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Zoom App – How to Use Zoom Mobile App Free For Online Classes Install

In this article, we will guide you step by step, that Zoom App – How to Use Zoom Mobile App Free For Online Classes Install download apk.

All About the Zoom Mobile App

Everyone in today’s app of the day video. I want to show you how to use the zoom on the mobile device now. Zoom also has a desktop version for Mac and PC. You could get that as zoom dot us and I have a different video about that.

I’ll, put that in the link in the description below this video, but the zoom, iOS, and Android app. You could just get into the Apple Google Play Store by just searching the word zoom and I’m, going to show you how to join a meeting that’s pretty straightforward.

But I really want to show you how to host a meeting and all the different features. The video-sharing and the file-sharing options have inside of the zoom. If you’re, a part of the meeting that you’re joining or you’re hosting your own meeting so again, look for zoom is called zoom cloud meetings here and download the app and on the homepage, of the App, you could go ahead and join a meeting that’s just by pressing, join and you need a meeting ID now.

The organizer of the meeting should have emailed you or send you that already, so you need to go ahead and type that in on their meeting ID or from a personal link name, you need to those two and then you need to rename your name here.

If it’s set up like mine, is you could just change it to your name here and then press return, and then you could, on the bottom, join with the audio or with video or you could have both of them turned off.

So if you’re, just listening in and you don’t want to contribute to the meeting or you don’t have to contribute, you could go ahead and turn those off it’s that simple to join a meeting, but let’s, go ahead and sign up because we’re gonna host our own meetings.

So now you either press sign up. If you don’t have a zoom account and if you have one on the desktop at zoom dial us, you could go ahead and sign in it’s, pretty much the same process after that.

So I’ll. Just go in and sign in since I already sign up on the website and I’m gonna give us some access here to my phone’s calendar and to send me notifications, and now this is the home page of the App, so let me show you the most useful options here.

On top, you could set up a new meeting. You could join an existing meeting. The same thing we had on the home page of that you could schedule a meeting or share your screen. So let’s. Go over one of these rights.

Now let’s. Press new meeting that’s. The thing we want to do first, we want to do it with video on and do we want to use a personal meeting ID in this case I’m gonna keep it off, and I’m gonna say start a Meeting and I have to give it access to my camera here, so I’m gonna press, okay and my microphone, and at this point, if you look on top here, you have your meeting ID that zoom number here and the password you do Have to share that with other people in order for them to join this meeting and the first thing you’ll need to do.

Are you need to invite some people here? So I’m gonna press participants on the bottom of the page here and I’m. The host here and I’m gonna go ahead and invite people press invite, and these are all the different options you have for inviting people.

You could send them an email, a message you could invite them from your contact list if they’re on your phone’s, contact or copy URL here, and once you invite people here, the other options you have, they’ll join you here, you could go ahead and stop video now they could still hear you, but they can.

T see your video here so that’s, the video option here, then, you could also press share content. If you press that look at all these different options, you have for sharing contact from using Dropbox to Microsoft, one drive to website URL, to share your screen of photos.

All these options are available. So if I was to share a photo, I could just go ahead and give it access to my photos and it will send it that way and there’s. This really interesting options that most people don’t utilize.

But if you press the more option, the three dots here, let me go ahead and press that there is a virtual background option. So, as you can see, I could have a virtual background here and I could also add my photos here if I was demonstrating something that was related to that.

I could go ahead and do that. Let me remove this and let me close this page and let me go ahead and end. This call to show you some of the other options. This is basically everything you need to know here, but what’s important is that meeting ID you have on top and the password that you’ll have to share with other participants via messages or email for them to join you here And again, on top, you have to join option that’s, the one I’ll press again that’s.

The meeting idea, I just showed you where to get so the organizer. The meeting has to send you that and the password put your name down here. We’ll. Already looked at this page, you could schedule a meeting if you press that it’s gonna give access to your calendar.

Here again, I’m on mine. I Cal endure here. My personal meeting IDs here, but I’ll, go ahead and schedule one just using this. This is pretty straightforward here on what you have to do, and just press did on top when you’re ready to screen share option if you press that it’s, gonna connect it to your screen here, and then again you want To share your key or meeting ID from a zoom app, that’s already in existence, so you can’t do this.

Yet if you haven’t set up one or someone didn’t invite you to one. So you’ll. Do that in the new meeting options, where we looked at sharing your screen, you could add contacts here right in the center.

So if you’re gonna use this repeatedly, it’s great to go ahead and add contacts from your list here on the bottom. You have meetings. This will show you your personal meeting ID. If someone asks for that because send invitations to your personal meeting room here and then you have met and chat.

When you start a conversation, you could go ahead and start your meetings that chat right over here. Once you add any contacts and on their settings, you could go ahead and change some of these over here, like your default meeting settings here, so auto-connect to audio is off.

So I don’t accidentally. Have people listen to something I wasn’t ready to show them always turn off. My video is off right now. I could go ahead and turn that off so again I don’t accidentally share my video.

So some of these options, you could look at and see which one works best. You could also sync your calendar here right now. It’s on disable, so some useful options in that room and if you do want the desktop version again, I have a totally different video about that, and I’ll.

Put that in the description below this video so check out that video the desktop version. I like a little bit better, especially if I’m using this for work. It’s a little bit more professional than holding your phone.

I hope you found this app of the day, video useful, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel. I make these type of videos multiple times beak and I hope to catch you next time, thanks for watching

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