GTA 5 Cheats Xbox 360

GTA 5 Cheats Xbox 360 Cars, Jet, Bike, Invincibility

In this article, we are going to guide you through GTA 5 Cheats Xbox 360 Cars, Jet, Bike, Weapons, and girlfriend Invincibility: And How To Use.

GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 codes are here. Because GTA games offer cheat codes for players. Especially for those, who wish to cause maximum carnage on the streets. Moreover, these codes are for those players who are simply too lazy to play the game properly.

Some players are too lazy and bored while playing this game. Hence, GTA offers them cheat codes to decrease their boredom and make them happy. So, the players activate these codes by entering buttons on the controller. Or by keying in words or phrases in the case of PC versions.

Similarly, in Grand Theft Auto 4, the players activate cheats by dialing phone numbers on Niko’s cell phone. Cheats generally make the game easier to play. For example, Trevor, removing police, flying and swimming with vehicles, and supplying ammunition, etc.

So, it is an easy way to play a game without any boring moments. Because these cheat codes make it more enjoyable. However, some cheats have interesting or unusual effects. Such cheats are added for comedic purposes, or to make the gameplay more exciting.

Moreover, here you will find details of every cheat available in Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360. Because we help you to play the game free of tension with the help of cheats. Thus, all cheats are entered during normal gameplay in single-player mode. Once you enter cheat through the keyboard, a message will appear. The message will notify you to indicate that the cheat activated successfully.

Note: Cheats Can Be Deactivated By re-Entering The Code.

A Brief History Of Xbox 360 Cheats For GTA 5 Flying Car

Cheats have at all times been an integral part of the GTA franchise. That permits gamers to trigger much more chaos than they may within the base recreation. These cheats are related to gaining an unfair benefit and are taken into account. Hence, the weapon of the coward gamer who cannot beat a sure portion of the sport.

With the cheats being an integral part of the franchise’s signature humor. GTA 5 doesn’t depart from this. So, Rockstar has provided gamers with ample alternatives to spoil. So, the collective day of the residents of Los Santos and Blaine County.

For those of you searching to make use of. Those cheats to screw over your fellow participant in GTA Online. So, firstly, disgrace on you, secondly, you may. Rockstar video games decided to maintain the multiplayer portion of GTA 5 truthful recreation.

So, the cheats carried out within the recreation will most actually not work when taking part online. As for mods, we don’t deal with these. Hence, in case you do find yourself utilizing them. Since you so bloody decided to spoil everybody’s enjoyment. Then Rockstar will monitor you and ban your dishonest cover.

Additionally, earlier than we proceed, concerning the cash cheat. There isn’t one, nor will there be one so long as the GTA Online servers are up. Because the inventory market system currently in GTA V’s single-player mode is tied. That motion in GTA Online, a cash cheat in single-player would nonetheless.

The motion has an effect on the monetary local weather of GTA Online. You possibly can, nevertheless, take a look at our web page. Those web pages concern ideas and hints to get cash fast in GTA Online.

How To Use The Cheat Codes

Here we provide help to use GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360. You can activate these codes in two simple ways:

  • The first way is that entering a specific button combination during gameplay.
  • The second way is using a cell phone to dial certain numbers.

If you have played previous titles in the GTA series, you should be familiar with the first way. Thus, simply press the specified buttons on your controller in the correct order. Then the cheat will be activated. You have to need to press the buttons quickly in cheats and during gameplay. Also, you have to need to use the digital pad (d-pad) and not the analog stick.

This article contains help if you need it. Hence, verified that you do have not the ability to earn any Achievements for the rest of your gaming session. It means that once you have activated a cheat code.

So, it is the best way to save your game before using them. Without wastage any time, we provide you these codes here. So, get cheats from here and try to make your game time the best and good.

  • GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 – Follow the below button prompts on the controller. Or press Up to bring up the cell phone and call the respective number.

