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4 Fun Games To Play With Kids That Will Actually Inside

In this article, We are going to guide you about 4 Fun Games To Play With Kids That Will Actually be Inside or Outside. This content is useful.

Playing fun games with kids is a common thing done in any family but the choice of games varies from family to family. Some families like to play games through which kids can also learn whereas some families only do this to have pure fun.

The choice of the game to play also varies with the circumstances and the age of the kids. There are many fun games to play with kids are available, which can be played indoors with kids while allowing kids to learn and enjoy at the same time.

Following is the list of some most famous games which can be played with kids:

4 Fun Games To Play With Kids Inside Or Outside


This is one of the most famous fun games to play with kids of any age. It doesn’t require any additional equipment and you do not need to buy anything to play this game.

All you have to do is gather the kids you want to play this game with, choose an item from plain sight without telling the kids, and then only describe the color or shape of the object by saying “I spy” and a short hint to recognize the object.

The kids have to guess the object one by one. The first kid to guess correctly will spy on the next object in the room. Sounds fun, right?

Balance Beam:

This is also a fun game to play with kids. All you need for this game is masking tape. To play this game, you paste a long piece of tape on the ground and the kid has to walk only on the tape until the end.

You can easily make this game more fun by changing the length and shape of the tape. You can make it a spiral or zigzag to make it more difficult for your kid.

You can also ask the kid to walk till the end and then walk backward on it to have more fun. In short, this game can be enjoyed as much as you can improvise in the rules.

Touch And Feel:

This is the most famous fun game to play with kids because it also makes them learn new things along with having fun. In this game, you make a small container out of a shoe box or any other box, and make a hole on one side of it which should be big enough to let a kid’s hand pass through it.

You can put any object in the container and the kid has to identify the object just by touching the object inside the box without actually seeing it. This game is famous because it lets the kids focus on the sense of touch instead of the sense of sight and they get to identify objects not by their color of the object but by their shape and rigidness of the object.

You can also make this game more interesting by allowing the kids to join you in the process of container building. Kids can paint the container according to their choice and you can help them in cutting the box and building the container. The kid who identifies the object correctly gets to put the next object inside it for other kids to identify.

Keep The Balloon Up:

This game is a more challenging one as compared to the games described above. It is one of the fun games for kids which can be played at birthday parties. All you need is a large number of balloons.

You fill the air in the balloons and ask the kids to not let the balloons touch the ground. To add more fun to this game, you can add judges to decide which kid touched the balloon last time before touching the ground and which kid will be out from the round.

You can also allow the kids to hit each other with balloons to add more fun to the game and make it more exciting for them.

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