Top 15 Best Samsung VR Apps List [Latest and Updated]

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List of Top 15 Best Samsung VR Apps:

Samsung’s Gear VR is in a bit of an uncomfortable place. It sits between the simpler contributions of Google Daydream and Google Cardboard, but not positively the super laughable experience of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Still,


It’s an outstanding device for beginners to the VR experience. Most apps are accessible in the Oculus Store rather than Google Play. Besides, all of these apps work in the 3D, virtual reality space.

The only bad news is that most experiences are fairly basic, and mostly carry streaming video content, educational experiences, and some basic tools like web browsing. It’s a growing medium, but there are some great things available now. Here are the best Samsung Gear VR apps!

Facebook 360


Facebook 360 is a variety of obvious choices. It’s almost the entire Facebook activity in virtual reality. The app essentially focuses on photo and video content. However, you can view your news feed, like status updates, and the usual Facebook stuff.

This is a pretty decent app for the Facebook video platform. It claims support for game streamers, both 360-degree and 2D video content, and 360-degree photo content as well.

It doesn’t work or feel like your mobile Facebook app or the Facebook website, but that’s okay because this still feels pretty good to use. Facebook 360 is, of course, totally free to use, but you may see some publicity.

Intel True VR


Intel True VR is an entertaining app for sports fans. It allows you to view NFL highlights and, in some cases, full games in true VR goodness. You require an NFL subscription for the live games. However, most of the highlights are available.

The UI is your pretty standard VR fair. You see a heavy room with various content and videos as the wallpaper. You purchase what you want to watch and then watch it. It’s otherwise a very easy app and a usually positive experience.

We especially suggest it for people who subscribe to the NFL’s streaming service.



NextVR is a different decent app for sports fans. It features a variety of highlights, specific events, and on-demand live sporting events. It features mostly NBA, WWE, and soccer with several others.

You also get an insufficient supply of concerts and comedy. It works like most VR streaming services. You log in, pick what you require to watch, and then watch it. Some of the stuff is available.

For example, the WWE plans on showing 10 minutes of free content with some pay-per-view events. However, some content, like the NBA content, may need something like the NBA League Pass to view live games.

Oculus Rooms App & Game


The Oculus Rooms app is a bit of a hybrid among an app and a game. It recalls me of a lot of Nintendo’s Miitomo app. You build a bit of social space and encourage people over to hang out.

You can watch TV and play mini-games with other people.

We think this is a social app more than anything, and a good introduction to the VR space. Plus, it’s free, and it’s easy to use. There is also a combination with Facebook if that’s something you need to do. We liked it during our testing, and it had no main problems.

Paint VR App


Paint VR is a drawing app for Gear VR as you may have imagined. It’s a little goofy to use, but it’s useful. You get a paintbrush in the center of your vision. You can change the color, brush size, change background color, and some other small settings.

Some have complained about the authorities, and we can see where they’re coming from. However, a little practice and it starts to come together. Paint42 and GoPaint are other indie drawing apps with a lot of promise as well. Paint VR works for $4.99 on the Oculus Store.

Plex VR App


Plex is one of the most important home server solutions for media streaming. The company is quite good at keeping up with fresher tech, which includes VR.

You set up the home server, set up the app, and you can watch your nearby stored movies and TV shows directly from your Gear VR. It also supports music although admittedly we didn’t test that special feature.

In true VR fashion, you also take support for 180-degree and 360-degree media. Plex also promises even more features in future updates. It’s definitely a yes from us as one of the best Gear VR apps.

Samsung Internet App


Samsung Internet gives a sense of a list like this. Samsung probably knows how to produce a browser for its Gear VR platform. It plays very favorably with the Oculus Browser and it’s arguably the most competent of the rare browsers on the Oculus Store.

It supports 180-degree and 360-degree video, the Gear VR controller, and your normal 2D content as well. It’s not perfect, and we saw some complaints about the occasional connection fault and keyboard issue.

Of course, you can always use PhoneCast VR to use Chrome or Firefox as long as you don’t mind it being 2D only.

