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How To Use the GoodRx App Work Free Download for Android And iPhone

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Hey, what’s up penny-pinchers and welcome to my how to use goodrx App? I am creating this content to save you money. So if you could please hit subscribe, it’s. The only way YouTube won’t. Let me succeed so please hit subscribe pharmacists don’t like gutter acts.

I’m just gonna throw that out there. We don’t really like it that much you know you got you. All are bouncing around different pharmacies trying to save a buck, and I appreciate that, but it’s, a pain in the neck, calling over there at CVS, waiting on hold thirty minutes for them to transfer you the prescription.

I gotta transfer back in the negative transfer here trace right there and we just want you to stay with us, and I know you want to save money. But I’m just throwing that out there and you all cheapskates.

I’m, just saying you, all are cheapskates, you are transferring from one place to another, save a buck and it just drives me nuts, but it’s. Fine, it’s. Fine. I appreciate it. I like to be frugal as well, so I’m gonna show you how to use it.

There are four things you need to be successful here. You need the drug name, you need the drug strength, you need the drug quantity and you need your location. So, first of all, you need to go to the library and you need to sign up for a computer and once you get on the computer, go onto the internet browser and then you type in the search engine.

GoodRX com, it’ll bring up this website called goodrx and what they are is they have a number of discount cards and they use some kind of crazy program to find out which discount card will be the cheapest.

So, even if you have got Rx – and you have the pharmacist loaded on your profile – it’s, not gonna be the same price as the price online. So, each time, each painstaking time you have to type in your drug gift to come up with a new printout, so each drug needs a new printout.

And yes, we have people with nine pronounced and it’s like entering insurance for nine different people, and it takes a long time and it’s. Amazing. I love it. I love it so much so you get on the gun.

Rx now goodrx wants you to sign up you don’t need to sign up don’t. Give them any of your information. Don’t trust. Anybody just don’t. Just. Thank me later. Thank me later for subscribe. Okay, so what dog do you guys want to use hit me in the comment section? Let me know what drugs you guys want to use.

I’m waiting okay viagra. So then Phil let’s. Do viagra cuz. I know it’s on you, guys are mind. Alright. Now we’re gonna find the lowest price according to our ex okay. So I have my location set as Beverly Hills, so I’m, not putting in the location of where I am, I’m, putting in the location where I will be.

If you hit subscribe. When you get to this page, you need to pick your strength. I’m, taking 100 milligrams because success counts alright, and then you have all these options for, however, many the doctor wrote on your prescription, you can also enter your own quantity goodrx app.

Okay, so let’s say we’re, going to do 20 tablets and the goodrx algorithm will think and it’ll come up with different prices that it’ll, be with different coupon cards. So each coupon is different.

They’re all different cards, so you pick one. Let’s. Let’s say you want to go to Ralph’s. You click on Ralph’s. It’s, a get free coupon and since you’re at the library, you got you to pay $ 0.50 to get this printed out.

If you want to say 50 Cent’s, you, just all you need to do – is write down the drug write down the strength, write down the number of tablets, and all this pharmacists info, including member ID Rx group, Rx Ben RX PCN.

You need all that you can hand that to your pharmacist, you can pay the 50 cents and print it out. You know if you’re, pulling it up on your phone. The only thing that I ask – or you know just because more in a life-threatening situation right now, is just don’t hand.

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