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Top 15 Best iPhone Text Message App Free To Use

Here, we are going to guide you about Best iPhone Text Message App Free Download for Pc, Windows, and Android which is very helpful for you.

List of Top 15 Best iPhone Text Message App Latest Free To Use:

A few days ago, there has published a post about the Top 17 Best SMS Apps for Android. Now, it is time to introduce to you a collection of the biggest free iPhone Text Message App.

Talking about SMS apps, we recognize these days, when Mark Zuckerberg learned at university and hadn’t created Facebook yet. Mobile phones were pretty easy to use, pretty-pretty simple.

And all the things we could do with it made calls, write SMS messages, and play” Snake”. Several years later smartphones occupied the market, and there was a demand for increasing the exchange of Apps, including SMS apps.

Since then they have become extra colorful, and graceful. The adulthood of apps bypasses irritating including ads, which is also a plus for a user. Moreover, SMS apps don’t need internet entrance.

We provide you with many best iMessage international free SMS for iPhone.

1. Text Free App

A free app that provides you with a genuine US number, so you text anyone, even if they don’t start this app. Send thousands of SMS, including pictures (MMS) free, due to your data or Wi-Fi link. This app was designed to keep you in touch with your friends and family all over the globe.

There are many nice features:

Aside from that, you may call your girlfriend or boyfriend, say “Hello, what’s an app” to your grandparents, ask your parents about May you go out tonight or not, or reserve a pizza. All calls are free and open because you have different US telephone numbers.

Moreover, Text Free: Free Texting + Calling + MMS is a great app for club texting. If you want to consider something in a group distantly, it will be the safest way to do it. The most comfortable and fast.

2. TextMe App

TextMe is a friendly-to-use messaging app with a pretty interface that enables you to do a lot of everyday things with happiness. For example, send countless text, voice, pics, and video messages to any mobile phone number in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and more than 40 countries in the World for free.

After installing this app your friends as well, there will open more unique options, including Video Calls! All you want is to choose a nickname (it can be everything from the name of your dog to your street name) and a texting number and assign them to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or different social networks and start texting!

Also, enjoy sending big pictures, and videos in high quality and video calls in HD and adding stickers.

3. BulkSMS

The main feature is that BulkSMS is attached to almost 800 mobile networks in 166 countries. It is an application designed to send text messages and receive responses. Nothing more, nothing less.

SMS is the only transmission medium able to reach groups of people immediately and simultaneously, regardless of where they are.

The app is available, but, unfortunately, not all SMS credits are. You will require to buy SMS credits via In-App Purchasing. This tool is not designed to replace your device’s text messaging skills – it is a utility designed for weight and group messaging.

But you will get simple-to-use templates, access to the phonebook, and status reports to understand if is SMS delivered or not.

4. TextPlus

If you have friends or relatives outside, for example, in Canada, this app is a sincere find for you! You can text SMS to any US or Canadian mobile number and call to textPlus users for free.

We don’t know why you continue to keep paying for costly mobile phone ideas when you can launch textPlus and get a lot of benefits without paying. You will receive your phone number, unlimited SMS credits, and Local + international calls for ordinary pennies to anyone at any amount, even if they don’t have text plus

We highlight that there are no guarantees and “surprise” costs. Turn your iPad, or iPod into a phone and stay in touch with your family and friends all day long

5. FreeTone – Free Calls And Texting

This app, in addition to calls, enables you to send messages in an unlimited way. It is free, with no actions, and no invisible costs.

Unlike other apps, FreeTone gives you high-quality large-sized pictures you send to your friends, HD video messages, and video calls to all real U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.

It doesn’t need any costs because you will have your own real U. S number and will be attached to your friends and family via VoIP technology

It utilizes your iPod or iPad as a real phone. Call and text are endless and free.

Opposite to similar apps, you do not have to spend anything or earn credits to call any U.S. or Canadian number, whether they apply the same app as you do or not. Watch out for their excellent print! FreeTone requires you nothing to make phone calls to US and Canadian phones.

6. Smiley Private Texting

As you know, this app enables people to send messages hidden or without any names or other information.

Secret messages are ideal for those who need to ask something but don’t need to show themselves to the public. Or you liked a guy or a girl on the street, and you would like to communicate with them closer, but you won’t be able to show yourself.

