No Internet Dinosaur Game

No Internet Dinosaur Game Play Now Online Free On Google

we will guide you about the No Internet Dinosaur Game Play Now Online Free On Google Unblocked Mobile, Ipad, Desktop which is very entertaining.

Internet down? There is a game for you that you can play when your internet is down or does not work. Google Chrome has made a hidden game for the users that can be played when your internet stops working.

In this game, there is a dinosaur that runs and you have to make every attempt to keep the dinosaur safe from dying. So when there is no internet dinosaur game play now is available for Google Chrome users.

Why No Internet Dinosaur Game Appears?


No Internet Dinosaur Game

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This game appears when there is no internet available. It is a 2D game that is displayed on a variety of devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Linux. The error page is different and has no such game.

It is just displayed on the page every time your internet connection is lost. So losing your connection is not boring for you anymore. You’ve got no internet dinosaur gameplay now available on your screen.

How To Play No Internet Dinosaur Game?

The game is not a difficult one and you do not require some special skills for no internet dinosaur game play now. When there is no connection available you can see a small dinosaur on your screen.

Tap on that dinosaur and it begins to more. You have to continuously press the spacebar. Use the arrow up to jump and the arrow down to duck. You only need to save the dinosaur from all the obstacles and hurdles coming his way.

After crossing every 100 points the speed of your cute dinosaur increases. Now you need to be more alert as the number of obstacles that were slowly coming towards you is now speeding up.

Eventually, when you will cross 700 or 800 points you will see that your screen will turn into a dark background. Don’t let it distract you and continue to play. After crossing 500 more points it will return to its original background. Just don’t distract!

In the case of Linux or Mac, the process of playing this mini-dinosaur game is still the same. You just need to have Google Chrome and no internet connection. But in the case of an iPod or your cell phone, you don’t need to open your keyboard and use the arrow keys.

Just open Google chrome and open any website while no internet connection is available. It will open up the same page as that mini dinosaur. Just single or double-tap the character to make it run and tap it every time to get rid of the obstacles and keep it alive.

Features of The Game:

This no-internet dinosaur gameplay now has certain features that are quite interesting to know. Have a look at some of them listed below.

  • This mini-dinosaur game is endless.
  • It requires no special talent or skills.
  • It is for single players. You don’t need to have a team to pay for it.
  • It pushes you out of boredom when no internet connection is available.
  • Not only desktop but it can be played on a variety of devices.
  • The 8-bit mini dinosaur looks amazing.
  • The obstacles are made perfectly for you.
  • It is a 2D game.
  • The background changes to distract you.
  • Character speeds up after achieving certain points.

Now you know the features, as well as the method of this game, discovered a couple of years ago which is totally simple and works when no internet connection is available with perfect animations that help you get rid of boredom that may appear when you have got nothing to do and your internet is also weak or not available.