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Cool Math Games Parking Fury 2 And 3 – Guide To 3D Night Thief

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Parking fury is one of the most popular games that train your mind and helps you to relieve stress. In addition to entertainment, it has a lot of cool features that make it look more fabulous.

Cool math games parking fury is an online parking game in which you have to control the car using the arrow keys and stop it in the yellow parking lot. You are not supposed to hit or scratch the other cars in the game.

So if you like parking games, parking furry is the game for you. While the other racing games require you to cross the other cars going through some hard tracks, this game wants you to park your car avoiding the obstacles coming your way in order to win the game. When you park a car, you will switch to a different car and follow a different path.

Features Of Cool Math Games Parking Fury:( 3D Night Thief )

Cool math games parking fury provides you with a lot of entertainment features, have a look:

  • It has a great interface ad smooth animation.
  • Challenges related to parking are given to the player to pass.
  • The cars as well as the place change after each win.
  • It is free to play.
  • Compatible with all the devices and any of the browsers you use.
  • Provides you with a mini-map in order to reach the destination.
  • You’re not required to invest money to play, you can play it online just with your keyboard.
  • It trains your thinking.

Comparison Of Cool Math Games Parking Fury 2 And 3:

Due to the popularity of parking furry, it has two other versions namely parking furry 2 and parking furry 3. But some may get confused about which one to play that will match their interest and they would have more fun. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Both the games are pretty much the same and you have to follow the yellow highlighted space in order to reach the destination. One offers parking lot challenges during the day while parking furry 3 offers challenges during the night which I think seems more fun to play.

As you pass the challenges one by one, they become more difficult one after the other in both of the games. Both will provide you with basic instructions in order to play the game and will present new and unique challenges.

Which Offers Better Challenges?

cool math games parking fury

I think everyone has their own opinion regarding which offers better challenges. But comparing both parking furry 3 offers harder and more difficult challenges as compared to the original as well as parking furry 2.

Parking furry 3 challenges you to play during the night, it is an obstacle itself making it more challenging for you which will continue to be harder after each level.

Still, there are a lot of similarities between the two games, and is difficult to find out the better one between them. But you know that parking furry 3 is more challenging. So if you are playing for fun only, you can go parking furry 2 but if you want to play something more challenging you can play parking fury 3.

How To Play Cool Math Games Parking Fury:

Now you know about the game but the question still left is how to play this cool math game parking fury. Here is the way to play this game, step by step:

  1. If you are playing on the computer you can use the mouse to play. If not and you are using a mobile phone touch the screen in order to start the game.
  2. Press CRT to enter the cars.
  3. Use WASD or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your car toward the parking lot.
  4. The game provides you with the minimap, follow that yellow highlighted area, and move your car in that direction.
  5. Try to get 3 stars at each level to become the owner of that parking lot.

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