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Play Atari Games From The 80s – Free Arcade Games

There are a lot of arcade games available from the 1980s. These are the games people grew up in the 1980s used to play. These play Atari games from the 80s are fun and exciting to play. These Atari games also involve retro, Nintendo, Colecovision, and Intellivision.

You can still play these games online without downloading them to your PC. These are %100 percent free to play, but you can spend money to buy extra features of the games.

Play Atari Games From The 80s:

  1. Pong Game (1979):

Atari incorporation developed this game – Pong. It is one of the most popular and influential video games ever. Pong game got famous and popular worldwide. In this game, you will find 2D table tennis.

There will be two players handling the paddles and trying their level best to kick the ball into the competitor’s screen. You will get addicted to this game once you start playing it.

  1. Adventure Game (1980):

Today is the era of modern technology in which games are getting ultra-modern by introducing new features. So this adventure game from 1981 is quite simple as compared to those of the 2000s. In the game, you will find dragons, but they look like small ducks.

However, in the 80s it was a Reddit game all around. The game features an easter egg and adds some adventurous levels for you. The game graphics and background theme is very simple and gives a fierce look.

  1. Space Invaders Game 80’s:

Space Invaders game is a 2600 version of the Atari arcade classic. It made sure that the operating system could perform the right port as well. In this game, you have to go forward and kill everyone. You cannot be relaxed until you destroy all of your opponents.

  1. Asteroids (1981):

Asteroids Game is one the best Atari games from the 80s. This game presents stylish vector background themes and satisfies arcade game players. You will have to fly your plane but destroy all of the asteroids as much as you can. You will enjoy shooting and killing while flying your airplane.

  1. Ms. Pac-Man (1982):

Atari Incorporated introduced Pac-Man worldwide as an inferior port in 1982. They didn’t sell millions of copies. This game gained much popularity and fame itself.

You can start playing this game by moving Pac man up and down, right and left. Pac man is always hungry and eats everything that comes his way. You have to save Pac-man from hitting the wall when he goes to feed.

  1. Pitfall! Game (1982):

The pitfall game is another Atari 2600 game, one of the most influential games. In this game, you will navigate jungle hazards and start swinging over the crocodiles.

Save yourself from scorpions and jump over them. Move ahead to find the treasure. In this game, you will not see any Mario or Jack Black. The game uses multi-color graphics which make you addicted to Pitfall. Enjoy playing Atari games in the 80s.

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