Samsung PhoneCast VR

PhoneCast VR is a beta application, but still simply one of the best Gear VR apps. This lets you use practically any app on your phone in the VR space.

For example, you can play Angry Birds, use Google Chrome, check your email, or do whatever else you require to do. Of course, the experience is somewhat restricted by 2D apps not having great VR controls.

However, this app opens up the entire Google Play Store (and Samsung Galaxy Apps Store) to the Gear VR. The UI is a nice nature scene with a window for your app or game. You can play games in this space, but we suggest only the simplest games because the controls will be much harder otherwise.

Wander App


Wander is a charming app with both relaxation and educational value. You use the potential of Google Street Map to explore the entire planet. You can take a virtual walk up or down the street and even explore some parts of the sea.

The app features Wikipedia integration in case you need to read up on a particular landmark, a voice search function for finding markers fast, and even a historical view mode that we found neat. It runs $4.99.

That may feel a bit high for an app that only does a couple of things, but it does both of those things very well, and it’s also excellent for teaching your kids about stuff.

Within VR App


Within (formerly VRSE) is a VR video platform for both producers and consumers. You can discover some high-quality VR content here. The app functions primarily as a video streaming service.

However, this is one of our favorite apps to whip out when guests are over to show them what VR is like. There is some secondary educational value here, but most of it is fun.

There is also an argument that there are some gaming elements in this one as most of the stories are interactive. In any case, this one might not hold your attention for a very long time, but it’s a great way to get into the Gear VR for new owners and a fun time killer for experience fans.

YouTube VR


This is a different obvious choice for a list like this. YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming service. You can find all sorts of music, entertainment, news, and other random stuff on YouTube.

The YouTube VR app supports 180-degree and 360-degree videos as they should. It also works with your daily YouTube account and YouTube Premium if you have it. The UI can be a little frustrating, but it works well enough the majority of the time.

That’s about it. You know what YouTube does and why people like it. It’s a very obvious choice, especially if you use YouTube Premium.

Netflix, Hulu, Disney, DreamWorks, Showtime


There is a collection of video streaming Gear VR apps. There were more than we thought. Gear VR has access to the two largest services Netflix and Hulu (YouTube notwithstanding).

Some other options add Showtime VR, DreamWorks VR, and Disney Movies VR. Disney and Pixar also have Coco VR, a unique VR entertainment experience that is also good. These services have varying costs, but they all function pretty well on the Gear VR.

This is including an outstanding source of videos for both you and the kids if they ever want to use your headset.

Various TV channel Gear VR apps


There are a variety of different TV channels with their Gear VR apps. Some of them carry AMC VR, CNN VR, and Discovery VR. Each channel has its collection of content for a specific type of person. Those who like CNN news should try that app.

Those who like Discovery Channel stuff should try that, and The Walking Dead fans know where to go from here. Each one has its prices and subscription options. We didn’t notice any serious hiccups, although we did test these honestly quickly to make sure they all at least functioned.

We may very well have missed something, but we played the video, and it played fine.

Various Documentaries

There are a little following a dozen decent little documentaries made particularly for VR. Some of the options include The People’s House, Notes on Blindness, Dispatch, Zero Days VR, Nomads, and The Turning Forest.

These are educational virtual reality experiences about many topics like the White House, going blind, and nature. There isn’t much to these. They work like regular documentaries except they are in 360-degree video format and contained in a single application.

We tried out a couple of them and experienced no major flaws or issues. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Various relaxing Gear VR apps


There are a surprising number of relaxing Gear VR apps. We’re talking about dozens of them. Some of the more useful options introduce Happy Place, Calm Place, Nature Treks VR, and Zen Zone is also pretty decent.

These apps include serene environments, calming music, and no action or anything like that. They are just virtual reality quiet places you can escape to after a hard day.

There are also some yoga and reflection apps, but they vary wildly in quality, so we suggest approaching them with caution. The apps range in price, but we don’t think we spotted anything higher than $4.99.

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