging app that came with your android phone, it’s time to branch out.

These seven apps go away with the basics with characteristics like customization, message prioritization, fast reply, beautiful designs, and agreement with related apps. Many of them also boast understanding developers, so if you run into problems, you’ll likely get the problem resolved fast.

1. Great Basic Texting App: Android Messages App

The official google SMS app is universally recognized as being a good, essential option for Android users.

A pair of handy features is the ability to set custom notification tones for all conversations and use RCS functionality for chat features, including reading slips and file sharing. You can even text via your computer, into the app’s website.

Requirements: Android 5.0 Lollipop or later


A more modern app, QKSMS is smooth, with a nice-looking interface. Features introduce a blacklist, Android wear unity, message prioritization, and night method for darker situations.

The app is strong enough to receive photos and stickers, and you can back up and restore messages.

Note: QKSMS supports dual-SIM and multi-SIM phones.

Requirements: Android 5.0 or later

3. Chomp SMS App

As an app that’s been approximately for a long time, Chomp SMS has had the chance to keep growing.

Useful features add app locking, recorded message sending, the capability to prioritize communications, and number blocking. You can also take the way the app looks with themes and skins, and customize many other phases of it as well.

Requirements: Android 2.3 or later

4. Textra SMS App

If you love customization, you’ll like this app, which enables you to tweak the background, icon, notifications, and emoji and balloon styles.

It also holds dark, light, and auto-night modes, stop during send, multi-select photo gallery, contact customization, and quick-reply popup, to name some. It’s agreeable with Android Wear, Push bullet, and Mighty Text for maximum effectiveness.

Requirements: Android 4.1 or later

5. Mood Messenger App

The latest addition to the Android texting app collection, Mood Messenger is easy, yet fully functional, including the capability to send GIFs and motivated emojis, location sharing, and sharp reply options.

Pick your background to match your personality. Use it for SMS texting, or send messages immediately through the app with others who have it installed. Defend your privacy with app locking.

Requirements: Android 4.1 or later

6. Signal Private Messenger App

Technically a messaging app alike to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, Signal enables you to transfer messages directly with others who have the app (if they don’t have the app, they receive a standard text message).

The signal adds robust security with end-to-end encryption. As an extension of messaging, it can be used for group chats or phone calls.

Requirements: Android 4.0 or later

7. Pulse SMS App

Deeply customizable, this app is also highly adjustable because it works across all your Android devices, as well as PCs. The easy-to-navigate interface enables you to focus on communicating with your contacts.

Keep up with the most important messages by binding them to the top of the list, and drop clutter by archiving completed conversations.

Requirements: Varies with the device

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