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Top 4 Best Free Games No WiFi Needed For Android Download

You have no Wi-Fi connected so you continue to be bored. But now Top 4 Best Free Games No WiFi Needed For Android Download Kindle fire.

You are traveling and there is nothing to do. The urge of playing a game hits you but you realize that you have no Wi-Fi connection so you continue to be bored. But now there are free games and no WiFi needed to play when you don’t have internet.

You can download them on your android devices and play whenever you are free or bored without the worry of not having internet. Playing offline games has a lot of advantages. You can play them anywhere without the internet. Also, it never frustrates you with the ads over and over again.

4 Best Free Games No WiFi Needed For Android Download Kindle Fire

Looking for some free games without Wi-Fi? Here is a list for you.

Jetpack Joyride:

If you want to play an underground laboratory game, jetpack joyride is the best game for you. It is a 2D game created by half brick studios and released for Android devices on September 2011.

This game uses a simple, one-touch system in order to use the jetpack. Just touch your screen and make the jetpack fire and the Barry rises. The main goal of this game is to survive in this game as long as you can.

Along with playing to survive you have to collect the coins and kill the evil scientists. It provides you with various power-ups that you can use while playing.

This is among the exciting free games no WiFi needed. It provides you with some rainbow-colored boxes and when you touch them it will provide you with a Barry with a vehicle that will stay until you hit an obstacle.


Asphalt 8:

If you like racing games Asphalt 8 is here for you with its best features and graphics. You can play it all by yourself as well but if you want to play with your friends just go to the menu for multi-player and you will be directed to the room where you can play the game with up to 12 active players.

In comparison to the previous versions of Asphalt, this version has much more in it. It provides you with new racing tracks which are full of springboards and ramps.

This successful racing game has silky and smooth tilt controls and nine well-differentiated environments in which you can play and enjoy without being bored in the same place. Not only the environment but it has beautiful soundtracks as well as much more than you can observe and enjoy.


This game is a 2D runner game that is actually set up in a beautiful forest with various residents. Like Asphalt 8 you can play this game by yourself as well as with other players.

Here your main aim is to keep yourself the same from the environmental hazards in order to reach the end of a stage. You have to tap on the character in order to fly and release to drop and continue to run this way reaching the end of your level.

This is one of the best free games no WiFi needed which has great graphics and is quite easy to play. It allows up to four multiplayer on the same device to pay and you can beat them by knocking your rivals off spinning saws.

This is a little scary as you can hear the sounds of blades, bullets, and lasers so get ready for an exciting and thrilling game to play on your android device.

Infinity loop:

Infinity loop is a never-ending and relaxing game combing simplicity and relaxation in the game. Among the popular no WiFi needed, this game is quite simple and different from all the other games.

You are provided with different curved shapes and you have to convert them into a complete shape. As you progress, the levels become harder and harder to play but if you are successful in each of the levels your game continues. You can find this game free of cost on your Android device to pay without the internet.

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