Rally Health App Reviews Rewards For Mobile Android

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Real Appeal Apply To Rally Health Mobile App:

Please note: The Rally Health app is accessible only to qualified Rally members. Check with your regional health authority to see if they offer Rally, Arranging healthier just got simpler with the Rally Health app for Android!

  • By The Rally Health App, Use Your Mobile To:
  • Register for Rally, if eligible
  • Take, complete, or retake your Health Survey
  • Get your Rally Age and see how your habits change your health in areas such as Nutrition, Stress, and Activity
  • See personalized recommendations of simple steps you can take to recover your health
  • Choose to stay logged in persistently, or log in quickly and securely each time using your fingerprint scanner or Google Smartlock
  • Easily check in as you make progress on your Missions
  • Earn double Rally Coins by connecting the Mobile Mission of the Month
  • Set your reminders for each Mission
  • Use your Rally Coins toward health-related discounts, a chance at great rewards, or to benefit a good cause
  • Check out your local health authority’s rewards and incentives, if eligible
  • Connect with apps and devices, or use your phone’s built-in Google Fit app, to track and visualize your activity

Rally Health App Reviews For Mobile Android ( Not Working )

Neva says I just recently started using this app. What I like the most are the reminders and notifications. Getting caught up or consumed in being busy throughout my day is why I “fell off” when it came to daily reporting of activities.

This app has the option to set up reminders. Then you get a motivational chime after you report. Kind of like the winning chime you hear on a game show. Doing these daily tasks every single day eventually made the task I was completing become a habit. Love it!!

Sharon Dennis says I got Rally Health through my health insurance. It has been a great incentive since I have been going to the gym and trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It rewards me for completing tasks and allows me to compete with other users for prizes.

Ann Brown says Rally is a great reminder to do what I most want to do to make my health and well-being a priority daily. I use it throughout my day without exception.

It is the companion to the Fit and MyFitnessPal apps that have helped me go from 423 lbs to 264 lbs. I am healthier and happier than I’ve been in years — every support matters.

A Google user says The congratulations and good job screens when checking in are super annoying and a waste of time. The app functioned alright for over a year, but the just stopped syncing my step data and displaying items in the marketplace.

Support says they will help but leave you hanging if you don’t respond immediately.

Shanna Johnson Says:

I like this app! I have been using it for over a year and haven’t received any prizes yet really. However, I do love how it helps me to stick to goals that will help me feel better!


Thomas Spielberg says They require to start over. Try again. I didn’t think it was possible, but tech support is even worse than the app itself. If I could give it a 0 I would.

Gary Bushman says, please get rid of these dumb ass splash screens when checking off daily challenges. This app is supposed to encourage people to develop good habits not irritate them to the point of not wanting to use it,

Especially if you were busy and missed checking off a day before. The flashy splash screen saying congratulations you did it is nothing but a waste of busy people’s time! Making it three times as dull to acknowledge and track our progress.

Dillon Powers says This app completely braked. We are required to use this app through our employer to receive health insurance discounts. The “My Rewards” section is intended to provide achievements to reach 100%, which I need to receive discounts, yet they never complete or fail to register as having signed up.

The missions are merely basic suggestions to improve your daily activities but provide you with no basic outline as to how to do so. That is a joke and a scam.

Denise Clark says glitchy glitchy glitchy 🙁 not even uninstalling it and reinstalling it helps. You have to log in online from a desktop to access rewards. Occasionally it is available through the app, but it usually just hangs up.

They think it is fine. If you can access any part of the site, then they don’t care what you can’t access. They don’t feel it is worth updating. It used to work. Wish they hadn’t “fixed” everything that wasn’t wrong.