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How To Get My Town Free Games, All Apk Game Download For Pc

Welcome to this article, How To Get My Town Free Games, All Apk Game Download For Pc hotel, airport And hospital. This is very useful for you

My Town Free Games are available on the Google Play Store. These games provide the learning skill that is best for your kids. Therefore, your kids easily learn to explore the world. There are a lot of games in MY Town games app or website. It means that your kids have the good ability to learn more and more. Hence, they get more skills and know all around them. These games consist of the following things; like office, school, dentists visit, home, kitchen and friends etc. In my city office game kids play the game as like office man. It’s the great opportunity for children. Thus all the children really like these games.

If you want to get these games and want to share with your kids. Then you have to learn more about them. Here we tell you some games names that included in this category. This article helps you to select the better games. Not just for kids, these games are for young children. So, you can easily play these games with your friends and family.

My Town: Police Station

This game is really a bundle of fun. In this game, you have time to become a policeman or woman. In the character of a detective and even a crook. Hence, the adventure and fun found all around the police station. Also, you have the duties to perform well. Hence, you can check out the Police car, take it for a ride. Included the help solve mysteries, lock away the bad guys. Moreover, includes more even plan a daring escape. So, everything is possible in this highly interactive imagination game for children.


  • It has lots of new characters to play with them.
  • These are including both a policeman, a policewoman.
  • Included more characters such as detective crooks and many more.
  • Hence, this huge game packs including 7 different locations around the police station.
  • The locations that used to explore such as Jail.
  • Similarly the police dog training yard and the Safe.
  • Moreover, 300 different accessories and clothing to interact and play with.
  • The new feature added that helps you to play with your friends and family.

My Town: Home Dollhouse

In this game, you have a new digital house that is your doll. Hence, there are hours of adventures ahead every time you open up the app. So, you can easily touch and interact with almost every item you see. You have the ability to start the day by waking up your favorite character. Thus, you easily get them ready for the day by taking a shower. You use the brushing their teeth and picking out their clothes for the day. At that time they can then go into the kitchen and treat themselves to their favorite breakfast. Hence, the children can use their creativity and imagination. That is so many different ways as they explore the 6 rooms of the house.


  • You have the high detailed 6 rooms.
  • In these rooms including a living room, kitchen, parents room, and a kids room.
  • With so many fun outfits to dress up in, bathroom and backyard.
  • Hence, with a swing set, tire swing, and even a slide.
  • You have the ability to choose characters from it.
  • These characters including a mom, dad and six children aged 2-13.
  • The special thing is that it has no rules means no stress.
  • You have to need to open-ended play and fun.

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