How to remove tracker from car

How To Remove Tracker From Car – Step By Step Guide

In this article, we are going to guide you on How To Remove a Tracker From Car – Step By step-by-step guide.

You are here because you suspect that someone is tracking your car constantly. It might be a dealer who tracks your car to repo an automobile if you fail to pay the installments. It may be your parents in case you are a teenager, they want to keep an eye on you for your safety purpose.

There is another reason for your car to have a tracker and that is your partner. If your partner suspects that you are cheating on them they can place a hidden tracker on your car. A private detector hired to investigate you can also put a detector on your car.

There are multiple reasons to put a detector on a car, everyone has a unique case. But whenever you suspect any unusual activity around you related to your location information consider a thorough debugging.

The Best Ways – How To Remove Tracker From Car?

How To

When it comes to detecting and removing a tracker from the car people suggest many options. They often recommend hiring a team of professionals to debug your car thoroughly. It is no doubt an effective but costly way.

People often suggest you take your car to an automobile workshop for inspection. It is also effective and safe, but if you don’t have enough time for this, you will look for alternatives. Today, I am here with the top 5 best tips to find and remove the tracker from the car.

A GPS Tracker Detector

You can consider a GPS tracker detector to inspect your car from inside and outside by yourself. A GPS tracker detector can easily detect a real-time GPS tracker.

A real-time GPS tracker uses cellular networks to transmit the location signals to the computer or device of the person tracking your car. A GPS detector can easily pick up those signals and can send an alert if your care has a hidden GPS tracker.

Make sure to use the GPS tracker detector immediately after parking the car. This is because real-time trackers are engineered to go into sleep mode after the car is parked for 2-3 minutes.

A Visual Inspection Outside The Car

Not all private detectors or suspecting people place the tracker via black wires to the 12-volt system or ignition wires. Modern detectors are designed with powerful magnets that can withstand temperature and weather conditions.

These magnetic trackers are mounted outside the car in different spots. Therefore I suggest you perform a visual inspection outside the car body to find a magnetic tracker on your car.

Here are some of the favorite spots to mount a magnetic tracker on the car.

Wheel well: It is one of the favorite spots of spy detectors to hide a magnetic tracker outside the car.

Front and back bumpers: Again the ideal places to hide a tracker.

Underneath the car: The signals transmitted by the tracker reflect off the ground and can easily disclose your location. So take a flashlight to inspect the underneath of your car.

Inside The Car

The vehicle trackers that are designed to be operated with OBD power can be found under your car’s steering wheel. Therefore you must inspect the interior of your car carefully to spot and remove any trackers.

There are more spots inside the car favorite to hide a GPS car tracker.

  • Beneath the front/passenger seats
  • Tucked away in the glovebox
  • Inside the center console of the automobile
  • Hidden in a speaker compartment
  • Pushed inside a seat cushion
  • Behind the seats

Remove The GPS Tracker

Once you have located the GPS tracking device the next step is to remove the device. If the tracker is magnetic you can simply pull it off to disable the tracking system attached to your car. But if the tracker uses the power from the vehicle’s 12-volt system then it must be connected with red and black colored wires.

If the GPS tracking device is attached electrically with wires then please consider a professional to detach the tracker. You cannot simply cut the random wires to remove the tracker as it can cause electrical damage to your car. It is easy to remove a magnetic tracker but not a wired electrical tracker.

Reach The Spy

After removing the tracker from your car the first thing you will do is search for the targeted person who has put the tracker inside your car. You can find the person by finding the manufacturer of the tracker.

There is always a manufacturer’s name mentioned on the tracking device. Reach the manufacturer and ask them about the person who bought that tracker.

The tracker manufacturers always keep records of their customers along with the serial number. Give them the serial number and find that person. Whenever a person purchases a tracker they make an account. So you can easily reach that guy who had been spying on you.

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Final Words

Final Thoughts

Above I have mentioned some steps to locate and disable any car tracker from your car. If your enemies or people who are spying on you are doing this then immediately remove the tracker.

But if your parents are tracking your location then remember they are worried about you. They don’t want you to indulge in bad habits and ruin your life. They want to keep updated about your activities so don’t blame them. Rather you can sit with them to resolve issues.

If your partner is spying on you because you are cheating on them then please notice. They are doing this because you make them do this. If you don’t tell lies and always say what is true to them they will never suspect you. Sit with your partner dine together and resolve your daily life issues together.

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