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3 Best News Apps For Free Download For Android/IOs

In this article, we will guide you about Best News Apps For Free For Android, iPhone, Smart Tv, Or Firestick which will be very helpful.

Nowadays, every person wants a special way to get news from the whole world. If you have also interested in news stories in your area of expertise.

Then you have to need news apps for free. Hence, you can play these apps on your android and IOS. To keep alert from news updates you want to get it free.

So, here we have some special news apps for you. That is top on the internet news apps. These apps give you notifications about the latest news. You can read the news online from these apps.

It means that these news apps for Android and iPad will keep you up to date. The internet provides you with the best way to alert from your area.

List of 3 Best News App For Free:

The best apps are such as Flipboard, Circa, Pulse, Zite, Google, Feedly, Digg, and Pocket. These all are the best news apps for free.


Flipboard provides you with the best content on the web as mobile-centric digital magazines. It is the top first app on the internet. It means that it is the best and most popular app all over the world.

This app gives you granular control over what news sources include in each faux-publication. So, you can use this app to create your dream magazine.

This newsreader app can also leverage content from social networks. Such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. So, you decide which accounts you want to connect and choose from content categories. Such as technology, design, business, and politics.


Circa is a relatively young app. It means that it is the latest app and keeps the users up to date. It notifies the users every time. Hence, they can get the latest news from it.

It has an efficient interface makes it an incredibly exciting prospect. Circa uses a team of in-house editors. These editors are used to create new, bite-size stories with only the essential facts, quotes, and photos.


This news app brings you content from a multitude of different news outlets. That is based on specific topics that you have an interest in. It gives the users a lot of info. Some categories support it.

These are technology, gaming, women’s health, and men’s fashion, among others. These sections are listed in a standard sidebar, each of which contains a grid of tiny squares representing different articles.

Each horizontal row represents a different publication. So, you can add your sources by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen.

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