How To Delete Curology Account In Simple Steps Settings

There is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide that How To Delete Curology Account In Simple Steps Settings And Cancel. I will show you.

Curology is a U.S. telemedicine start-up that gives custom skincare advice to people fighting against acne, pimple, and other skin issues. Curology was made in 2014 under the name Pocket-Derm and is in use it deals with acne and pimples in starting. The founders of neurology are David Lortscer, Nancy Staur, Glenn Lortscher, and Kris Frederickson.

How To Delete Curology Account

People delete their neurology Accounts because the remedy didn’t work. We also know that the new medicine takes time to show its effect on our skin. So you should have to use it for a few days to check its effect. And if you are still displeased with the product and still want to delete your neurology account, then you have to do these steps.

  • First login your account and enter onto neurology account via the browser
  • Go to the homepage and search for settings
  • Now head towards the payment page in the menu
  • After you have done all the steps, you will be on the cancellation page, enter your reasons on the page, why are you deleting your account, and tell why they can make their service better.

Deleting your account will not cancel all the shipments and charges may be applied if you processed for shipping.


How To Delete Your Curology Account Via Email

Deleting your account via Email is also very simple to delete your account.


  1. Login to your email account
  2. Search delete the account in the search bar
  3. Write an email about why you want to delete your account and discuss your issue
  4. Ask customer service to delete your account and your particular information.
  5. Now send your email to [email protected]

On the other hand, if your orders are pending, you cannot delete your account and also u can’t apply for a refund before refund 90 days according to the policy of the company.

How To Cancel A Curology Subscription

Before deleting your account first you have to cancel all your subscriptions first to end the payment method. To cancel your subscription you have to follow these steps.


  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to the payment page in setting
  3. Go to I want to cancel option at the end of the page
  4. Tell me about your problems
  5. Tell me why you are deleting your account
  6. Now submit your reason for canceling the subscription

Before deleting your account you have to wait for three months before canceling the subscription, because it may take time to react with the skin. Once you delete your account your subscription will be deleted completely.

Pros And Cons

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”][su_service title=”PROS” icon=”icon: thumbs-up” size=”20″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7ac76c”]
  • You can order it simply from home
  • You can easily access your cardiology service provider online
  • Simple and easy skincare routine
  • Simple access to your acne treatment prescription-only

Also, the cost of the neurology product is more than the normal products but it is very reasonable according to the dermatologist check-up fee.

[/su_list][/su_service][/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”][su_service title=”Cons” icon=”icon: thumbs-down” size=”20″][su_list icon=”icon: remove” icon_color=”#fa0800″]
  • You cannot access it without a subscription
  • Start-up inspection of skin is only with photos and online assessment
  • Sometimes if people do not have acne companies may miss-treat the skin symptoms
  • People do not use health insurance to pay for Pureology products

In the start, people may face dryness, discoloration, and mild itching when they use the product for the first time. In such cases company helps the customers to make a new routine of skincare.



Curology concludes that you have to check out the terms and policy first before signing in. this is because if you check the terms and conditions of the service provider you will be able to manage all the difficulties without any problem.

Some people do not check the terms and conditions and after that, the product didn’t work and they face difficulty to remove the account. So first check the conditions if it works then buy the subscription otherwise cancel the subscription.


Question: How Many Days You Can Delete Your Account After Signing In?

Answer: You will be able to delete your account after 3 months or 90 days after any subscription. It’s because this is the company policy that you can’t delete your account before 90 days.

Question: Is It Easy To Delete Your Neurology Account?

Answer: Yes, it is very easy to delete the neurology account. Some steps help you to delete the tour account in a few minutes. There are also different methods to delete your account.

  1. You can delete it via an official web of urology
  2. You can also delete it by sending an email

Question: Is Neurology Free For Sign-Up?

Answer: No, it is not free. Yet you can sign in for a free trial for up to a month without any cost. And after the free trial, you will have to buy the subscription.

For buying the subscription you have to pay money according to the different plans of subscription. If you pay for 1 month they will supply 14mL for 19.95$ per month plus 5.95 for shipping. There are also many plans.

Question: Can We Get The Money Back After The Subscription? How?

Answer: According to the policy, we can get our money back after canceling the subscription within 90 days. For this, we have to send an email to the cardiology website to tell the problem.

And if your request is true for canceling the subscription your request will be approved and all the subscriptions will be canceled. And if your request is not good your canceling of your subscription request will not be approved.

Question: Is It Simple To Start Our Neurology Plan?

Answer: Yes, it is very simple. You can start your plan by telling the problems you face and answering the questions you will ask. After that, the cardiology service provider contacts you after a few times. They discuss your issue and help you start your new skincare routine that will help you solve all the issues you encountered.

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