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Best Neighbour Nextdoor App review – How to use it and Why we use it?

In this article, we will describe to you step by step about that Best Neighbour Nextdoor App review – How to use it and Why we use it?

ALl About the Nextdoor App

Hey guys, this is Rhonda. I am back for a short how-to tutorial and informational video really on the nextdoor App you see it’s here in the green right here it’s in our social networking folder. We probably should talk about that, but if you have an iPhone, you could create a folder, and this is all of the good stuff.

In my social networking folder, this app was told to us by Stacy and Cox. She’s, a realtor I’ll. Leave you a link to connect with her in the description she told us about this app and since we downloaded it out of your Apple Store or your Android store, we’ve been using it a lot lately.

So we just want to let you know a little bit about the nextdoor App. We’re, going to open it up. You have at the bottom, the home for sale, businesses, notifications, and more. Let me go to notifications.

This is cleaning services. Ira commented to a public notary request, rentals people, we know in our neighborhood all that good stuff, we’ll go over two more remember: you’re, just going to sign up for an account like you would any other app, and then We have businesses for sale, local deals, events, real estate, crime, safety, lost-and-found in general, we’re, going to go down to crime and safety, and then it tells us about the coronavirus and then we had like a stalker going on and our you know.

Neighborhood and first crazy person, yelling and all this good stuff prepare for business is preparedness deep in a nice night, all that good stuff, so I’ve been staying connected that way you have neighborhood favorites voting.

Now it’s closed, but you have restaurants. Auto mechanics is all of this stuff in your neighborhood hair, salons pizza stores, plumbers, veterinarians, all that great stuff, and in recent conversations catering.

This is all for businesses. My recommendations, tag replies, claim your business. This is great for businesses to get your information out there. I like for sale, it’s, just like the market, please, but another place to post you the things that you have for sale.

So if you’re, looking for furniture, look at that black leather sectional, some Bose is a car, and so much more people look at that American Girl doll people are getting rid of their stuff, so you can buy it here, and this is local To where you live, it’s specific to where you live.

Remember that so we can go back home, and this is just like the field like on Facebook. You can add friends, you can look at messages. This is the stuff that I have going on because we have some stuff for sale right now.

So people came back and answer me: we have a camera out there for sale. Just in case guys, we can add posts, pose events or urgent alerts, and we’ll go back over to notifications, we have crime and safety and you have topics or topics neighbors pets, public agencies, groups, bookmarks tag, recommendations, your settings, and help.

All of this in the next door, app it’s a pretty cool app. We love it, go over to your google play store or your Apple App Store, find it it’s. The green app with the house next door keeps you involved in the know, with everything that’s, going on in your neighborhood guys.

If you have any comments, questions or more leave them below in the comments, please like comment subscribe,s and share, and please hit the notification bellow firmer. They, when we put new videos out it’ll be greatly greatly greatly appreciate it, as always, have an amazing day be blessed.

Take care.

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