3 Best Android TV Boxes

3 Best Android TV Boxes in 2021: Must Read it Before Buying

Based on our research on the Top 3 Android TV Boxes for 2021 Updated, we came up with an overall recommendation. The Best Android TV Boxes are worth your consideration if you are planning to buy one.
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Why use one of the best Android TV boxes?

The question is quite simple, but the answer may seem complicated. I will give you the solution, the android boxes are very practical to use. This practicality comes not only from the fact that the installation of each of them is done very quickly but also from their price. If you want to fall for a television which will be directly “Smart”, it will be necessary very quickly to pass in the prices to four figures if one wants very good quality of service. This problem is solved with these boxes, the average price does not often exceed a hundred euros.

Amazon Fire TV Stick : the alternative from A to Z

✅ The solution offered by Amazon is as easy to install as the Chromecast from Google. Two small cables that you will need to plug behind your television. It should still be noted that this stick is supplied with a remote control. There will therefore no longer be a need to have a laptop close at hand to be able to handle it.
The Stick offers more than 4000 applications available, including the classic Prime Video, Netflix or even YouTube. The little beast offers 8GB internal storage (unfortunately not expandable) but that should be enough for you given that this device is focused on streaming.

✅ This product is very nice, discreet and easy to use. At the installation level, the connection is made to a mains charger and to an HDMI port, nothing could be simpler. If your TV has a USB port, you won’t even need a power outlet. The setup itself takes a bit longer, but don’t worry, this is because you have to type in some information like your Wi-Fi password or whatever …

❌ If I had to find a fault with it, and again I had to look carefully, it is because the system does not offer fast use of Alexa.

✅ The little extra that this system brings comes from the fact that it has a Bluetooth connection, which will allow you to connect headphones, headphones or even a speaker.

✅ The price / quality ratio is quite surprising, the quality of this little beast is crazy for a price that does not even exceed the ceiling of 30 euros. In addition, all the accessories necessary for optimal use are sold directly with the device.

✅ It seems normal to me given that this android box is the little baby of Amazon, but all the applications of the latter are optimized for this device. We are thinking in particular of the use of Amazon Prime Video which is extremely pleasant to use.

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Xiaomi Mi Box S : the new market benchmark!

✅ I don’t think there is really any need to specify it, but the reason that this box is one of the best Android boxes on the market is that it offers quite a bluffing 4K functionality.

✅ The Chinese seller is creating a prominent place for itself in the European market. The quality of their material is well established! This Android Box has a very sober design, slightly rounded matte black, this box will fit into any room of your home.

✅ This box is a monster of power, during your use you should not encounter a problem of latency or of suffering RAM. The little beast runs on Android 9.1, and we must admit that it gives it even more charm. We feel that the device is oriented towards streaming since it has only 8GB of internal memory, even if the addition of USB storage is possible.

✅ This version of the Xiaomi Mi Box brings some design changes, especially with the design of the remote control. The latter has been revised and is now much more practical. In particular, it now has a Netflix tool, allowing direct access to the service. It always offers a microphone, very practical for doing your research quickly.

❌ If I had to scratch a bit to find a fault with it, I would say that the lack of an Ethernet port sometimes blocks the use of 4k streaming. However, adding a USB Ethernet port is quite possible and costs almost nothing.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro : Rolls Royce of Android boxes!

✅ Finally! Here it is, the best Android box . Nvidia excels in any type of material they offer, and we must admit that they haven’t been wrong with this Android box yet. She does not lack resources and knows almost no limits. It is undoubtedly the best Android Box at the moment.

✅ The beast can easily run 4K and can be sold as a 500GB model. In addition to the wide range of applications provided on the Play Store, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro offers local streaming of your PC games. The two USB ports will allow you to add extra storage should you ever run out of stock.

✅ The model is available in several versions? depending on your use, it’s up to you to choose what suits you best. There is first of all the classic version accompanied by a storage card, a version accompanied by a remote control but no storage card, a version with remote control and controller and finally, the most complete offer is the one accompanied by a joystick, a remote control and a clear. The latest version is the most optimal since you will be able to use the best Android box on the market in all circumstances.

✅ In a more gaming aspect, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is a high performance gaming console. It allows the use of a large number of software, retrogaming fans, in particular, will be in heaven. This Android box offers a subscription system to have access to a fairly huge catalog of games. The subscription is obviously not compulsory to access the functionalities of the box.

✅ To conclude, I would say that the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is the perfect solution if you are willing to put in a few extra dollars.

It’s the Android box I use, and for me it’s the best on the market. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner. And no, you are not dreaming, no negative point for this Android Box.


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