GTA 5 Cheats Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheat Name Effect Controller Cheat Code
 Drunk Mode So, increases your drunkenness, making you clumsy. Y, Right (→), Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), X, B, Left(←)1
Fast Swimming With this code, easily increases your swimming speed. Left(←), Left(←), LB, Right(→), Right(→), RT, Left(←), LT, Right(→)1
Fast Sprinting It works to increase sprint speed. Y, Left(←), Right(→), Right(→), LT, LB, X1
Max Health and Armour Hence, it gives you full body armor and health. B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, Right(→), X, L|B, LB, LB1
Super Jump Gives you a much higher jump. Left(←), Left(←), Y, Y, Right(→), Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), X, RB, RT1
Invincibility Thus, it blocks all damage. Right(→), A, Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), RB, Right(→), Left(←), A, Y1
Recharge Special Ability It may give you a full bar of energy for your character’s ability. A, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right(→), Left(←), A
Slow-Motion Aiming Aiming down sights will activate the slow-motion mode. A, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right(→), Left(←), A
Give Parachute Adds a usable Parachute to your character. Left(←), Right(→), LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, Left(←), Left(←), Right(→), LB1
Skyfall Hence, it drops you out of the air from high in the sky. LB, LT, RB, RT, Left(←), Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), LB, LT, RB, RT, Left(←), Right(→), Left(←), Right(→)1
Raise Wanted Level Increases your Wanted level by one star. RB, RB, B, RT, Left(←), Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), Left(←), Right(→)1
Lower Wanted Level Thus, it decreases your Wanted level by one star. RB, RB, B, RT, Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), Left(←)1
Give Weapons and Ammo So, it may give you a Sawn-Off Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, SMG, Pistol, Grenades, RPG, and Knife. Y, RT, Left(←), LB, A, Right(→), Y, Down, X, LB, LB, LB1
Explosive Melee Attacks Punches make things explode. Right(→), Left(←), A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT1
Explosive Rounds It used to shoot things and make them explode. Right(→), X, A, Left(←), RB, RT, Left(←), Right(→), Right(→), LB, LB, LB1
Flame Rounds Hence, it used to shoot things and sets them on fire. LB, RB, X, RB, Left(←), RT, RB, Left(←), X, Right(→), LB, LB
Change Gravity Activates “moon gravity” in the world. Left(←), Left(←), LB, RB, LB, Right(→), Left(←), LB, Left1
Reduce Friction Causes cars to slide around everywhere. Y, RB, RB, Left(←), RB, LB, RT, LB1
Slow Motion Thus, it Slows down everything in the world, up to five times before returning to normal. Y, Left(←), Right(→), Right(→), X, RT, RB1
Caddy Vehicle Spawns a golf caddy. B, LB, Left(←), RB, LT, A, RB, LB, B, A1
Comet Vehicle Spawns a ‘Comet’ car. RB, B, RT, Right(→), LB, LT, A, A, X, RB1
Rapid GT Vehicle Spawns a ‘Rapid GT’ car. RT, LB, B, Right(→), LB, RB, Right(→), Left(←), B, RT1
Stretch Limo Vehicle Spawns a Stretch Limo. RT, Right(→), LT, Left(←), Left(←), RB, LB, B, Right(→)
Garbage Truck Vehicle Spawns a Garbage Truck. B, RB, B, RB, Left(←), Left(←), RB, LB, B, Right(→)1
BMX Bike Spawns a BMX. Left(←), Left(←), Right(→), Right, Left(←), Right(→), X, B, Y, RB, RT1
Maibatsu Sanches Spawns a Maibatsu Sanchez. B, A, LB, B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, LB, LB1
Shitzu PCJ 600 Spawns a Shitzu PCJ 600. RB, Right(→), Left(←), Right(→), RT, Left(←), Right(→), X, Right(→), LT, LB, LB1
Duster Plane Spawns a Duster Plane. Right(→), Left(←), RB, RB, RB, Left(←), Y, Y, A, B, LB, LB1
Stunt Plane Spawns a Stunt Plane. B, Right(→), LB, LT, Left(←), RB, LB, LB, Left(←), Left(←), A, Y


Here’s you find the GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360. All is just for your help. Because we provide you with an easy way to play the GTA 5 on Xbox. Also, tell you how to play it with cheats. Definitely, you should find here the codes that are clearly described.

Hence, you can easily use any code you want to cheat. GTA 5 provides you the ability to cheat it well. So, without any issue, you can easily use these codes and play the game with your friends. Moreover, the history of this game is also described.

All is that you have no need to go on any website. Because we provide you with all the things. So, you just read all the way and follow the steps. Hence, you can get all the benefits without wastage time.

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