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Top 12 Best Online Texting App Free For Android / iOS

In this article, we will guide you about the Best Online Texting App Free Download for Android & computers With a Phone Number that is very helpful for you.

List of Top 12 Best Online Texting App Free For Android / iPhone:

In this period of technological progress, there are infinite messaging apps that subscribers can pick from. The online texting app is used for conversing goals. They make communication simple concerning, such as immediate messaging and voice calls.

The messaging apps can be fixed on a smartphone regardless of the smartphone operating system. There are mobile devices that use Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems. Currently, apps are simple to download on a smartphone and chat right away.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that different messaging apps have different features.

Some of the basic features of the apps include:

  • Powers to make voice and video calls
  • They are free
  • Instant messaging
  • Photo sharing

Here is a list of the most famous messaging apps globally.

1. Messenger App

The app can be downloaded for free from your corresponding operating store. Currently, it has one hundred billion users. Messenger is a result of Facebook. The app also understood as Facebook Messenger, allows Facebook users to communicate in real-time on their smartphones.

The good news is that one does not have to be logged in to Facebook. All the operating systems recommend this app. However, it has the same function but bears a different look Depending on the operating system in use.

2. Whatsapp Messenger

Just similar the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp has been downloaded by above one billion users. It is the second biggest messaging app globally. After its purchase by Facebook, the messaging app has developed in leaps and bounds.

It has earned more users due to its enhanced features. What makes WhatsApp stand out from the remainder of the apps is the fact that it does not have any announcements. Additionally, it is free and can be downloaded.

3. Wechat App

we explore the sources of this messaging application in China. WeChat is a social chatting tool with additional features. By moving your smartphone, you can find a new friend nearby. Alternatively, one can use the GPS role too.

The app is free, providing rise to a high number of supporters.

4. Line App

With up 200 million active users, Line is a free app that allows users to offer free calls and send messages. It is a famous app in Asian countries. The messaging app has many wondrous characteristics such as line groups, video and voice calls, line stickers, and line timelines.

The videos and calls are of high feature too; in fact, you were questioning. One wondrous characteristic of the Line app is that the users can play games. However, the users require to register before playing the games.

5. Viber App

Viber is a social chatting app. It shows some similarities to the other messaging apps. Viber users can do voice calls, send messages, and share photos with their friends. In 2003, there were 174 million Viber users globally.

The number of users has increased over the years. Lastly, the app can be downloaded at no price.

6. Blackberry Messenger App

BBM produces friends and family collectively. You can have joy with features like picture sharing, voice calls, and voice notes. The app can be downloaded for free on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. In history, only Blackberry users had entrance to the messaging application.

BBM has different features that defend the privacy of the users. For example, users can take back their photos and messages after sending them. It has a timer that limits how long a photo or message can be viewed before it leaves.

7. Telegram Messenger

Telegram is one of the freshest kids on the block regarding messaging apps. The developers of the app have set a lot of energy to update the app in the request to ensure the communication requirements of the users.

It has exciting features such as bots. It also has a seamless combination between various devices, PCs, and tablets added. The conversations are saved in the cloud and synced across all enrolled devices.

However, the main challenge faced in this app is its failing crypto writing. It is earning some level of fame despite the challenges.

8. Kakaotalk App

Kakaotalk presents some resemblance to WhatsApp messenger. The app automatically synchronizes the contact list on the phone. Besides the basic messaging function, the app helps fast and secure video calls.

It is famous in South Korea. Additionally, it is free and simple to install.

9. IMO Video Call And Texting App

IMO is an app that has come a great way. Currently, the app enables users to make free video and voice calls besides instant messaging.

It may not be a successful app, uniquely to the young and teenagers.

10. Skype Video Call and Texting App

Skype is a popular video calling app globally. It has a licensed appeal too. It allows instant messaging, which is very effective. It makes transporting files simple also.

For those who dislike wordy conversations, there are various emojis at your disposal. Skype is a free app. It can be downloaded on your mobile device or PC.

11. Snapchat App

This is an app that has grown remarkably over the years. Teenagers invested in this due to its amazing Snapchat facts. Instant messaging is the catch.

It allows live video conversations. Snapchat is free to work.

12. Kik Messenger

It is also one of the famous messaging apps. Unlike other messaging apps, it does not depend on the phone number for contacts. The users have usernames, and a group chat can operate with up to 50 people.

Besides sending text messages, KIK users can share memes, images, and videos. The app has redefined instant messaging. It can be downloaded for free from the particular operating system store as well as you can use KIK online on a PC.


Messaging apps have become an essential feature of our daily lives. They encourage us to keep in touch with people who are close or in different geological locations. The apps have characteristics that make communication entertaining beyond regular messaging services.

Users can share photos, and make voice calls and video calls too. The apps have different additional features giving the user different looks and tastes.

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