There is no enrollment and any conditions. All you want is a phone number you would like to text and some communication skills. Send as many texts as you need.,your contact will see them come from your new number

7. Colour Text Messages

Who announced that text messages are black words in speech foams? Accurately, not we.

We offer you “Color Text Messages+ Customize Keyboard Now Free”- the app which is separate from its opponents. The verity of styles, ways, and outcomes is limitless (actually, not) but you can customize your messages with VARIOUS outcomes: colored bubbles, colored texts, cursive fonts, textured bubbles, cartoon-themed, love-themed, bold, or italic stylings!

Pick colors for font and background, change it, add unique effects, and get the app yours.

And if you can’t select which color is better, “Random” is a real find for you. Just tap it, and the app will choose it, and you will enjoy it or tap again.

Also, you can give your masterpiece via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

8. CoverMe Private Texting Messenger

If you are involved in security and private texting so that nobody doesn’t have an introduction to your SMS messages, this app will make you satisfied.

At first, you will have full authority over messages. You will receive notifications if the recipient has read your message and you can recall or remotely clear messages.

It is a single app that gives you with sensitive photos & videos, with an impervious vault for protecting your contacts, call logs, messages, documents, notes, diary, passwords, and private photos & videos from opening eyes.

For more privacy, use Private Vault. The encrypted vault is hidden and completely solid without the password. Even if your device is dropped or left unattended, your private information is completely safe.

Moreover, there is a friendly interface that will make chatting more attractive.

9. Kik Messenger App

For me, many important features are simplicity and delicate design, and minimalism. I enjoy it. After unlimited searching for such messengers, I got this one, “KIK”. As you can see, there is no announcement and other worthless options.

All you want is a text messenger is an experience to text free, get replies and use the design. Nothing more, nothing less. Just take a number of a person you would like to talk with and start chatting! Unread messages are labeled with a blue point. So you can find who you have to reply to.

Moreover, you can transfer pictures, videos, and GIFs as well.

10. Groupme Texting App

On the one round, it is a common SMS app that allows you to send texts, pictures, and videos and receive replies. But, on the other round, the plus is that you can choose two or more people if you want to send some message to a group.

It is excellent for business and business partners for notifying about changes and meetings. And learners, are in one student group. People will always be informed about all the latest news with Group Texting!

11. SendHub – Business SMS

Businessmen are the kind of people who are still disturbed by useless things, options, actions, and other things that don’t affect work efficiently. If you are a businessman, you specifically have to be involved in a messenger without additional options.

This app allows you the capability to communicate via SMS to their clients, on-the-go workers, and contact of all classes. Also, handle all inbound and outbound messages to your dedicated business plan from an online dashboard.

You will save time and be more fruitful with powerful features produced to streamline

Processes over teams and departments

12. Fun With Message

And now you know that by launching this app you will notice all-in-one

Really. Send Text messages to any contact, friend, or family member, add stickers or emoji icons from a single keyboard, great pictures in high quality, and customize fonts and text colors to create your message memorable to your friend.

Moreover, you can apply password protection to guard your private SMS against unknown persons.

13. Texting Shield

The most useful app for those people who are bothered about their privacy and secret life. The main feature is that you don’t show your phone number. Safe Texts is your” conspiracy” number, which is more reliable and simpler.

Send and receive images and texts and secure them with a PIN code and preserve your privacy. Design templates from messages you send regularly and save time on typing

It is ideal for small projects, meetings, and texting with friends.

14. TextMe Up

Another great app to send SMS all across the world (U.S., Canada, and more than 40 countries) without applying any plan minutes. All SMS are free due to your fresh free phone number for the time you use credits, then, unlock unlimited calls and texts to the US & Canada for just US$2.99 per month, if you desire.

In addition, there are free HD voice and video calls from iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Also, you can exchange your number or add as many other numbers as you want and switch between multiple numbers seamlessly.

15. Context – Photo Texting

It is a usual SMS, BUT in an unusual context.

Texting has never been as happy as now. You may notice that it is something between WhatsApp and Snapchat with its powerful points. How is it run? Pretty easy!

First, insert your text message, then take a sharp photo to show your friend(s) how you think and where you are. As the discussion stays, the photos will attach a lot of context to the discussion, and you’ll observe more intimately connected to your friends because you will notice your friends’ faces much more.

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