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Welcome back, guys. So today, we’re talking about the ✅ How To Register And Set Up Zelle App Download For iPhone 🔴. This Content is useful.

Welcome back, guys. So today, we’re talking about the Zelle app and more specifically, we’re gonna go over a few bits of information that I found out when I was setting up my Zelle app over the past two months.

So let’s, go ahead and talk about this first off. If you’re, not familiar with the Zelle app it’s, definitely one of the more popular peer-to-peer payment apps out there and basically, what it is, is you can download this app or sometimes your bank uses Zelle once you have that Set up, then you can usually send money instantly or relatively quickly to family and friends, or you can also use it to pay people if they accept Zelle as a payment.

But I’m gonna go and open the app now it’s, this purple and white one right here.

Alright, I went ahead and open up the Zelle app, and this is the login screen so here on the login screen that just has their name. It’s, really a basic app there’s, not a lot of moving functions to it.

So what you’re gonna want to do. Are you’ll need to use your mobile number. I also have a virtual, like a Skype number or a side-lying number. I tried to use that, but, as Ellie will not accept that it must be through specific carriers.

I have my phone through AT & amp T, so that’s. One of the pieces of information is Ellie verifies when you’re trying to set up an account, so I got that set up, so I’m gonna click sign-in down here it’s.

This purple button I’m gonna click there now, alright, I went ahead and click sign-in and, as you can see it’s, a real basic app there’s, not a lot of moving parts to it.

So the first bit of information is, you have to have a host pay phone bill, so you can’t have some sort of like a prepaid phone, because what they’re gonna do is, when you sign up with that phone Number they’re, going to contact that phone company.

Somehow I don’t know how they do it if you know be sure to leave a comment below, but somehow they verify your phone number and then they pull the information off of your phone bill and that’s. Part of the way they verify your account, so you cannot use something like a Google phone number or a Skype number.

So once again, I use AT & amp T I’m, not sure what other the, what the other big carriers are, that they allow, if you happen, to have your phone service with Sprint, Verizon or t-mobile, maybe MetroPCS, be sure to leave a comment Below let the rest of us know if you were able to register with one of those other carriers, but again I have a CH he as my phone carrier, and I was able to use them just fine, so that’s.

The first thing I want to let you know the second thing I want to, let you know is, I was not able to register for about two months and finally, today one of the reps told me that it’s, probably because I’m, using my Wi-Fi when I’m registering so when you’re.

Registering she told me. I had to switch over and use my data from my AT & amp T Wi-Fi, not my home Wi-Fi. Like I typically used. She says that Zelle can’t gather the information unless you’re using your phone carriers internet connection.

So just kind of keep that in mind. If you’re, having trouble logging in or setting up an account through, Zelle – and this is on the Zelle app – not the Wells, Fargo, app or chase app or Bank of America, so that’s.

The second bit of information be sure to use your phone carrier Wi-Fi when you are registering and trying to set up your Zelle account. The third thing I want to talk about is using prepaid debit cards on the jelly app, so I ended up using my go bank prepaid debit card on the Zelle app and it went through no problem at all.

They’re telling you that you cannot use prepaid cards on the jelly app, but I was able to register when I had that person on the phone. But this is the go bank prepaid debit card, but I’ve, already activated and registered it during that activation and registration process.

They sent me a personalized card, so it’s. Now, a debit visa, not simply just a prepaid card, and I was able to set this up on the Zelle app. So if you have another prepaid card or a prepaid account that worked on Zelle be sure to leave a comment below.

Let the rest of us know how you were able to do that, but, as far as I can see, it looks like it. Shouldn’t, be an issue for go bank to use that on Zelle, but with this go bank since I have registered and activated it, they’ve gone as far as setting up an account number and a routing number, and I believe I have some sort of checking account with them, even though I only use it as a prepaid card, so that’s.

The third thing I wanted to talk about when setting up the Zelle, the purple Zelle app. The four thing I want to talk about is using your PayPal account your PayPal cash card. I asked the representative if I can go ahead and use my PayPal card just because that one has less fees that might go Bank prepaid card.

You see if I can pull it up right here, all right, so this is my PayPal cash card, so this is not the prepaid card. This is the PayPal cash debit card. It’s attached directly to my bank account through PayPal on my app.

So I asked her if I can go ahead and use this, because this one does come with a routing number and account number as well. She told me that, because PayPal is a competitor of Zelle, that I can use the PayPal cash debit master card on the zili app for some reason.

So that’s kind of unfortunate, because PayPal is a very popular account to have – and it’s nice to have different options to send money around. But at this time it looks like no. You cannot use the PayPal, cash debit master card on the Zelle app, and the next bit of information.

I want to let you know that I found out while trying to register my Zelle account on the purple. App. Is that if you try to verify your address or your phone number too many times, the Zelle app will completely lock you out and block your account and there’s, no way to unlock it through the internet or through the app.

You must call in through customer service through Zelle and then over the phone with Zelle. They’re gonna have to verify a lot of information with you. So just be aware of that that you cannot use multiple times to try to log in and verify the information, because it will block your account.

I believe I was trying to login, probably about five or six times. Then it blocked me. So just be aware of that, and the last bit of information I want to go ahead and provide for setting up a Zelle. App account is that you do need to put in your physical address and that’s.

Usually gonna be the address that matches with your driver’s license or your state ID that’s, what they use to verify your address, so I have a mailbox it’s, not a P o box. It’s, a private mailbox, so something like mailboxes, etc or UPS store, how you pay them monthly, and then you have a little box.

Usually I can use that address for most things, even if they need to verify the street address because it’s, not an actual Keough box like something you would get from the US Postal Service. It is a mail box, but I did try that three times and then end up blocking my account and they said when I called in.

I can’t use that address. So somehow they’re pulling data and they do know when you’re using your home address, as opposed to when you are using your mailbox or post office address. If you are able to use a Pio box or a post office.

Address be sure to leave a comment below let the rest of us know how you were able to do that, but as of right now, I do have my Zelle account set up now. As you can see, I can send and request money through the Zelle app.

This is the purple Zelle app, not anything associated with one of the partner banks. So hopefully you found all that information useful. If you’re trying to set up your Zelle app now and having trouble with that, if there’s, something else you need information about.

As far as setting up your zeliha be sure to leave a comment below let the rest of us know and thanks for watching hope to see you on the you,

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