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List of Top 10 Best VR Apps For Android [Virtual Reality]

Virtual truth isn’t futuristic anymore. VR apps may still be in their start, but the market is growing with Google, Facebook, and Samsung developing their platforms for mobile and PC.


That’s what makes Android such a powerful platform for VR. The cost of VR headsets for Android is cheap, while the quality of VR apps is only making it better.

Desire to try some out for yourself? Here’s our shortlist of the ten most useful VR apps for Android.

1. Google Cardboard VR


Cardboard is one of the two standard VR apps for Android that Google has to allow. It’s designed to help you arrange your Cardboard VR headset set up perfectly and give you a trip of basic VR features. You can download Cardboard-supported apps, load VR videos, and see 3D displays.

If you want to explore Cardboard VR apps for Android, you’ll need this app installed. Be sure to look at the best VR apps for Google Cardboard, too.

2. YouTube VR App

No presentations are required for this app: you already know what YouTube does. Its VR add-on for Android takes the practice up to a notch by offering VR playback.

You use the alike YouTube app, but installing YouTube VR enables you to switch to “watch in VR” mode to use cinematic viewing of your desired YouTube videos.

It’s designed to work with all major Android-supported VR headsets, but was created with the Cardboard and Google Daydream headsets in memory.

3. Google Daydream VR App

Google Daydream is the next official VR app from Google; it was created as a high-spec replacement for Cardboard research. You’ll need a Daydream-capable phone, as well as a Daydream View headset, to use this app.

The Daydream app works as a portal for other Daydream-supported VR content. You can see VR videos, other Daydream-supported apps, and configurations for setting up your Daydream headset.

4. Fulldive VR

If you’re scanning for a VR-focused platform that can allow you everything from web browsing to the photo area, Fulldive VR is the app you want. It gives you its own VR store carrying hundreds of VR-capable apps to install and operate by the Fulldive VR portal.

You’re also capable of taking 360-degree photos and videos thanks to the app’s VR camera.

You can also check out millions of YouTube videos accessible through the app as part of a 360 3D or VR practice. The app works with any Android-capable headset, including Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard.

5. New York Times VR App

Sick of viewing the news in traditional old 2D? The New York Times VR app takes it to the next level by allowing immersive news content. The app is refreshed daily with videos ranging from 30 seconds to various minutes long.

You’ll find videos on everything from mood to fashion.

If you’re bothered about your mobile data usage, the app lets you download videos you watch, making it one of the best VR apps for Android users on the go. You’ve also got the option to play 360 videos without a headset, though the app is created for Google Cardboard headsets.

6. InCell VR

VR gaming is yet somewhat of a curiosity at this stage, but that’s what makes InCell VR special. It’s an educational-themed game for teenagers who need to learn a bit about the human body.

The player takes the role of a human supporter from the 2100s, shrunken down to fit inside the human body. Your task is to travel around the body while fighting off the flu virus and learning some human biology as you go. It’s fun to play, looks great, and sounds even better.

If you need to test it without VR, you can switch to the non-VR mode by pressing your finger down on the screen.

7. Minos Star Fighter VR

No practical reality technology would be complete without a suitably futuristic space shoot them up to play. That’s where Minos Starfighter VR appears.

It’s a visible spectacle that turns you into a space fighter pilot, battling alien enemies across various space situations. The quality of the graphics and sound only makes it one of the best immersive VR Cardboard apps on the Play Store today.

8. Netflix Vr App

Netflix has helped VR for some time; it was one of the most advanced adopters of VR for Android. The Netflix VR app for Android lets supporters watch content for major VR headsets like Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard.

You get two seeing modes with this app. The first is a simple living room experience and offers a static view of your media content. The second,  void experience, engages you in your TV or movie by moving the content to match your eye movement.

There’s no VR-specific content on Netflix at present, but you can watch the full Netflix catalog (sans 3D). Once VR goes mainstream, expect Netflix to start adding VR content to its lineup, pronto.

9. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Why worry about going out when you can get your thrills indoors?

This game, as you might expect from the name, provides you with the ultimate VR roller coaster adventure. It’s one of the best-supported VR games in the Play Store, with over 10 million installations.

You get to feel real-life roller coasters, thanks to pre-recorded 360 videos or more basic 3D-modeled roller coasters. The game is “optimized” for Google Cardboard headsets, but if you’d favor, you’re capable of playing the game without a headset using your phone’s touch controls.

10. Google Expeditions Vr Android App

There’s no greater place to show off the potential of virtual reality apps than in the hands of children. Thanks to Google’s Expeditions app, that potential is opened. Students and educators can use Companies to explore virtually recorded landmarks across the world.

The app lets you share the same tours with other headsets, so it’s excellent for small classroom groups. There are over 900 various tours for you to try out, ranging from mountain ranges to museums. As it’s a Google app, it’s been created for Google Cardboard or Daydream headsets.

VR Apps For Android Are Still To Come Without Controller:

Google is leading the process in mobile VR with platforms like Daydream and Cardboard. If you’re looking to experience the best VR apps for Android possible right now, start with the Cardboard and Daydream apps for the best mobile VR action.

But when you’re looking for the best VR apps, the future is going to shock you. Though the technology is still in its infancy, VR is gradually becoming mainstream. Get ready for what comes with succeeding.

Of course, if you’re an iPhone user and don’t have time to wait, check out these best practical reality iPhone apps instead.


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