Top 5 Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps – Updated List

Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps Frontier Face here described below. If you are interested to know about all the apps.

Samsung Gear S3 Watch apps here described below. If you are interested to know about all the apps. Then you are lucky because you are on the best web page. This Gear S3 smartwatch is now available in all major countries across the world.

Hence, it is a popular platform in the entire world. So, it is the 3G digital smartwatch from Samsung, comes with many changes inside it. It’s all the apps also too much helpful, usable, and enjoyable.

If you have a craze to get it then you have to need to learn about it’s all the apps. Because after reading this content, you will really appreciate it and must get it.

List of Top 5 Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps:

Here we discuss all the Samsung Gear s3 watch apps in detail. These apps are some special and amazing apps. Such as Uber, Facer, Nest, Spotify, Textra, Verizon Messages, Sleep, and Alarm App, etc. Included Fitness app, Running, GPS, Glympse, Here WeGo, Flashlight, Flipboard News Briefing, and many more. So, here we tell you all the functions of these apps. These are as follows:

  1. Textra App

This app is the special app of this watch. Textra means that this app is for texting. In simple words, this is a messaging app. Hence, Textra SMS is rightfully considered the best third-party messaging app. That is not only compatible with your Android phone. But this app also with your beloved Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. So, Textra SMS boasts a beautiful, fast, and HC user interface. Moreover, this Textra app lets you swipe the conversations left or right to reveal the options to choose from.

  1. Spotify App

This app is a special one because it provides you with the ability to listen to music. It means that with this 3G device; you have the option to listen to music as you want. So, Spotify still remained in the top spot thanks to its great interface and music quality. Thus, these two features combined make up the best music app out in the Google Play Store.

  1. Sleep And Alarm App

This app is like an android app. Because it gives you the ability to set the alarm. Moreover, it provides a sleeping mode. It means that it also helps you monitor and control your sleeping patterns. More is that it claims to help you have a good night’s sleep. So, you wake up at the right time. This is the best function of this app. So, hopefully, all the users must like it.

  1. PFC App

It is the better option is Personal Fitness Coach from Pear Sports LLC. It’s free, and you can easily use it without your phone. Because it offers audio coaching and tracks heart rate, distance, and calories. More is that it transforms stats from your personal fitness data. So, it becomes your very own personal coach. Hence, there are a lot of useful fitness apps. So, this platform has interactive audio workouts from professional trainers. The trainers guide you in real-time; motivate you and give you company.

  1. Games App

This app is the best for all users. But it is special for game lovers. Because they have a craze to play games at any time. So, if you also have that one then the Samsung S3 watch is the best device for them. Because you can easily play their games at any time and any place. The Fruit Ninja is a popular game of S3 watch. You have no need to hold a big Android. So, it’s really enjoyable and fun for all the users.

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